We’re Too Hot for Google

Aw yeah, it must be summer here, because we’re apparently too hot for Google.  Once more, they keep rejecting our ads for containing adult images.  Just look at this racy, racy ad:



Apparently, they don’t think you can handle the image of a guy in a swimming pool.  Damn, they must have a hell of a time in summer.  Just think of the children!  You don’t want to catch them looking at all those ads for…swim trunks or vacation cruises, do you???

But we’ve been up against this before. We know what’s going on.  We write romance, but it’s M/M.  And whether an ad gets approved at Google or not is up to individuals.  Individuals who may not want you to read — or even learn of the existence — of gay romance.

So to get around their censors and help YOU find what you want to read, we created a very bland page with absolutely no humans on it.  If they reject us again, you’ll know that it’s probably because of “the gay.”

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