The Dark Earth

Aidan Walsh must move with his adoptive mother and sister to his sinister grandfather’s house in Devil’s Ridge, and discovers not just beauty and magic in otherworldly prince Asher Vane, but also monsters and his own mysterious history.

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Status: Completed at 62 chapters.

Category: M/M Fantasy / High Fantasy



Aidan Walsh is forced to move with his adoptive mother and sister into his lecherous grandfather’s home on Devil’s Ridge. Aidan is nearly lured to his death by something terrible in an old well out back, but is saved by the mysterious and alluring Asher Vane.  When his grandfather comes after Vane with a shotgun, calling him a “Demon Prince”, Aidan realizes that the different life he wanted … he may have found.

Note: The Dark Earth goes on to The Dark Earth 2.

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Notable Responses About The End (Chapter 62)

“Oh so sweet and loving ending for the first book. But now things like what happened to Soo come to mind. Are we going to see her in the next book? And is Sarah going to be alright when she wakes up?”

– wiccacat18

“Aiden didn’t get a chance to grab the book from Soo’s shop! He needs to be able to educate himself and not just rely on other people’s stories and histories–though it seems like he has very good discernment, and so far can tell when something is just what a person wishes was true rather than the truth. Except when it comes to love.

I can’t wait to read the next book and see where it takes us! I also sense a sort -of love triangle forming between Sevra, Aiden, and Asher…you really do like your love triangles. There’s been one in almost every story. But I’d really like for one to actually work out where the protagonist is allowed to love both, maybe even have both. I think this is a story where that could work out. Honestly I think extreme jealousy and possessiveness don’t quite fit Asher as he was first characterized. And since Aiden has to control all his conflicting desires and emotions around magic, it’d be nice for him to be able to let go a little when it comes to love. He feels attracted to Sevra in a deep way. He should be able to act on that and have Asher understand.”

– blahblahbabygurl

“So, just finished this story and I was very impressed with both characters and the whole landscape of the story. It is quite different compared to the first version you wrote, but I like it. The characters seem to have evovled and especially Asher has changed. I like that there is a darker side to him and not only the “prince in shining armour” side of him. One thing that I was a bit sad about was a comment Aiden made in ch. 19 (I think) about “crying like a little girl”. I know expressions like this have become an almost permanent part of many’s vocabulary, but it is still an expression filled with negative connotations about girls and women. It would be nice if other and future stories could move past this. But, as stated before I really enjoyed this story and I look forward to getting started on book 2 (and all your other stories; some which I have read but not yet commented on). Keep up the amazing work :)

– avalido

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