The Raythe Reign Guide To Amazon Reviews (and no, it’s not only to leave 5 stars on all our books!)

Now that we’re putting out more books, we’re asking people to review them… but that’s not the reason we made this page.

We want to encourage reviews for any M/M romance you read.  We’ll expand upon all these points in blog posts, but here is why your reviews are so important:


  1. Reviewing any M/M romance advances the M/M romance genre as a whole.  More reviews for gay romance proves to Amazon that the genre is significant and should be treated just like other genres.
  2. Amazon will be less likely to “Adult Dungeon” any book with more reviews.  Reviews have weight on Amazon.  If a book has more than 40 reviews, we think it helps to protect against the Adult Dungeon (not that they’ll admit it.)
  3. Every review helps other readers.  Not just to find their next book, either, but socially, because many readers still feel weird or (shudder) naughty if their tastes run to M/M romance.  Your words will help other readers know that they’re not alone in what they like to read for entertainment.
  4. You get to exercise your power as a consumer to recommend a book that you bought… or not recommend it.  You paid for it and have the right to share your experience with it.

A quick review guide

Posting an Amazon review takes some bravery.  We have to acknowledge that from the beginning.  As a reader, your words will have influence and help people make up their minds to buy or not buy a book.

The good news is, you only have to worry about two pieces: the star rating and your comments.

1) Star Rating


This speaks for itself… wait, doesn’t it?  Not always.

Giving star ratings seems simple, but can be tricky!  What if you basically liked the book but it has major problems… or you thought it was well written but not to your taste…?

What fiction buyers want to know is how much a book makes them live the story.  You don’t have to judge the objective quality of the writing like a teacher grading a paper.

Personally, I tend to go with my enjoyment of the book, and my internal star rating goes like this:

  1. Did not finish! Sorry I wasted my money, time, and hope!
  2. Had some merit, but not worth the time and money investment because of the many problems (disorganized story, bad formatting, spelling and grammar issues.)
  3. Some aspects are good, some I didn’t care for.  This is where I rate books that I enjoyed but had some problems, like “desperately needs an editor.”
  4. Overall, a story experience that I enjoyed.  The book is professional quality and feels finished, with good cover and editing.  This is where I rate books that I thought were “objectively good,” but just weren’t to my taste.
  5. Loved it!  Forgot I was reading a story because it awakened my imagination!  Would reread this book and recommend it to others!

2) Leaving Comments

Some reviewers write essays about books.  Their summaries are often better than the official blurb.  If that’s you, awesome.  Go for it.  Your work will be appreciated by Amazon browers and authors both.

But you don’t have to write much, and most people don’t.  The fact that you leave a review at all is the most significant action.  Amazon is about the math — it counts number of reviews and star ratings first.

One of the most helpful one-sentence reviews you can leave is, “If you like genre of book, I recommend (or don’t really recommend) name of book because of the main thing you liked or didn’t like.”  That will tell people that they are like you, and are likely to be satisfied or disappointed based on your mutual tastes.

  • I recommend Cooking With Cats for anyone who loves cats and needs simple recipes for them.
  • If you’re looking for M/M with a lot of sex, Finding His Own Way may not be for you because it is a slow-moving, sweet romance with no sexual contact.

But we forgot the biggest reason of all to leave reviews…

Authors will make more of what you like, and less of what you don’t like.

So with a star rating and a sentence or two, you will have cast your vote for more stuff you like, and less stuff you don’t like.  That’s your right as a consumer.

In addition, you will have helped the M/M reader and writer communities.

  • Raythe Reign Team
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