Drakon: An M/M Shifter Romance

Poor student Sebastian grew up having a crush on his older, rich neighbor, Fallon. When the rich man starts courting him, Sebastian can hardly believe it, but their developing love is threatened by Fallon’s family’s deep secret: they’re all immortal dragon-shifters.

Status: Completed at 62 chapters.

Category: M/M Shifter Romance


A terrible car crash kills Sebastian Ford’s father and sends his mother into a strange catatonic state.  Before his father dies, he repeats one word over and over again: drakonim.

Just as Sebastian thinks he has a handle on his life, Fallon Gedeon shows up, looking no older than he had ten years ago.  When Fallon starts to romance Sebastian, the young man can hardly believe their connection, but as they grow closer, Sebastian finds out that the ancient Gedeon family holds many secrets.  Secrets that his father might have known and died for.

This is a true Gothic-style romance where the main character falls in love, and gets drawn into a web of dark family secrets.  Despite that, the story has a lot of humor, many unexpected twists, and some interesting sex scenes later on.

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Notable Quotes from Members

I know this is an old thread, but I was quite fascinated by the explanation of the ‘arc’ format as it applies to serials and it explains so much. I admit I often try to stay away from one or another of your stories so that when I do indulge I get to read at least a few entries. I also say that I love erotica and yet find much of the genre is boring because there is no substance to the stories (outside their acting as a structure to hang the sex on). Your pieces have us all slavering for the storyline to continue. So thanks for the education as well as the entertainment.

– nekko (Chapter 29)

“TStill loving the Black Dragon! The Lair sounds really romantic. I can’t wait for next update. Time for some Sebastian/Fallon loving! It was sad to see Sebastian hurting over his father’s double life. I’m glad that he and Fallon can lean on each other over these kinds of issues. Thank you so much for all your hard work.”

– satterby (Chapter 48)

“Ahhh, I love this story so much! And I’m super happy to hear that you’re planning to do more with the universe as well. I think it would be interesting to see what is done with the heart taken from Vargas and how Sebastian deals with being away from the First.
Brilliant story, brilliant characters and filled with emotion; I cried the last chapter. 😀
Thank you so much for writing this! It was such a good read.”

  • reynkout (Chapter 62)

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