Read Part 1 of “The Abyss,” a gay sci-fi vampire novel set in the far future.


Twenty-seven year old Anarion Gray faces the opportunity of a lifetime: a chance to serve aboard The Abyss with his long-time obsession, Lord Abaddon.

Intended for mature audiences — contains sex, violence, and other mature themes.

Anarion Gray is a Ruin Jumper, an explorer of abandoned planets and civilizations. He is an augmented human, stronger and faster than his comrades, for he carries both human and alien DNA.

Though Anarion was born human, a childhood illness led to a desperate cure — implanting genes from Lord Abaddon, the mysterious, ageless leader of the Kin, a space-faring vampire race.  Now, he is a hybrid who has only begun to realize his full abilities.

Though Anarion last met the Kin leader when he was a child, their encounter still haunts him.  Despite their differences in status, the soldier dreams of meeting the fascinating, sensual Abaddon again.

Little does Lt. Gray know exactly how important he will be to the most powerful being in his world.

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