Ever Dark – An M/M Vampire Romance

Read Ever Dark, an M/M vampire romance.

Two couples bound by destiny and blood…

An ancient vampire king gets awakened by a bold urban explorer out to prove that vampires exist and his skeptical best friend.  The two (former) humans are thrown into a world of vampires that exists right alongside their own – including their own developing powers.

This story is a vampire romance with two main couples, a large cast of characters, magical powers, and just… a huge world of vampire culture and mythology.

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Want to see some beautiful vampires?

We run a monthly subscription site (Ever Dark is one of the stories.)  One of the benefits of publishing stories online is that we get to commission art!  Normal book authors don’t usually get to do that.

Our house artist, Mathia Arkoniel of deviantArt fame, created some truly beautiful pieces for an Ever Dark mini-site. This is just one of the paintings.

The mini-site has character stats, portraits, couples art, and info about the vampire Bloodlines, the magical powers each vampire inherits from their Master.

Check out the mini-site and character paintings here.



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