Ghost: Neo-Tokyo

Westerner Tristan Price is hurled into the world of the yakuza who rule Neo-Toyko.

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Status: Completed at 63 chapters.

Category: M/M Futuristic Romance



Tristan Price never thought that he would see Neo-Tokyo. But after a mysterious phenomena knows as Ghost struck his home, killing his parents and turning his eyes bright blue his comfortable circumstances changed. Fleeing his childhood home with his 8-year-old brother and con-man uncle from authorities who covet Ghost survivors, Tristan is instead sold into service to the Yakuza in Neo-Tokyo in return for harboring the troubled family.

Will Tristan find safety in Neo-Tokyo under the watchful eye of the Yakuza heir Yasuo Maeda, or have his troubles just begun?


Notes: Ghost: Neo-Tokyo has a sister story!  Ghost: Hong Kong Triad also takes place in this universe with the enigmatic Wakahisa Kei as a central character.

We also commissioned one of our famous sextras.  Date Night is a beautiful side manga drawn by Mathia Arkoniel and features Maeda & Tristan drawn in full color… and full glory.

It also inspired a GNT fan video trailer from one of our long-term Members!

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I practically screamed with joy when I saw the new chapter out, then horror when I realised we weren’t going to see what was going to happen at the present time.
I love how we really get to see more of Maeda in this chapter, and I was pleasantly surprised when he wasn’t super cold and cut off from everyone as I had first thought he would be. 🙂
Wonderful work.”

– hitomikk (Chapter 10)

“So I literally signed up for my account yesterday because I happened to come across an advert in my email, and I’m already addicted. Oh my God, I have to work in like 5 hours, this is so totally your fault and I absolutely love you for it! :D So before I start reading another chapter and deprave myself of that lovely place called REM cycle any further… let me just say that I love your narrative, your acute attention to detail, and the perfect development of characters! (Karasu is one pyscho-whack-job if I ever did see one, Akane has the perfect attitude for this story, Caleb is adorable, and do I really need to describe Maeda and Tristan? One word: HOT) Guaranteed I will be depraving myself of sleep even further after work because I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS. You’re evil, it’s awesome, end of story.”

 – Sephoriya (Chapter 23)
“That was beautiful. That was hot. That was exactly what I would expect Maeda and Tristan making love would be. What I mean is it fits them. The thing I like about the sex in your stories is it feels like an extension of the characters, not just sexy filler; I feel closer to them and have a deeper understanding them because of this chapter. No pressure though for future romps (I read for the story first, as strange as that sounds:o) but just wanted to point that out.”
– River_Iris (Chapter 49)
“I pretty much have the same words as Keith, Vidya, everyone really. I think I got attached to this story the most out of the ones I’ve read on this site so far. Pretty sure what first got me was the Yakuza aspect but then the whole concept in general was really interesting in itself (like all the other stories too). Personally I was able to connect?? with the characters more than from other titles I think so that’s probably why I feel more bittersweet than usual even though it’s just a ‘see you later’ instead of a ‘goodbye’ lol. I also wholeheartedly agree with Vidya’s remark about Wakahisa. That’s another thing, all the characters have so many layers to them but you still show the humane part causing us to like them and root for them even if they’re a little eerie.”
– bookworm524 (Chapter 63, part of an ongoing conversation about the last chapter)
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