The Story So Far: Spoiler Roundup from November 2015

What has been happening recently in the dramatic worlds of Raythe Reign?  Find out here… but these are all semi-spoilers, so don’t read if you don’t want to know!

valkyrie_cover1b-2Valkyrie 6 & 7

In this tale of brothercest and modern heroes, Bartender Cameron recovers after his aborted night with the handsome stranger, who turned out to be his supernaturally-resurrected brother, Liam.  Meanwhile, Valkyrie hero Liam enjoys a lavish meal in Asgard and discovers why he alone is able to travel between realms… and who he must ask for help in getting his immortal kin to Earth to help fight the Gash.

whcc_cover1Winter Haven Country Club 21 & 22

Not even Incubi can have a date in peace!  When Cole spots the troll who killed his parents, he leaves the ice rink to chase her into the Troll Market.  Stephanus attempts to stop him from killing the evil woman and starting a war, but they are cornered and must be rescued by Alric (in full Sky King mode!)

pact_cover2frontThe Pact 2 – 49 & 50

After our supernatural party dispatches the Devil Worshippers, Emrys & Nate retire to their bedroom for some ‘alone time.’  But the day after’s relaxation is interrupted by a knock at the door… leaving the future of our favorite witches wide open.

ghosthalf_coverThe Ghost Half – 29 & 30

Flynn, Xavier, and the rest of the students continue to investigate the remaining Survivors… all of whom have come to gorey ends.  Xavier, more comfortable with his and Flynn’s relationship than one might expect, takes care of his human lover after the shock of seeing two Survivors die.

ghk_tempcover1Ghost: Hong Kong Triad – 32 & 33

Jian and Longwei make progress toward reconciliation while Freyr considers Longwei’s desperate plan to bring back his magic.  Conrad, Freyr’s father, confronts Kei and his indirect involvement in Freya’s death, which seems to move Kei closer to staking his own claim on Freyr.

darkearth2_cover_bDark Earth 2 – 55 & 56

Asher & Aidan (really Aidan!) make love, but like all things Raythe Reign, the consequences of this are a bit more than they expected.  And Sarah and Ginger have some surprises to help in the battle against Cybella as well… a hundred big, winged surprises.

ek_tempcover1The Fell 68 & 69

Jordan is threatened by a hostile stranger while Christmas shopping, and “man mountain” Wulf finally breaks his silence to protect him.  Scott and Ethan’s shopping is also an adventure as they head to the Troll Market to get some gifts for their loved ones.

date-a-vampire-coverDate A Vampire.Com

Chapter 3 of our modern vamp manga concludes with Gregoire convincing Lucien to give his service a try, though the wound from losing his lover is still fresh.

The Fall

In this new novella, we learn the menacing backstory of Emmott’s Mill, a significant location in The Fell.  Grampa Joe explored there as a young man, only to discover the horrors within.

The Fall is romantic, with Carter, a 28 year old miner attempting to get close to the mine owner’s son, Etienne, who suffers from a mysterious asthma.  In this latest chapter, they have gotten some privacy in the pond, but like all Raythe’s stories, something bad is clearly about to happen…

The Fall is not updating this month but will return in January.

Other News…

  • The poll for the Members’ extra chapter is now closed!  The clear winner is Valkyrie, with The Fell a close second.
  • The Pact 2 is DONE, finishing up this long saga of witchcraft, boarding school, Devil Worshippers, and sex.  Though if you’ve read Winter Haven Country Club, you know that Emrys and Nathaniel have already made an appearance, so their story is far from over.
  • We got some great feedback in our two blog posts centered around Crimson, a loose retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.  Read what people love and hate about shifter romances here. Check out Gareth the Gray’s character sheet here, along with our thoughts about bestiality and shifter sex.
  • And Raythe spilled some Artifact news!  Artifact 2 is in editing, and Raythe is committed to finishing the series with the third book.  Artifact Manga #2 is also finished and will hopefully be ready to release soon.

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