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Kitten development is very quick over the first 8 or so weeks of life.

Newborn kittens are blind, deaf and completely helpless, but within a few weeks grow into the fluffy, playful bundles of joy that we adore so much!

This page goes through the major milestones in kitten development from newborn kitten to 12 weeks old.

If you want to know what the little fur balls are able to do at different stages in their early life, read on!
Newborn kittens

Newborn kittens are blind, deaf and can’t smell very well. Their eyes are shut and their ears folded over. They rely on what little sense of smell they have, and their sense of touch, to locate their mother. Their umbilical cord is still attached to their tummy.

When they’re not asleep, they’re feeding almost constantly. This is vital for growth, normal development and for building up resistance to diseases.

Believe it or not, each kitten usually has a preferred nipple which they like to feed from, and they can locate this by its unique smell. How clever is that?!!

A newborn kitten weighs on average 3.5 Oz (100g).


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