Raythe Reign’s May Deal: Free Comic Book Month!


Free Comic Book Day is May 2!  Independent shops in North America traditionally give out free comics.  This is, of course, to bring in more readers for an art form that — as we know well — can be difficult to create and continue.  In a culture that already sees “comics” as for kids only, it still comes as a shock for many adults to find that there are serious graphic novels alongside material intended for 10-and-under.

Raythe Reign is celebrating free comic book month by making The Dark Earth #1 TOTALLY FREE from our online shop!  (This means that it’s not just for North America, but everyone.)

Dark Earth 1 is also a double feature with twice as many art pages as the other volumes, though no short story.  So celebrate Free Comic Book Day with us for the entire month of May — come on over to our shop and claim your copy of The Dark Earth #1 with coupon code may2015.

Get it in PDF, ePub, or Mobi here:


And just enter may2015 upon checkout to get this volume for $0.

In the spirit of Free Comic Book Day, encourage your friends to do the same!  Feel free to post this on your Livejournal, Twitter, etc.

– Raythe Reign Team

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