Raythe Reign Calendar: What’s running in June 2017?

There have been some schedule changes!  If you’ve been following Raythe Reign for a while, you already know that there are a lot of stories to catch up on.  This will help you keep track of the serials that are running this month on our schedule.

They’re all in different stages of development.  In general, each story gets 2 chapters per month, alternating with manga pages.  Sometimes, Raythe adds an extra chapter in, especially if a story is in the beginning or end stages.  Sometimes, she’ll also do extra short stories, especially if serials end mid-month and she has an extra slot.

New this month: The Elven King’s Blade, our next new serial, starts!  Info on the serial site, with character illustrations and cover, is here.

What is the next to end?  Probably The Merman 2: Lord Aemrys Liseas.

Ever Dark (Preview is Members-Only)

The current favorite on the site (that is, until Elven King starts later.)  Raythe brings us a dark, atmospheric vampire romance between an ancient, powerful vampire king and the man who awakens him, an adventurous urban explorer whose parents may or may not have gotten involved in vampire society before they mysteriously died…

June Chapters: 18 & 19 (there were 5 chapters last month because that’s what was voted on our poll!)

More info here: https://welcome.raythereign.com/ever-dark-the-new-yaoi-vampire-serial-on-raythe-reign/


The Elven King’s Blade

At long last, another high fantasy romance on Raythe Reign with tons of fun tropes, as voted for on our poll!  Aethaden is an Elven King who needs to bond with a “Blade,” his bonded warrior mate.  The problem is, all the Blades have gone extinct, so Aethaden will die… unless he searches other realms, such as the human realm.

On the other side of the coin, Ciaran Hawthorne is also dying from an incurable, mysterious disease inherited from his mother’s line.  If you’re a RR reader, you probably know what the cause of this disease is, because it’s not supposed to be a mystery to the readers.  Read the official summary here.

June Chapters: 1 & 2


Raythe’s very loose retelling of Little Red Riding Hood… but this time, they’re all wolves.  Werewolves, that is, with Jude Connors as Little Red, a human with who can see pack bonds.  Jude joins Cold Moon Pack to destroy dangerous rogue wolves, and becomes the mate of the pack’s brave and nurturing Alpha, Gareth.

June Chapters: 41 & 42

The Merman 2: Lord Aemrys Liseas

Fans of The Merman original book series and serial will probably enjoy this next tale, set in the same world with Gabriel and Casillus as secondary characters.  The lonely Lord Aemrys Liseas from The Merman books is the central character, this time, who has agreed to become a research subject to help other Mer hybrids cross over into the sea.  In doing that, he meets his hybrid lover, who has a dark Mer heritage…

June Chapters: 35 & 36

Sanctuary 2: The Argyris


Started last month, this new story is both a continuation of Winter Haven Country Club and Sanctuary.  It is one giant crossover that continues WHCC’s timeline, but pulls in more characters!  Sanctuary 2 explores the characters of Peter, Alex’s younger brother, and Hans, Demetrius’s loyal fledgling and right-hand man.

June Chapters:8 & 9


The Fell

Raythe’s fairy-tale-like modern saga of a lost elven prince’s love for his immortal father.  There’s (elven) incest, but The Fell is so much more than that.  Dive into this tale of magic, ancient kings, werewolves, rags-to-riches, and more.

April Chapters: 110 & 111


Date A Vampire (Manga)

The original vampire manga continues! Milo, an old-fashioned guy who can’t seem to hold onto a boyfriend, meets Lucien, whom he thinks is an actor pretending to be an old-fashioned vampire on a dating site…

April: Currently on Volume 2, and 8-10 pages are added each month.


The Dark Earth Manga

The high fantasy yaoi saga of a human foundling who discovers he’s a mage of the Sidhe, a race of elves living in an alternate world.  He and his lover, a Sidhe prince, are charged with defeating Cybella, a great evil, and restoring harmony to The Dark Earth.

April: Currently on Volume 5, and 8-10 pages are added each month.

4 Responses to Raythe Reign Calendar: What’s running in June 2017?

  1. Tamryn June 2, 2017 at 6:18 pm #

    Any news on when the last book of Cursed will be available? I’ve been really looking forward it.

    • admin June 4, 2017 at 10:03 pm #

      I’m working on it, but the site comes first and we’ve had 2 new serials starting which takes a lot more time than simply updating older stories. But it’s coming!

      • Amryst June 5, 2017 at 3:42 am #

        Will the newest cursed be in book format that we can purchase, or will we have to be apart of the site?

        • admin June 5, 2017 at 10:17 pm #

          Like all individual books (excluding manga due to cost of production), Cursed 3 will be part of the membership!

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