The Pact

The summer before senior year in high school, Nate Whitney meets the new teacher at the elite, upper-crust Dunhaven’s School for the Gifted, the charismatic and unusual Emrys Frost.

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Status: Completed at 52 chapters.

Category: M/M Paranormal / Urban Fantasy Romance



Nate Whitney had always had a mysterious connection to nature, a strange fascination that had him losing time watching the waves on the ocean, luring a wolf from the woods, or controlling the wind to stop himself from toppling over a cliff.

He feared it was a form of the same madness that drove his father to kill his mother soon after he was born, but he never guessed what it truly meant.

But Emrys Frost knows. The sexy, eccentric magic user Emrys has returned to teach at the private school his family founded. He invites Nate to the prestigious Dunhaven School for the Gifted, and becomes Nate’s teacher… and much more.

Note: The Pact 2 takes place at Dunhaven!
Our “Black Label” Members-only story Winter Haven Country Club also has appearances from Nate & Emrys.

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Notable Quotes from Members

This story is one of my favorites, most of all because of Emrys. I totally fell in love with him at the very beginning… When he drove the car laughing like a mad man, or maybe even before during the storm… he’s crazy and hot and caring and awesome. Maybe my fav character of all RR ^^ And he’s so sweet (and crazy, again) with Nate. I love Nate too. The two of them are adorable together…”

– keith

“Hi: New member here devouring your stories. So far this one has most delighted me. These characters work well off each other and the sex was a natural fit in this particular plot so we got to see more of it, happy happy. Also I will tell you that the action moving the story along felt more rapid and exciting for some reason that I can’t quite put my finger on.
I sort of understand that these page are your first drafts? I see sooooooo many things that I itch to correct including words left out and even sentences unfinished. Does this mean that at some point we can buy the polished end product?
Artwork is wonderful. BTW
Glad I joined. Looking forward to all the future fantasy I get to enjoy. Thanks”

– nekko (Chapter 52)

Such a fan girl!
Love Emrys! Love Emrys! Love Emrys!!!!

Quite a spirit of play in that man! Along with the “will not lie” and almost stream of conscience explanations, he is my dream guy.

Wonderful chapter: angst, humor, drama and just a touch of suspense (also known as your typical cliff hanger) makes this a very satisfying read.

Thank you.”
– tibstales (Chapter 20)

“Wheeeeee, this is getting so exciting and mysterious. And I’m loving every second of it…
Mmmmhhhh, I certainly love your Emrys character as well. He’s so, I don’t know…cheeky? Mischievous? He makes me want to pinch his cheeks and then go and steal horses with him. Or whip the witch hunters. Whatever tickles my fancy first. Probably the whipping but I digress.

I’m very much looking forward to Friday!”

– blackblade (Chapter 8)

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