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The Fell

On her deathbed, Ethan’s mother told him that his father is none other than Alric Koenig, Ethan’s private obsession, and that Alric is actually an immortal elven king.  Was it the delusions of a dying woman, or is Ethan really Alric’s elven son? Read summary. Status: Still updating even after 60+ chapters. Category: M/M Fantasy / […]

Sanctuary: An M/M Vampire Romance

To protect his brother from their pedophile stepfather, human Alex Bryant seeks help from the charismatic — but fragile — leader of the underground society of vampires in his new hometown. Status: Completed at 48 chapters. Category: M/M Vampire Romance College-age Alex Bryant thinks the most exciting thing that will happen to him at the […]

The Pact

The summer before senior year in high school, Nate Whitney meets the new teacher at the elite, upper-crust Dunhaven’s School for the Gifted, the charismatic and unusual Emrys Frost. Read summary. Status: Completed at 52 chapters. Category: M/M Paranormal / Urban Fantasy Romance Summary Nate Whitney had always had a mysterious connection to nature, a […]

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