What YOU get out of paying for Raythe Reign

I‘m just going to be straight-up here… this is a page designed to get you to sign up for a Raythe Reign Membership.

Of course you already know that entertainment is our business… and we kind of want to stay in business.

But this page isn’t about us.  It’s about what you get by paying for Raythe Reign vs… trying to get your vampire M/M romance fix with a free story on Fanfiction.Net, for example.

Let’s say you read some of our free M/M romance (Cursed 1, Ever Dark, etc.)  You know you want more, but you’re not sure if you want to pay, and are considering just going back to your free options.  You want to know…

What does a RR Membership get you?

What You Get #1 – Finished stories!

If you read anything written by a hobby author, there is no guarantee that the story you love will ever be finished.  These writers have no obligation to finish anything and can abandon stories for any reason, at any time.  And they do!

I’ve seen so many popular fanfiction writers announce something like this:

“Guys, I’m leaving the fandom.  There will no longer be any more stories.”

The reasons for this are usually real-life related:

  • They’re just not into the fandom anymore
  • They have to care for a relative – parents, children, etc
  • They get married
  • They start a full time job / school
  • They’re harassed or stalked by crazies

And while readers may be disappointed, they can’t do anything about the author leaving them high and dry!

But our Membership is different because Raythe is paid.  That changes the game because money creates accountability.  She is 100% committed to finishing her stories, and giving them the most satisfying conclusions she can.  Because that’s what people are paying for!  Half a story is not worth much, especially if it’s a romance.

What You Get #2 – Regular updates, without uncertain wait times between chapters (or EXCUSES.)

Hobby writers also have no obligation to keep the chapters coming regularly.  In fact, they can let years go by without finishing a story.

It’s not their job – they don’t have to show up at the office every day, but drift in and out when they feel like it.

Raythe honors the contract between herself and the Members by writing to a schedule (posted every month for everyone to see.)  Members pay her to write for them, and to put their wants above her own (which would probably be playing video games until her eyeballs fall out.)

She has been writing to the schedule since 2010.  She even wrote when her father was in the hospital.  Charging money means she is prepared to show up to work under any circumstances.  And there is no room for excuses.

Does she look forward to writing?  Of course!  But she treats it with the discipline of a job, and Members get the goods – a consistent, steady stream of chapters.

You know who else is guilty of “uncertain wait times??”  Traditionally published authors!  Raythe never ever wants to be like certain writers who let 5 – 10 years slip by between books in a series.  If she’s working on something, she lets her readers in on it ASAP so that they don’t have to beg at the doorstep, so to speak.

Because Raythe respects the fact that readers and writers are partners and set things up so no one will ever have to wait to read a story until it’s all finished.  Readers make writers successful – without readers, there would be no book sales.

What You Get #3 – Non-disappearing stories.

Have you ever remembered a beloved story posted online and wanted to go back and read it… only to find that it had been taken down, or the archive is defunct?  THIS.  This is why we run our own server. 

Our site won’t get taken down because we are struggling to pay hosting.  We aren’t reliant on “donations” like fan archives.  Our stories will be there for our customers.  We have server backups and a 24-hour IT person if anything goes wrong.


What You Get #4 – An author who will create stories for you.

Raythe listens to her Members.  Because of Member interaction on the blog and chapter comments, she thinks hard about what everyone would like when she crafts new stories.

We often have polls when there is going to be an opening in the schedule, and we straight-up ask: what do you want to read?  So many of Raythe’s best serials happen because of Member feedback!

  • The demand for more high fantasy resulted in The Elven King’s Blade 
  • A different (non-asshole, non-rapey) take on shifter Alphas resulted in Crimson, the werewolf romance.

Having this relationship means that Members get the stories they want, written specifically for their tastes.

What You Get #5 – Custom Illustrations!

Raythe doesn’t just want to write stories, but provide experiences.  Words are available to anyone – anyone with an old laptop can write text, and many Wattpad authors post right from their phones.

But good artwork is not available to anyone.  We hire custom artists for character portraits (such as this one of Aethaden.)  It’s expensive, but Raythe refuses to do things any other way, because the art really enhances readers’ experience.

There are in-story illustrations, beautiful covers, character sheets, and manga on the site – making there something new to see or read every day of the year.  This makes it fun for everyone – both Members and the team – because there’s always something happening.

Raythe writes specifically for her Members.

Raythe loves to write, and because Members give her money for it, she makes her readers a priority in her life. 

If you value the content, want more of it – without ads or other distractions – consider becoming a Member.

Join Raythe Reign!

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