The Abyss: Blood Kin (Book 1)

Space explorer Anarion Gray thinks that his childhood savior, the ageless Kin leader Lord Abaddon, has forgotten about him. Little does he know exactly how important he will become to Abaddon… mind, body, and soul.

Status: Completed at 59 chapters.

Category: M/M Space Vampire Futuristic Romance


Living in The Starn, a sunlight-starved slums on a far future Earth, Anarion Gray’s life has only had a few bright moments.  The most important of these were meeting powerful, beautiful Kin commander Lord Abaddon during his scientist father’s trial.  Though Abaddon is his father’s enemy, Anarion cannot forget his kindness, or his invitation to live aboard the Kin flagship, The Abyss.

This obsession drives Anarion to join the military and become a Ruin Jumper, an explorer of unknown and abandoned planets.  Anarion believes that his ordinary self meeting Abaddon is just the longing of a lonely man; however, he is not entirely human.  In childhood, he received experimental life-saving gene therapy from his father… but the genes just may have come from Lord Abaddon himself.

Anarion wonders if he is imagining the connection between himself and the vampiric, ageless space leader, or if it’s not all in his mind.

Note: The Abyss goes on to Book 2, Leaving Earth.

Extended Preview: Read Chapters 1-33!

Usually, we just have the first 5 chapters open to non-Members, but The Abyss takes a while to get into. It is a wild ride gun-shooting badassery and what we like to call “imaginary gear porn,” as the Ruin Jumpers get one invented cool weapon after another.

And yes, sex & romance too.

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Notable Quotes from Chapter 59 (The End)

“Love it soo much.
It’s a great story and it kept me interested the whole time.
Can’t wait to start Book 2″/em>
– Samona

“This story had me hooked from the first chapter. I’m looking forward to the second part!”
– Franrie

“Hey Raythe so I don’t know if you’ll see this as I know this is one of your oldest stories on your site, but in light of issue you’ve been dealing with I thought it best to break my silence and let you know just how much I appreciate your work. I will tell you I’m much more of a lurker than a reviewer so forgive me if this sounds less then coherent.;)
I came to this site originally because I was pretty tired off the same PWP crap on other free sites and like many I’m sure I started with your story The Abyss. This story is exactly the type of bang for your buck ORIGINAL type of writing that myself and I’m sure many others have been looking for. In The Abyss you bring us to the wonderfully realized world, where the adventure and action mean more than the… Ahem other action so to speak. Which of course by the time we get there as readers we’re practically begging for it along with the characters. This is what a true writer does and though some members myself included may hold back and silently enjoy these beautiful universes you have created please know that depth of appreciation we have. Though there is a stigma against the genre I for one don’t feel guilty or ashamed in appreciating good literature. Though these works are available online I would gladly go to any book store and pay for hard copy just as I would for any other story or author I felt caught my interest.
Again I don’t know if I did the whole review thing right but I just wanted you to know we, your true fans, love you and support you.
Many well wishes in your writing and life.
Pink_kitty mreow 🙂
Side note how do I make an avatar for further reviewing?”

– Pink_kitty

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