Sanctuary: An M/M Vampire Romance

To protect his brother from their pedophile stepfather, human Alex Bryant seeks help from the charismatic — but fragile — leader of the underground society of vampires in his new hometown.

Status: Completed at 48 chapters.

Category: M/M Vampire Romance


College-age Alex Bryant thinks the most exciting thing that will happen to him at the ultra-exclusive club, Sanctuary, will be to score some booze and dance the night away. But his life starts to change the moment he catches sight of Sanctuary’s reclusive owner, Demetrius Black.

Little does Alex know that Demetrius is an ancient Master Vampire, and has been using the club as a means to feed himself and his vampire fledglings. Though Demetrius gives off an otherworldly aura, Alex senses he has nothing to fear from the powerful, vulnerable man who seems to return his attraction but insists on holding himself back.

When circumstances soon drive Alex into the dark and dangerous night into Demetrius’ lair, their relationship becomes more than a tentative friendship — their growing love is a sanctuary for them both.

Note: Alex & Demetrius appear as side characters in The Ghost Half, which stars The Nomad!

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Notable Quotes from Members

“And on that note, I’m off to read ‘The Ghost Half’!:D

Closing remarks on this story: I so want to read a chapter in Peter’s POV. Every time you write a chapter in someone else’s POV, it gives me a greater appreciation for that character. Peter deserves understanding more, especially after this chapter. Perhaps in the book after ‘The Ghost Half’.

Although not going to happen, The Nomad should totally run commentary on all your stories. His opinion would bring so many LOL’s and deeper insight into much of the history/mythology.:)

– River Iris (Chapter 48)

Over all this story is one for the memory banks. See you on the other side.

“Holly fuc#*&$@ sh#*!!!! I knew it! From the first moment they started talking in their heads (alex and the nomad), i knew something like this was gonna happen! It kind of reminds me of Drakon, when the First spied in their hot moments! I loved it there, love it here.
By the way, that was HOT! Like volcan-sun-center of the earth-all mixed together-hot! >///<
Can’t wait for the next chapter!
PD: by the way. There is a mistake in the chapter. The part were Alex was touching Demetrius and the licking it? Well, it says he touches with his FINGERS and then taste it with his FINGERS insted of mouth.
Of course, when Demetrius finds out….O_O”

– yukinechan (Chapter 34)

So far

This story is intense!
I really am enjoying the depth to your characters the smoothness of the events and strict adherence to your plot.
The action is great, the molestation- I’ve never read before- I hope that bastard gets what comin’!
I believe that I am going to highly enjoy this story,
Thank you”

– Tali13 (Chapter 8)

“As always, terrific chapter! The pull between Alex and Demetrius is so strong – what an amazing love! So romantic, and passionate. I really want to see how this night evolves first, then how their lives intertwine. Besides this coming battle, there is still the situation with Greg to resolve. I think there is something very weird going on around his father, too. So much of interest with each of the characters here. I can really see this story going on for quite a long while. And I hope it does. But for right now, I do hope that Demetrius and Alex have one superbly erotic and passionate evening.”
– skydancer (Chapter 33)

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