The Fell

On her deathbed, Ethan’s mother told him that his father is none other than Alric Koenig, Ethan’s private obsession, and that Alric is actually an immortal elven king.  Was it the delusions of a dying woman, or is Ethan really Alric’s elven son?

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Category: M/M Fantasy / Urban Fantasy Romance (Incest!)



“Overcome your fate, just as I overcame mine…”

Those were Ethan’s mother’s last words before she wasted away in their apartment in Winter Haven’s slums.

She had always claimed that the two of them were not ordinary humans, but part of a race of fallen elves called the Fell, ruled by Ethan’s evil grandfather.  But on her deathbed, she revealed the secret identity of Ethan’s father — none other than Alric Koenig, one of Winter Haven’s richest elite, and supposedly the Elven king who had defeated the Fell.  Conceived, unbeknownst to Alric, through her father’s dark magic, Ethan’s fate is to be used as an instrument of revenge against him.

Ethan does not believe her fairytales about Elven kings and dread magic. But, as if his mother’s words have woven a spell upon him, Ethan finds himself falling in love with Alric from afar.  Never believing he will have his love returned, Ethan, shockingly, finds himself thrust into Alric’s path and discovers that perhaps his mother’s fairytales were true after all.


This is a remix of Raythe’s original version,The Erl-King: same characters, but things are all mixed up.  You should read each as separate stories, but you might have some fun reading both and comparing.
Alric gets around in Raythe Reign stories! “Black Label” Members-only story Winter Haven Country Club features an appearance from Alric, but WHCC’s Stephanus also appears in The Fell.

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Notable Quotes from Members

“Darn it! You should not legally be able to end theses chapters where you do! It should be classified as torture! That being said I’m ready for the next chapter! I do think that is a better version than the original as well.”
– nappyfro81 (Chapter 11)

“Heart-wrenching chapter! It’s so painful to read Ethan’s insecurity–though not in a bad way; it makes the story stronger! Nevertheless, I can’t wait for Alric to realize why Ethan is so afraid and to soothe his fears. More Alric and Ethan!

– a_h_ (Chapter 20)

“Rhaaaa!!! *strangles Fioretti* You interrupted their moment!! They were going to kiss!! ><
I love the angst though. Wonderful chapter <3

– keith (Chapter 35)


In reply to: keith

Yes, the tailor stopped a kiss. A wondrous kiss. A perfect kiss. He shall be boiled in oil! Oh, wait, I made him do that do what punishment for me? Sigh. Lol! Glad you enjoyed it.

“FINALLY! :D I thought we would never get here, but we did. We did and it was fantastic!

I think Alric is my favorite character in this story. He’s just so poetic and loving.

I hadn’t thought about it before now, but I guess all Elven leaders get crowns, not just Alric… Do they come in different colors according to who you rule over? Like, Ethan has Fell green, but maybe the Sidhe crown is purple or something?

The tree right next to Ethan’s tower makes me nervous. I can just see some dark, tainted creature of Eranthian’s slithering up along the trunk and branches until it reaches the window ledge…

I can’t wait to meet Kazial. Does his voice have special powers like Dylan’s in the Darkening? Or I guess he could just be trying to bait Nyssa out into the woods where the wards aren’t as strong…

– vidya (Chapter 49)


In reply to: vidya

I won’t get in the middle of your discussion here as it seems a good one, so I’ll just answer your direct questions.

Crowns – yes, they all have different crowns. I added green to Ethan’s because his is the Sky Prince, but he is ALSO the Fell King in this dream so that’s why the green was added.

The tree – my God, I’ve got you trained beautifully! I mean … ah, well … you’re expecting something nasty to happen and that’s b/c it normally does! But not quite yet and maybe not that tree …

Kazial – his voice is magical! Yes, he can do things with it and make people do what he wants, specifically. He’s incredibly dangerous and powerful.

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