New Kids On The Block: Looking at the latest RR serials

The latest 3 serials on the Raythe Reign lineup all have something in common: they were all driven by Member feedback.

Ever Dark

This insanely popular serial came directly out of that poll we ran last year.  This poll generated huge amounts of ideas, which were later refined in more polls and discussions.  What we have now is a brand new world of vampires, intrigue, vamp religion, mystery, and mature characters who don’t adhere to the yaoi stereotype, but are far closer to American action leads.

The Elven King’s Blade

The atmospheric fantasy Elven King’s Blade also came out of that poll.  Both these ideas were so popular that during the “runoff” vote, Raythe decided to do BOTH of them.  Member feedback is directly responsible for these two very different stories.

Sanctuary 2

If Raythe only wrote novels to publish on Amazon, she would never have written Sanctuary 2.  It makes no sense to people who aren’t already familiar with the characters.  They’d have had to be familiar with both Sanctuary 1 and Winter Haven Country Club, first, with its enormous cast of characters.

But this is the beauty of writing for a Membership — she gets to write what Members want.

There were multiple people who chimed in, wanting to know what happened to Peter.  They also didn’t want to leave this society of vampires.  So, Raythe fit Sanctuary 2 into the schedule, with all its plot twists.

22 Responses to New Kids On The Block: Looking at the latest RR serials

  1. susi June 28, 2017 at 6:26 pm #

    I love Ever Dark so much – It’s a great storie. But every storie I read so far was special great.
    And I would like to read all of them. But I have a little problem and you describe that perfectly:

    […] It makes no sense to people who aren’t already familiar with the characters. They’d have had to be familiar with both Sanctuary 1 and Winter Haven Country Club, first, with its enormous cast of characters.[…]

    That brings back my requestfor a new FAQ entry; is it’s possible to get a list what storie I’d have to read first and then and then and then ^^

    My own list doesn’t work – I know you gave us hints in every book what storie we should read before etc. But I got confused when I had stories mentioned again in another storie…

    It would be really great when you can help me in that case – maybe a few other member (specially new ones) have the same problem as me…

    I want to thank you for all that super stories and the entertainment you give us – Thanks for your hard work.

    • Amethyst June 29, 2017 at 2:38 pm #

      There is a list on the page right after you click on Sanctuary 2, I’ll paste it here in case you can’t read it for some reason, but it’s seriously right there.

      My suggestion is that you read in the following order, if you haven’t already:

      The Pact 1

      The Pact 2

      Sanctuary 1

      The Ghost Half


      Sanctuary 2

      Reading you may wish to include, but is not crucial exactly or takes place after Sanctuary 2:

      The Fell


      DAV 2

  2. Raythe June 28, 2017 at 6:39 pm #

    We REALLY NEED to do that story list thing. We’ve talked about it, planned to do it, incorporate it into the site, and then it looks like ass, doesn’t really work, or we get distracted by something shiny. Needless to say we’ll work on something about that.

    • susi June 29, 2017 at 6:29 am #

      Thank you very much – I think that will be a good thing for a few readers 🙂

  3. BuddhaAli June 28, 2017 at 7:29 pm #

    Hi Susi!! Raythe will probably have her own answer, but it really helped me to divide things up like this.

    There are a lot of stories that all feed together into the Winter Haven universe, and even more confusingly, there was an amazing reboot of the Winter Haven universe that greatly changed some of the central characters! This can be super confusing to new readers, when it isn’t immediately obvious WHERE in the series to start.

    Please keep in mind, I’m just a fan like you, but this is the order that I think makes a lot of sense.

    Apparently some people do not know what Lovecraftian means, and so I’ll put a little note here: Lovecraftian refers to any story that takes place in or talks about the dystopian, scary universe made by the author H.P. Lovecraft. He’s famous for creating the terrible Greater Demon Cthulhu and other demonic creatures that drive the humans of Earth mad. His stories do not have happy endings and are often very dark and creepy, with lots of science experiments gone-wrong. Lots of people love them, even though they were written a while ago, so look them up!

    The list begins with some of the earliest stories on the site – ORIGINAL dark protagonists, with the theme: Lovecraftian Universe. To be read in this order:
    1. The Artifact (and Artifact graphic novel short story “Skeleton Closet”)
    2. The Erl King
    3. The Erl King Secondary Story “The Hunt”
    4. The ORIGINAL Merman story “The Sea”
    5. The Sea Secondary Story “The Deep Within”
    6. Drakon
    7. The ORIGINAL Cursed story

    REBOOT stories to be read in this order – The Fell is extremely HARD to read in one go, because it has grown and changed over the years of writing to incorporate a massive cast from other stories. I suggest reading it in parts.
    1. The Pact
    2. The Pact secondary story “Birth Rite”
    3. The Fell (the first 40 chapters, perhaps? This is just a GUESS or where to stop)
    4. The Pact 2
    5. The Dark Earth Book 1 (then the Dark Earth Manga)
    6. The Dark Earth Book 2
    7. The Fell (second 40 chapters)
    8. Sanctuary
    9. Ghost Half
    10. The Merman REBOOT
    11. The Merman 2
    12. The Artifact REBOOT “The Bodyguard” and Cursed Reboot
    13. Winter Haven Country Club
    14. The Fell (third 40 chapters)
    15. Sanctuary 2
    16. Date a Vampire 1 and 2 (could come earlier, but here’s where I’m sticking it. Its awesome!)

    Vampires in Space Series – stands alone:
    The Abyss Book 1
    Secondary “Price for Passage”
    The Abyss Book 2

    Ghost Future Series – stands alone:
    Ghost Neo-Tokyo
    Ghost Neo-Tokyo Manga “Date Night”
    Ghost Hong Kong Triad

    Stand-alone books that are each in their own universe and can be read in whatever order you like:
    The Lightless
    The Darkening
    Ever Dark
    The Elven King’s Blade

    I think that about covers it? Hope this helps!!

    • Raythe June 29, 2017 at 12:23 am #

      This is really good! I haven’t gone through the whole thing, but it looks pretty thorough (one thing Birth Rite is NOT related to anything else), but really good job!

      • BuddhaAli June 29, 2017 at 1:36 pm #

        I know that Birth Rite can stand alone just fine, but some of the magical story elements really fit in well with the Pact, and reference some of the magical ruling families stuff from the Pact universe. So I put it in that family due to the universe it lives in, rather than any characters that cross over.

        Thanks for the review, Raythe! And as I said, I’m guessing on some of the story placements (Winter Haven Country Club could be read earlier, but it kindof HAS to be read after the Pact and the Fell… and Sanctuary… but parts of the Fell need to be read after Winter Haven Country Club… so its complicated!!)

    • susi June 29, 2017 at 6:28 am #

      Thank you very much for that job 🙂 So that Raythe said it looks pretty thoroug- so I will copy that list and do my homework with starting to read all ^^

      I am happy and I will enjoy so much stories now

      Thank you again 🙂

      And thanks an Raythe too – I appreciate it that you do so much for us – and I am looking forward to everything that you bring to us in the future 🙂

  4. blaid June 28, 2017 at 9:32 pm #

    I admit, I was looking forwards to Sanctuary 2 for the longest time, could say I invested most of my excitement and imagination into it. But instead of an excited thrill these days, I get worms in the stomach (and its not even Ten chapters in!). A lot that has been clarified since it went up, and even before then, has shot the wind out of my sails. Fretting over it has affected my sleeping patterns, when it gets on the mind I find myself laying there and rolling the possibilities over in my head.

    Where to start. Hans, and sometimes Demetrius. I have quite a bit of dislike for them, simply because their personalities are so bland and their emotional coil seems to have run out of gas. Demetrius has his alright moments, I can tolerate Demetrius. Hans on the other hand, is the dull brush you throw in the incinerator. No amount of bad path or sympathy play will give him any redeemable qualities. You can take Demetrius’ emotionally detached moments and then dump a million tons of cement on it, and you’d have Hans.

    So Peter and Hans, a couple. First cannonball through the sail, and that was before the story went up. But I give it the benefit of the doubt, I may grow to like Hans, when I see his perspective I may like him more. It never happened. In fact, I dislike the guy more now, than I did before. And his superman heroics? Pfft, I hate superman heroics, so snobbish and self-centered. It was the best moment in the entire book so far… when Peter snapped him out of his heroism in failure when he punted him clean across a room to slam into a cage. WITH. A. TAP. I had a cheering-mixed-proud dad moment.

    Demetrius and Hans, more so Hans than Demetrius, are not really built for Immortal life. The Nomad, Xing, his master, Erebos, the Bringer (NOT Cole), TUO. Those are the beings that are built for immortality and center stage, they are so quirky and original, so out there! Hans is the personality type in fiction that stands out in the sun to end his misery, if told to live on his own for too long, he’s just that sad.

    Peter is so very precious, so very special. I am very invested in his future, I believe wholeheartedly that he deserves far better than what he is getting or being given. Going off into another destination, with Erebos and an Argyris? I approve, wholeheartedly. You see, it is the characters and Immortals that can flip to be amorally violent and utterly ruthless at the flip of a switch, that are the most interesting to observe come out of their shell and to learn about. They are unpredictable, and to become as they are, they must have a great amount of depth.

    Hans aside, another issue I am finding is the Vampires themselves. They are so very possessive and clingy, it is suffocating, I feel for Peter both regarding Alex and his near imprisonment in Sanctuary. I understand that for those they turn or their Masters, the possessiveness is understandable. It is family, it is shared blood, and a sign of ownership. But the idea of set-in-stone mates? If they were Werewolves, it would understandable, Wolves mate for life. Vampires however are social creatures, Dracula had more than one bride, even when he went after Mina. Vampires are not magnanimous creatures in relationships, they are not limited to one romantic entanglement or partner. It is why I so approve of that distinct “Fledgling Sandwich”. Demetrius’ possessive nature is therefore becoming quite irritating. I would love Peter and Alex to willingly sleep together, just to see Demetrius’ face, I am imagining him with the expression of having swallowed something sour in comparison. Hehehehe.

    There are other issues as well, injustice regarding Erebos, Cole really being hypocritical while trying to exist as the Bringer (who is a Demon General that has probably raped, pillaged and enslaved millions). There is the comparison between Peter-Hans and Jordan-Scott, it is a comparison I regret making, Jordan is so far better than Hans despite their similarities and unlike Hans Jordan does have passions and obsessions. Jordan’s obsession with perfection and tidiness? I can vividly relate to that. But Hans-Peter feels like a face-to-the-mud Jordan-Scott rip-off, I am just not seeing the effort for originality. Both pairs are blond with blue eyes, off the top of my head anyway, am I making my point?

    My thoughts got to a point where I was imagining a Grand Tragedy, all the heroes… die! But morbidness aside, I know characters are beloved, you make us care about them Raythe. But at the same time, you build up threats so well, and then nothing. It is all fairy tail. No one important dies, there is no realism to the threats because no one actually dies against them and stays dead. Well… there was Sevra, but still, rare and far between. It is important to remind that the threats are real, they can bring tragedy and cause death to those people care about, and anyone (not an invulnerable immortal) can die. Even heroes, not just villains.

    Wow, that actually cleared a lot of my chest. It isn’t personal about your writing, Raythe, you are among the best writers that I have ever known but I have strong feelings about Sanctuary 2. But at any rate, I had best move on…

    The Elven King’s Blade has such a vividness. I cannot wait to see what happens regarding the Elven divide between Valore and Riven, and how that ties into the blades, especially the relationship between Aethaden and Ciaran. There must be some kind of demonetization and manipulation of history, regarding those that are Riven. Were all the Blades Riven? Or did the Riven corrupt the Blades? Also, the politics is so very nice, I love the dynamic of the Council. I can only hope there will be more political backstabbing in the near future, masterful works of betrayal and conspiracies.

    Ever Dark has become one of my most favorite full-blown (novel) Vampire stories, followed by “The Ghost Half”. All the issues I mentioned above with Vampires do not exist in Ever Dark, as so far anyway. Additionally, the romance blooming between Julian and Daemon or Balthazar and Christian exactly correlates to Dracula. Dracula turned his brides into Vampires, and almost succeeds with Mina, his possession of his loved ones was not just out of falling in love (which I classify as not alone being relative to true “true love”, btw) but also because they were his brood of undead. His children and blood. And then there are the political dynamics in the background, the mysteries and world building, all completely original. A masterpiece Raythe, your finest work yet!

    • Raythe June 29, 2017 at 12:31 am #

      You are really passionate about that story and those characters. Others, who don’t know, Blaid lobbies for his POV in comments and stuff about the stories, which is part of what’s really cool about hearing people’s thoughts on the stories as they progress.

      In the end though, while I listen to everyone, I don’t PLEASE everyone. And that is okay. I’m sure Blaid would like me to write Sanctuary 2 very differently, but then Member X would like me to write it another way. This push and pull and different ideas is what makes the site and stories so vibrant in the end. And I know some members worry that I won’t write MY vision, but the truth is (and as Blaid’s dissatisfaction above with some stories, but not others) is that I take the credit and the blame, because it really does come back to me in the end.

      But I welcome both genuine critique and thoughts. Just no losing sleep over it! Lol!

      Anyways, thank you for the feedback. I’ve heard you, Blaid. Time to move onto the next …

      • blaid June 29, 2017 at 6:14 am #

        I cannot promise not losing sleep, your stories take up a lot of my life and past time, a lot of my energy and -dare I say – faith. Oh, I know, I get emotionally attached far too easily. I have felt disappointment all the way along, my greatest being Peter and Hans.

        Admittedly, I wanted Peter with Erebos, as the best case. Because Peter deserves it. But Hans? To be honest, I was sure Hans was eaten by Erebos in the Ghost Half, he is such an unmemorable character. He is not important or relevant in any way, he is not human in a literal and emotional capacity, he has no depth or interest of character. He completely lacks a general personality, and I’ve read his POVs. There is nothing special about Hans, no great destiny, no special power that puts him above any other eligible candidates. The fact I was very forward about how great Peter and his future should be from when Ghost Half was up, indicates precisely how strongly I felt regarding Peter.

        I don’t recall reading others opinions on the matter, nor do I recall a vote. Agreeing after the statement is made, nodding one’s head, doesn’t count. But I am not going to get into that, beyond how much of an injustice the pairing is.

        If Hans made a face-heel-turn, and I mean including some special destiny, his personality doing a complete flip and becoming actually interesting. I admit, it would invalidate my dislike a bit. But I am not sure that will happen or is even possible at this point.

        • BuddhaAli June 29, 2017 at 2:11 pm #

          While I do not agree with Peter being better off in a relationship with Erebos at all, I do agree that his placement with Hans was a big shock to me, and seemed to come out of left field…

          That being said, I’m probably one of the few people that like Hans quite a lot, but I am a bit afraid he’s going to become a carbon copy of Jordan without the deeper struggle of controlling Jordan’s beast. That was one of the few story elements from the reboot of the Erl King that I didn’t like as much, as Scott’s trauma becoming a werewolf (and the duality of that werewolf nature) seemed to be glossed over in favor of the larger battle with the Burning Man. The gritty, sexy, powerful vibe of the animalistic werewolves got lost somewhere and that was hard for me.

          Hans reminds me a great deal of Captain America, and I would love for that to be a model of the character’s personality that Raythe could bring to life in Hans. The problem for many people is that they don’t LIKE Steve Rogers as a superhero, because he doesn’t feel very “Super” going up against people like Thor, Hulk or Loki, and he isn’t as flashy in personality to make up for it, like Iron Man. He’s just honest, kind, good, loyal to a fault and plainspoken. A skilled tactician and a great team player, with the weight of his history behind his eyes. This doesn’t make Steve Rogers OR Hans a cardboard cut-out, however. I just… don’t see how Hans would fit with Peter, or how the two will relate to each other as their lifestyles, goals, and personalities seem diametrically opposed. Unless Hans becomes some sort of Paladin that has a special ability to combat the demonic influence of Erebos… but that implies that Peter is currently influenced BY Erebos. And there isn’t a religion on Earth that can combat Greater Demons, as far as we know. I don’t want Hans to become some super-charged god-descendant. We’ve been there, and done that.

          And is Peter currently being influenced? One of the major plot elements that wasn’t really answered from Sanctuary was whether the change in Peter was PART of Peter permanently, or whether there was a separate force that had caused that change and it was reversible. Certainly, Alexander and Demetrius both want the “change” reversed and that’s why they are being “mean” to Peter, but I don’t know if Peter would want himself to be back the way things were. I’m not sure he remembers how different his feelings were for his brother. Its a complicated story, and we’ll just have to see what Raythe has in store because you are right, that Hans is badly outclassed by the enemies he faces to protect Peter, to woo Peter.

          And I’m completely stumped as to how Hans could win as he is now. I … also admit that while the IDEA of Peter (chosen disciple of Erebos, perhaps?) is interesting, he’s too childish and unfinished to me currently (as he should be, he’s a young teenager after all) and that childlike mindset makes me very uncomfortable. I just can’t really see him as adult enough to be a romantic interest for ANYONE.

          But the “every man” Hans has merit and I am rooting for him. Even if I do not understand Peter/Hans.

          • blaid June 29, 2017 at 4:11 pm #

            With the contrast there, my only comparison was that Erebos is powerful and grand enough to deserve Peter, I have a very high opinion of Peter to be honest. I would have accepted Hans with anyone, but Peter, because Peter deserves more.

            Yeah, I am seeing the comparison to Captain America with his heroics. But then again, I always preferred Thor or Iron Man, or Hulk. So, moot point. But Hans has no passions, he does nothing with his life, has no interests beyond serving and he does that robotic without thought. And in his POVs, he describes how he’s feeling like he isn’t feeling it at all but rather what he should be feeling, he isn’t acting on emotions so much as reacting to what he should feel. Dull as a brush, like I said. It is impossible to empathize with him.

            I don’t think personally Peter IS being influenced, except by his own unchangeable nature. If I may be blunt, Peter IS a Greater Demon. Alex is a Greater Demon. The Argyris ARE Greater Demons. They lack human souls because Demons don’t have traditional human souls anymore than Angels do, and they are born from Darkness, literally… Erebos. The moment Alex became touched by the Darkness, turned by a Lykir Demon, his Argyris traits came to the surface and Peter took interest immediately as is his nature. Demons are possessive, but like their father, it is likely the Argyris can be unreasonable when pissed off.

            This phasing trick that Nomad has, has been used by the Argyris and their master, Erebos redirected the Nomad’s phasing and Kyrillos appears from nowhere. Phasing isn’t rare to Demon kind, look at the Burning Man able to move from one end to another, across the states. Greater Demons can phase, I am curious to find out what other abilities Erebos passed onto his Demon children.

            Despite my consideration that the Lykir could be the kids of a Great One, it has come to my attention that they may be a lot lower than that. Xing’s Master called them “Demons”, never “Greater Demons”. And the Argyris are strong enough that the Lykir want “cannon fodder”, while if they were cousins then they’d he of a equal-ish strength and not need human shields to keep the Argyris at bay.

            Yes, in his young teenage state, Peter is childlike. He won’t always be a child. But what I found were heavy comparisons between Erebos and Peter in personality, albeit a bit on the young side for Peter. I have read over their scenes a great many times, Peter and Erebos have the same temper, the same patient intellect and self-assured sarcastic way of speak. It is mainly the reason I was so fanatic about Peter being Erebos, because they are practically spitting image alike, because Peter is like a younger and more childish, humanoid Erebos.

            Although, another marvelous idea I had was that Peter is the Apex creation of Erebos, the idea of a “Prime”. I found it idealistically that if Erebos comes from Greek Myth, why cannot he not have a son? Like say, Thanatos, the God of Death? Could even serve as this Demon hierarchy’s Death in the “Horsemen of the Apocalypse”. Another point that would ease me, is if there are TWO Peters throughout, one ends up with Hans while another exists still from a timeline that has ceased to exist thus cannot be returned to.

            Meanwhile, the origin of the Lykir could be that they are the “Ankir” of their bloodline (or were named such for creating Vampires) – they are creations of Greater Demons of Dreams, who are the kids of the Greater Demon of Sleep who is the kid of the Great One Nyx. Thus while descended down from a Great One, their pedigree and power is so low and diluted that they are paid no mind by beings of considerable power. They are the mutts of their bloodline.

            Now, the injustice on Erebos! Erebos created Alex and Peter, they are his, before the Nomad and before Cole (as the bratty child doesn’t act the mature Bringer, I will not call him as such) stuck his big nose in. Given that Alex and Peter’s great uncle, Kyrillos, is called “a young Argyris” implies that Argyris have a higher maturity age limit before they are considered adults. So Peter and Alex are children in comparison, Erebos’ children, would you be calm and reasonable (he started off that, I was impressed) if someone stole one of your children and refused to give them back? All talk of equality by TUO, yet the Bringer gets allowed a newer body, while Erebos and Cthulhu are still ticking away in their old ones!

            Erebos isn’t evil, he isn’t a villain, and unlike the Bringer he respects free will. He gives choices, he respects decisions. In Ghost Half, he gave those people that settled and made that town a choice, they chose to strike a deal with Erebos. But he’s being portrayed as this great and evil threat that needs to be beaten down. He is the one that has been wronged! By Mathew, then the Nomad! And note as well, Talon left the FAMILY, it was never said he hated his creator and Erebos respected his wishes and never sought him out.

    • Amethyst June 29, 2017 at 6:05 pm #

      It makes sense for Demetrius to be clingy though, Alex coxed him out of his illness and helped find the cure for it, and he hadn’t had a relationship for a while before that. Plus they’ve only been together for a few months by the time Sanctuary 2 starts. Seeing as they are immortal, it could be decades or even longer before they feel like having other ‘relations’ and it wouldn’t matter, no time lost after all.

      Hans just seems like a quiet person, not everyone is a quirky ball of energy. He had to take care of Demetrius for quite a while while he was ill, plus he was worried about him. Not to mention dealing with the club, he probably didn’t have that much free time before now. Almost every main character ends up being extra special even within the supernatural group they belong to, it wouldn’t hurt to have Hans just be a ‘normal’ vampire.

  5. Catalina1995 June 29, 2017 at 9:24 am #

    i read all the stories and manga on this website and i know all the characters so i didn’t have any problems when i read Sanctuary 2 ,But I have not read this manga Ghost Neo-Tokyo “Date Night” and I’m sure many members of this website didn’t read it to,so i hope you put this manga here to some day.Anyway I can hardly wait for the next month schedule

    • Raythe June 29, 2017 at 12:24 pm #

      Date Night isn’t something you need to have to enjoy the story of Ghost Neo Tokyo so it’s always something that will be separate. At least that’s the plan!

      • Catalina1995 June 30, 2017 at 10:50 am #

        Anyway, I have a question if you do not mind. Will there ever be a story with these two?×686.jpg

        I’m thinking of something like this.

        It’s about a world where angels live but just because in that world live angels it doesn’t mean they all have wings.Only the warriors have wings the rest of the angels have different kind of powers (they all have tattoo and different powers like the power to heal or the power to control the nature……..and so on.).In that world there were two friends a girl and a boy ,the boy was a warrior and the girl was the one who had the power to control (the nature or something like that i really don’t know what power to give her).

        Anyway the girl goes to the human world and falls in love with a man, that man was the son of the chief of the tribe .His father was against the girl not having another solution he leaves ,after a year he comes back wounded with a child and begged his father to take care of him that was is last wish before he died.That boy always felt isolated from the rest of the tribe kids everyone hates him and thought he was a cursed because of the tattoos on his body .Most children did not come close to him, and those who did come they want to hurt him so he didn’t have a happy childhood ,at that time the girl’s best friend felt something was wrong with her and went to looking for her on earth.

        But when he got to earth he immediately knew the girl had died but despite the fact she was sad the boy (warrior) he still felt a part of her remaining on earth so she didn’t lose hope and star to look for her again..

        As the boy grows all around him started to die, they start to have less water and food .When it was 20 years old, all of the tribe were already desperate they had very little food and water ,and then decided to sacrifice the boy for earth to thrive because they all thought he was his fault .And when he was about to be sacrificed the warrior appears and saves him

        Anyway it would be nice to be something like this.I don’t really know what powers to give them and I don’t now what name to choose for them i’m very bad at picking names,tell me what do you think??????????????

  6. ipodpixie June 29, 2017 at 9:53 am #

    When I read that you were going to be writing another vampire story I was a bit miffed, I’m kinda sick of vampire stories I think they have been done to death but I decided to give Ever Dark a chance – after all I am paying to be a member so I should take a chance on what you are writing.

    I have to say I completely love it, it is very different from general vamp tales and is indeed totally different from the other vampire stories you have written. I thought The Abyss was fantastic and was upset that I wouldn’t get anymore Abaddon goodness when it was finished.

    As you maybe know I am an elf fanatic, so I am gladdened to see an elven story but we are only a couple of chapters in so I will reserve judgement but it is a fine start.

    • Raythe June 29, 2017 at 12:29 pm #

      I remember that! You were mad. Glad you tried it and found it was far different than you anticipated.

      • Ipodpixie June 29, 2017 at 10:29 pm #

        Yes, I should always remember that your ideas for stories are completely different to the other stuff floating about in readerland. I do find myself amazed at where you get the ideas, how you keep so many stories going but most of all how you find the time to do it all!

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