Raythe Reign Reading Order

The Raythe Reign multiverse is getting more and more complex! For new readers, here are some recommended paths through the serials.  The most important to read in order is the Winter Haven stories.  The others are just two-parters, like The Abyss, Ghost, and The Dark Earth, or stand-alone, like all the others.

Winter Haven Stories


The Pact, Book 1

52 chapters.

Unexpected things have been happening to Nate Whitney, but the most unexpected of all is meeting the handsome, eccentric, and rich Emrys Frost during a party that Nate is working.  Emrys seems determined to enter Nate’s life and show him things he’s never experienced before… including the powers of magick that Nate has inherited!


The Pact, Book 2: Dunhaven

50 chapters.

The second part of this story is also complete — The Pact 2 is just as long, sexy, and snarky as The Pact.  Nate, Emrys and the gang start at Dunhaven School for the Gifted or as Emrys calls it “Hogwarts on Meth”.  As if the delights and dangers of dating Emrys Frost aren’t enough, there are rumors of Devil-worship among the student body and witchhunters making their way to Winter Haven.  It’s going to be a hell of year … perhaps literally.



48 chapters.

Our most traditional vampire story, so far.  When Alex visits an exclusive nightclub, little does he know that it is run by a Master Vampire, Demetrius.  A brief encounter draws them together, and when Alex’s family is in danger, the sensual yet fragile vampire is his only hope.

Demetrius and Alex’s intriguing dark vampire mentor, The Nomad, stars in The Ghost Half.


The Ghost Half

38 chapters.

In this sequel to Sanctuary, The Nomad acts as Xavier Fall, Professor of Occult Studies at Miskatonic.  Though he has no intention of getting involved with one of his human grad students, Flynn Haggerty’s connection to the town they are investigating draws him in, and The Nomad finds himself experiencing emotions more intensely than he has for hundreds of years.

Winter Haven Country Club

55 chapters.

This is a massive crossover story with characters from all over!  In WHCC, the new characters are Stephanus, the incubus who has run the exclusive Winter Haven Country Club, and Cole, the young incubus with an unusual and troubled past that he takes in.

Sanctuary 2

Currently updating!  Sanctuary 2 is a continuation of WHCC, but the character focus shifts back to more of the original Sanctuary vampires.  If you’ve ever wondered what happened to Peter, Alex’s traumatized younger brother from Sanctuary, here is your chance to find out…


Reading you may wish to include, but is not crucial exactly or takes place after Sanctuary 2:

The Fell

This is the huge, ongoing saga of elven king Alric and his son, Ethan… and Alric’s loyal werewolf retainer, Jordan, and Ethan’s best friend, Scott.  It’s always Christmas in The Fell, and there is lots and lots of food porn.  A delightful escape that is full incestuous elven and werewolf romance.

Date A Vampire.Com 1 & 2

Raythe’s popular manga collaboration with Mathia Arkoniel, our house artist.  Technically, these vampires are part of the same timeline as the Sanctuary vampires, but are a completely different group.

Old-fashioned student Milo doesn’t just want to jump into bed with a guy on the first date.  His vamp-obsessed roommate, T.T., signs him up for a dating service with actors supposedly pretending to be vampires.

After hundreds of years, Lucien has awoken to a completely unfamiliar world.  Luckily, his old friend Gregoire, who has been running a vampire safe house, is his guide to modern society.  Gregoire persuades Lucien into signing up for his “fake” vampire dating service… little do the humans know that the vampires are not actors!

Alt-universe Fell / Erl-King

The Fell is a remix of an earlier story, The Erl-King.  Here are the earlier works associated with The Erl-King.



The Erl-King: The Hunt

8 chapters – 25,000 words.

The novella prequel to the Erl-King, this tells the story of how secretary-turned-werewolf Jordan came to serve Elven King Alric Koenig as his most loyal retainer.



The Erl-King, V1

54 chapters.

This RR fairy tale saga contains elves, magic, werewolves, and incest.  While most Raythe Reign stories don’t contain incest, this story is the one that drove Raythe to publish her own writing, unrestricted by censorship or publishers’ guidelines.  If it were in print, it would be one of those door-stop tomes.

The Erl-King is currently getting remixed, but this is not just a rewrite.  The Fell is a complete reworking of the story.

Other Fantasy Stories

The Elven King’s Blade

In a realm parallel to ours, the last Elven King is dying for lack of a bonded Blade, a warrior to be his lover and protector.  Beyond desperate, he determines to follow the faintest of myths.  The myth of a Blade having traveled to the Human realm and surviving the Surrendering.

In the human world, a strange illness is draining away Ciaran’s life, just like what happened to his mother.  Accepting the inevitable, he decides to end his days in a small cabin by endless woods.  But when an impossibly beautiful man on a white horse fleeing from wraiths crosses his path, Ciaran forgets everything, but saving this man who looks to be in such desperate danger.


The Dark Earth, Book 1: Dark Champion

62 chapters.

A urban / high fantasy tale.  Aidan Walsh believes he’s an ordinary human until he and his family move to Devil’s Ridge.  There, he meets elven Dark Prince Asher Vane and discovers his true heritage as one of the Sidhe.


The Dark Earth, Book 2: Journey Into Darkness

60 chapters.

The continuation of The Dark Earth, Book 1.  Tensions form between Aidan’s lover, the Dark Prince Asher Vane, and his teacher, the Mage Sevra.  The two Elves have very different ideas of what Aidan’s future should be, and each wants to guide him towards their vision.  But Aidan also sees a future, one where a blood red banner waves atop a pile of the dead and a crimson armored figure stands and calls to him, and he fears that this is his ultimate fate.

“Ghost” Stories



Ghost: Neo-Tokyo

63 chapters.

After the Ghost disease strikes his family, Tristan is bought by a clan of powerful yakuza who sponsors his family’s move to Neo-Tokyo, where the disease runs rampant.  Duty and love come into conflict as beautiful Tristan and the powerful, sexy Maeda, the clan boss’s right-hand man, are drawn closer together.

We were really sad to see this one wrap up, but Raythe has continued in the Ghost universe with the sexy, wicked Ghost: Hong Kong Triad.


Ghost: Hong Kong Triad

60 chapters.

After his mother is murdered by Ghosts, Freyr Brand is determined to investigate the mysterious cause of her death.  Supported by his family friend, the mysterious Kei Wakahisa of Black Ocean, Freyr heads into a futuristic Hong Kong’s underbelly and meets two very different men: handsome Jian Chu, a detective, and the sensual Taoist sorcerer Longwei Tang…

Abyss Stories



The Abyss, Book 1: Blood Kin

59 chapters.

One of our iconic, epic stories includes vampires in space.  It’s real pulp space adventure, a sprawling story with impossibly high-tech gear, immortal lords of space with a mysterious past, shadow villains, and (of course) hot heroes!


The Abyss, Book 2: Leaving Earth

56 chapters.

The second half of the Abyss Saga, focusing on the journey to Black Heart, Abaddon’s mysterious origin, Anarion’s evolution, and much more.



The Price for Passage

14 chapters.

A spin-off of The Abyss, this short novel is a detective story, in which we meet more intriguing, immortal characters… and the evil, predatory Order of Shoath.

Stand-Alone Stories

Ever Dark (Vampires)

This atmospheric vampire story is among our most popular ever!  Two urban explorers go looking for a hidden vampire city… and end up awakening an ancient vampire king.  They become more mixed up in this world of magic and darkness than they ever dreamed.

Crimson, an M/M Retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.

This is a very loose retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.  At least, that was the inspiration.  But Raythe has definitely strayed off the path and talked to strangers.

In this sexy werewolf pack adventure, Jude Connor returns to his hometown to care for his grandmother, only to discover that a rogue werewolf has been running wild.  He teams up with alpha Gareth the Gray and the rest of the pack to put an end to the rogue wolf, and discovers something very interesting about his birth parents…


Cursed, An M/M Retelling of Beauty & The Beast

35 chapters.

The third son of a powerful business family is “interned” as humble manual labor as punishment for the family’s misdeeds.  His new employer is a reclusive, bitter businessman under a curse…  Cursed is also a book series due to finish in 2017.



62 chapters.

A sexy, dramatic story of a young man who discovers that his rich, powerful childhood crush is really a dragon shapeshifter.  Sebastian gets drawn into Fallon’s world of power, intrigue, and secrets, only to be irrevocably changed forever.


The Sea, Serial Version

26 chapters.

This “little” Valentine’s Day special is completed on the site at 75,000 words.  Sexy mermen.  Evil scientists, and not-so-evil university students.  Above all, a sexy coastal story perfect for summertime reading (or anytime, really.)  The Sea has been rewritten into The Merman series.  The books are very, very different from the serial version.


The Deep Within

38 chapters.

Our only F/M story on the site, and still a tale of forbidden love featuring a sexy young man, his beautiful stepmother, and a love that they cannot deny.  Unfortunately, they have bigger problems than defending their love to the world… problems in the shape of Cthulhu and a deep-sea cult!

The Lightless

42 chapters.

Raythe’s take on superheroes and psionic powers.  Two young superheroes fight for justice in a world that is turned against them, but one succumbs to the dark side.  Will love be able to call him back?


39 chapters.

Cameron has always looked up to his brother Liam, and when Liam died, Cameron was never the same.  Little did he know that Liam had become one of the Valkyrie, immortal Norse fighters taking on an evil force known as the Gash.  The two brothers find their secret passion for each other echoed in their godly progenitors Thor and Loki.  A loose take on Norse mythology.



The Darkening

57 chapters.

Approximately 171,000 words.  A forbidden romance between a fallen angel (in all senses of the word) and a young lead singer who believes he is merely a human with an unusual talent.


Birth Rite

8 chapters – 25,000 words.

A work of true erotic horror that Raythe did for Halloween (of course, every day could be Halloween if you’re a fan of this dark genre.)  A revised version is available from our shop.



The Artifact, Serial Version

41 chapters.

A classic detective story featuring a retired ex-police detective who protects a beautiful young man in danger from assassins.  Also features a golden sarcophagus and an evil cult.  The Artifact is now being novelized.  You can buy Books 1 and 2 of the novel series at our shop here, but they are also included in our Membership!

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