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The Raythe Reign Archive

When you sign up as a Member, you don’t just get the current stories that you see on the monthly schedule.  The current stories are just a fraction of what we have to offer.  As a Member, you get everything we’ve ever done – completed serials, short stories, manga, and artwork.

As of January 2016, Raythe Reign has 3.6 MILLION words of stories in the archives.

This is equal to 90 M/M books (at 40,000 words per book.)  Of those words / books, the majority is of completed stories!

  • 2.7 million words’ worth of finished serial stories.
  • 0.9 million words in the stories that are currently updating.

New Members will get 67 books’ worth of completed stories to read through, and over 22 books’ worth of currently-running stories.



RR-infographic---calendarOngoing Content

After you’ve read through the back archive, you get one whole book’s worth of new content to read every month.

  • We usually have between 5-7 stories on our serial lineup, all paranormal or supernatural M/M.
  • Each story is updated twice a month, so each month brings you 14 full chapters.
  • If there are extra slots, Raythe sometimes posts either a short story or an extra chapter of a regular serial.
  • All our stories contain explicit sex!

But how many words is that?

Every month, around 65,000 words are added to the Membership content.  (This is often more than most M/M books.)  Here are some actual word counts for recent months:



The Artwork.

All the above is only the written stories.  On the non-chapter days, you get artwork — usually, a manga / graphic novel page updating either our manga version of The Dark Earth or our beautiful, sexy all-original manga, Date A Vampire.Com.

This means… we post something every day of the year, even holidays!  One of the founding ideas of Raythe Reign was for there to be something new to see or read every day, and we’ve done just that for more than 5 years.

Is a Raythe Reign Membership a good value?

In terms of what you get every month, yes!  You get a ton for just $9.95 each month — 65,000 words of paranormal M/M written just for you, plus the huge amount of back archives to devour.

Here are some fun comparisons:


In fact, if we published our content as 90 separate books on Amazon and charged the going rate of $2.99, you’d end up paying far more than a 1-year Membership (which is $100):


Get your paranormal, escapist M/M fix for the whole year!

(Or try us out for a month if you think that’s safer 🙂 You can cancel anytime.)

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