Merman 2 is underway!

TheMerman_cover1_textThe Merman 2: Lord Aemrys Liseas is underway!  With 2 of 3 chapters out this week, the comments coming in are just awesome.  If you have Chapter 2 open, chances are you’ll have to keep refreshing the comments because there are so many.

Some juicy selections:

Oh sooooo excited to be able to read this new installment. I loved Gabe and Casillus’ story now we get Aemrys’ story..I will admit only to you guys because I know you will get it…but I had a total squee moment and this first chapter is like an extended tease..which..yes..I can admit to loving unashamedly. I can’t wait for the next chapter to post. Thanks Raythe…you are freaking AWESOME!!
– Shandara (yesterday)

I am absolutely squealing in delight! I’ve been looking forward to this sequel for so long… and that was a perfect introduction to Spencer and Aemrys’ first meeting. Can’t wait for more. Literally, I’m on the edge of my seat hoping time moves faster here.
– roseglass21 (yesterday)

I love this story soooo much already. And I am so happy that there are so many chapters this month.
Aemrys is one of my fav characters on this site and I love to see him happy <3
– GabrielHunter (today)

Huhu… it’s just the second chapter but Spencer is already stripping and going to a dark, enclosed, private place alone with Aemrys… <3

Awesome chapter!!! I love it!!
– keith (today)

As always, Raythe has been responding.  Check out the conversations for yourself on the main site here.   If you aren’t a Member yet but still want to comment, leave your thoughts in the comments section here!

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