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The Abyss: Blood Kin (Book 1)

Space explorer Anarion Gray thinks that his childhood savior, the ageless Kin leader Lord Abaddon, has forgotten about him. Little does he know exactly how important he will become to Abaddon… mind, body, and soul. Status: Completed at 59 chapters. Category: M/M Space Vampire Futuristic Romance Living in The Starn, a sunlight-starved slums on a far future […]

Sanctuary: An M/M Vampire Romance

To protect his brother from their pedophile stepfather, human Alex Bryant seeks help from the charismatic — but fragile — leader of the underground society of vampires in his new hometown. Status: Completed at 48 chapters. Category: M/M Vampire Romance College-age Alex Bryant thinks the most exciting thing that will happen to him at the […]

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