Membership FAQ

Want to know a little more about Raythe Reign? Or have a specific question? Browse our FAQ right here!

Company & Staff

Are you a big company?

No, but we run ourselves like one — a tight ship!  We look for the best possible staff to support the many functions of the business and have regular meetings.  In addition to Raythe, we have a separate person for marketing/business, tech development, and cover art.

Our aim is to create a brand, just like Wizards of the Coast, BioWare, or any other fantasy entertainment provider.  We keep pushing for recognition outside the LGBT+ market.  Not only are the stories just plain good entertainment, but it’s important to us, our members, and our readers not to be segregated as gay entertainment.  The time for that is past, what with Mass Effect / Dragon Age and all, don’t you think?

Do you accept writing submissions?

Not at this time. We are not set up to handle submissions, but with Amazon’s KDP program, what are you waiting for? Do it yourself.

How long has Raythe Reign been around?

We’ve been running RR since 2010!  While we have expanded quite a bit in our staff and offerings, our core, the serial Membership, has remained our focus.  We’re just getting better and better with all we’ve learned over the last 4-5 years.

Who does what in Raythe Reign? Is there just one writer?

Raythe writes everything, including the manuscripts for the graphic novels / manga, and consults a creative team to refine her ideas (just like a TV studio.)

Mathia Arkoniel, our “house artist,” does all our covers in the distinctive RR style.

Jeremy provides both tech support and ongoing development for the technology associated with Raythe Reign, including websites.

Katherine handles the “business end” of Raythe Reign — we call the position “business butler,” which covers assisting the author and handling the marketing.

We also have T. Wolv, J. Mondestin, and Jorge Jacinto, artists for The Dark Earth manga series, The Artifact graphic novel, and cityscapes for many of Raythe Reign’s futuristic worlds.

Here’s our staff page.

Content Questions

What stand-alone titles are there available?

To buy as individual books, check our online shop — everything we have ever published individually is there.  Not all individually-published works are on Amazon because they prohibit certain content such as incest, bestiality, and rape.  While we don’t do “fetish stories,” all three have appeared occasionally in Raythe Reign stories and manga.

If your question is really how many completed Raythe Reign stories there are, here’s our “library” of completed Membership stories.

Events & Participation

Do you have any contests or giveaways?

Occasionally, we do, and the best way to keep on top of them is to join one of our mailing lists or buy something from our shop.  Here are some quick links:

Get The Merman, Book 1 free and its “sextra” (merman shifters)

Read an extended preview of Sanctuary (our most traditional vampires story)

Read an extended preview of The Abyss (vampires exploring space)


Are all the stories on the Membership site M/M (gay)?

Yes.  Raythe Reign’s niche is M/M paranormal, fantasy, or supernatural romance, and that is what you can expect in the regular update spots.  We have between 5 and 7 serial stories at any time, and they are all M/M.  Raythe may put out an occasional short story that does not fall under these categories, but it will not take the place of the regular Membership content.

There is only one F/M story from years ago, The Deep Within, which is in the Membership archive.  Since then, there have been no F/M stories — just M/M.

Are you turning all the serial stories into stand-alone books for individual sale?

No.  Most of them will remain as serial stories in the Membership archive only.  This is because it’s not as simple as repackaging a serial story into an ebook and just calling it a novel.  The story would have to be completely reworked.  The Merman, for example, started as a serial (The Sea) and ended up being almost completely rewritten.

The serial and the novel are completely different formats — it is like the difference between a weekly TV show and a movie.  The pace, flow, and style of the chapters are different in a serial; for example, Raythe’s serial chapters almost always end on a note of high tension or a flat-out cliffhanger.  This is great for people who are “tuning in” week after week, but not so good as a novel format.  The cliffhangers at the end of every chapter would just be exhausting!


Can I subscribe to just one story from the Membership?

No.  The membership software we use does not allow us to do that; plus, we’d feel like you were getting left out.  We’ve found that people who join us as Members first sign up for that one story that they can’t resist. But when they’ve gotten caught up, they branch out to other serials, especially from the Completed Archive.

From there, they end up liking most or all of the other serials because we’re so consistent in the kind of story we like.

It has been suggested to us to just copy and paste completed serial stories from the archive and turn them into ebooks. We have thought very seriously about this, but Raythe believes that readers would not be satisfied if we did this. The serial format is very different from the novel format, and just copying and pasting the chapters does not work in most cases.

The good news is that when you sign up as a Member, you don’t just get one of the completed stories — you get them ALL.  Several of our stories are trilogy-length, such as The Abyss, The Dark Earth, The Erl-King, and The Pact.  If we released them as stand-alone books, readers would end up paying more than 1 month’s subscription to read them.

Subscribing for a month actually saves you a lot of money because of the sheer quantity you get in the archive already.

Do you have any free content?

Yes.  Here’s our page about all the free content you can get from us.

The first 5 chapters of almost every Raythe Reign story are available to read for free. This is a substantial amount — usually around 15,000 words x 20 (or more) stories, both completed and currently running.

We also have two ways you can get a “bigger taste” of two of our most popular stories. To imitate what you’d get as a member, you can sign up for the first 33 chapters of The Abyss and/or the first 11 chapters of Sanctuary.

We email you more than our usual 5 preview chapters at the rate of 1 or 2 per day, so you can get a feel for what reading one of our serials is like.

Of course, these aren’t complete — we want you to join us as a Member, of course!


Do you need proof readers or quality checkers for serial chapters?

We used to use them, but it really held up the flow of membership content. It didn’t feel right to both Raythe and the Members to not publish chapters the second they were done. The Members voted to release immediately, errors and all.

Plus, because of our demanding update schedule, we would have to be guaranteed a quick turnaround time otherwise the entire calendar would be delayed. That’s not a chance we’re willing to take – our history of consistent, timely updates is part of the contract between us and the readers.

However, we do send stand-alone books such as the Merman Series to proof readers, chosen from our Members.

Do your serial stories ever finish?

Yes, yes, yes.

Raythe does like to tell epic-length tales, but she also delights in finishing them so she can give her attention to the next cast of characters trying to get our of her imagination and onto the page.

We realize that you may be wary of reading a work in progress because of bad experiences with abandoned fan fiction or other serial sites that went belly-up. But our record speaks for itself: Over 4 years, we have accumulated a library of over 15 completed stories ranging from novella to trilogy length.

And we’re ahead of the curve. We plan at least 6 months in advance when we sense the closing of an existing serial on the lineup.

How much do you update each month?

There are 14 full chapters per month, divided evenly among the current serial stories.  Occasionally there will also be an extra short, or if we don’t want to wait for a current story to conclude before introducing a new one, we will put out a special once-a-month slot for the new story.

We always want you to have something new to see, read, or comment on every day, so on non-chapter days we publish other stuff.  Usually this is a page updating one of our graphic novels or an illustration from one of our house artists.

We work every single day of the year, including holidays and family emergencies.  Everyone at RR likes to work, especially during tough times, but it’s also what you pay us for — consistent updates.  Unlike fanfiction, where the writer can just abandon ship when Real Life gets in the way, the monthly fee makes it a priority for us.  With your money, you’re reserving a piece of our lives.

How will I know if I’ll like all the stories in the serial lineup?

The best thing you can do is read the story previews.  Go to the main Membership site — almost every story has a 5-chapter preview, which is anywhere from 10,000  – 20,000 words.  With more than 20 stories both currently running and in the archives, that will give you a good idea of what we do.

Most people subscribe because they get hooked on one story they just have to have, one that really hits the spot for their entertainment craving.  But once they’re caught up, they discover the other Raythe Reign stories, especially from the completed archive, and get addicted to our other M/M action-romance stories.

We’re very consistent in what we put out.  This is because it’s what we like!  You can always count on these points for any serial on our lineup:

  • Powerful, beautiful heroes who find love and get their happy ending (in more ways than one…)
  • The bad guys get their asses handed to them
  • Supernatural, paranormal, and urban fantasy settings complete with many immortal characters
  • Explicit sex
  • Tons of cliffhangers

Occasionally, we put out Membership deals (such as your first month for just a penny.)  If you’ve bought anything from our shop or signed up for either the Abyss or Sanctuary extended chapter previews (where you can get a bigger preview of these stories delivered to your inbox), you’ll get a notice when we run one of these special deals.

Is this a porn or erotica site?

No.  While we do have some explicit scenes in our stories, this is not our focus.  We are urban fantasy / supernatural / paranormal romance.

Most of the stories have as much “adult content” as an average Harlequin novel.  The vampire / shifter stories can get a little kinkier, like the Anita Blake series.  And there is the exception, Winter Haven Country Club, which takes place in a sex club!  They’re incubi and literally need sex to live!

What do Members get other than the stories?

The core of the Membership is something new to see or read every day of the year.  We have been doing this for more than 4 years.  There are 14 chapters / month on the regular calendar (occasionally there will be extra chapters or stories.)  On the non-chapter days, we have artwork or a graphic novel page.

Members also get…

  • The entire Raythe Reign library — all the completed stories to date.
  • The art!  We tend to undersell this aspect of RR, but with the launch of Date A Vampire.Com… it’s really worth trumpeting.
  • Stand-alone books at the time of their release, such as the Merman series.
  • The ability to comment on chapters the instant they come out and discuss with fellow Members.
  • Raythe’s responses to your comments.


Why are there typos and mistakes in the serial chapters?

We used to have proofreaders, but it interrupted the serial flow to have chapters held back for proofreading.  We asked the Members what they wanted, and they voted for content released immediately after Raythe was done.  That is why there are continuity errors and typos in the text!

Why don’t you post a chapter every day?

Because the quality of the writing and storytelling would take a serious hit.  Raythe needs the space to plan ahead… and she is not only the writer, but the boss!  She uses the off-days for responding to comments, having meetings, and working on related projects such as short stories for manga volumes and any books we’re releasing as stand-alone books.

Privacy & Security

Do I have to give you my mailing address when I buy something from the shop? Why do I have to create an account?

We could allow guest checkouts, but we want you to be able to access your ebooks anytime.  If you didn’t have an account on our Raythe Reign shop, you wouldn’t be able to do this.  We know it’s a pain to create yet another account, but this is a good reason to make one.

As for the mailing address, we don’t even look at it.  It’s just the way our shopping cart is set up, and we may be able to eliminate the mailing address requirement in the future.  Don’t worry, we will never mail anything to your house unless you buy a physical product.

I don’t want anyone to find out that I subscribe to Raythe Reign

We don’t think that liking to read romantic action stories is anything to be ashamed of, but we certainly understand the need to keep your RR subscription private.  While we can’t stop anyone from looking over your shoulder at home, we can guarantee you these things:

  • Charges to your PayPal account or credit card just say Raythe Reign Publishing.  (Not Raythe Reign Hottt Mansexxxx Inc or Raythe Reign Guy Lovin’ Action.)  Only you will know what Raythe Reign is — you can just say it’s an “online urban fantasy publication…” which it is!
  • We will never disclose your personal information — not your name, email, address, or any other personal information we have.  (We don’t store your financial information anywhere.)
  • We will never mail anything to your house unless it’s a physical product that you’ve bought from us through Amazon or the shop.
I’m worried about my financial information staying safe.

We don’t store your PayPal or credit card information anywhere in our databases, so they cannot be accessed by online hackers.

Subscription Questions

Do I have to sign up for a whole year of Membership?

No!  We have 4 Membership options:

  • 1 month (Trial)
  • 3 months (Standard)
  • 6 months
  • Year

We do give you a price break when you sign up for more than one month, just like a gym membership.

See for yourself.
How much does Raythe Reign Membership cost?

Here are our plans and prices:

Monthly – $9.95 / month.
3 Month – $28.00 / quarter.
6 month – $55 / 2x per year.
1 year – $100 / 1x per year.

Payments Accepted

  • Major credit cards, except American Express
  • PayPal, but if you use an eCheck, you have to wait until it clears (usually 3-4 days.)

Like magazines or a gym membership, Raythe Reign is a recurring subscription. Your credit card or PayPal account will be billed every cycle to renew your account, depending on what plan you choose.

Sign up here.
Is Raythe Reign a “digital magazine?”

Perhaps like the publications of old, when there were continuing stories.

These days, magazines are excuses for ads.  We are the opposite of that business model. We charge money up front for our content (the stories and artwork) and that’s what you get: pure content. No placed media, no ads, no distractions, and no 3rd party data collection.  (It’s true what they say — if something is free, you become the product.)

Raythe Reign charges as much or more than Netflix, and an M/M novel only costs between $4 and $9. What makes a subscription worth it?

This is such a popular question that it now has its own page.

We do realize that a Raythe Reign subscription isn’t a casual purchase for many people.  We are always honored that Members choose to spend their hard-earned money on us over Netflix or Crunchyroll, for example.

There are many ways to compare a RR subscription with other things.  Here are some ways you might look at it:

  • The monthly cost is more than Netflix, it’s true.  But most people aren’t interested in 95% of what Netflix has to offer — they’re in it for a few shows, and that’s it.  It’s the cable TV problem — 300 channels and still nothing to watch.  With a RR subscription, you KNOW what you’re getting: sexy M/M action/adventure in urban fantasy settings.
  • Our back archive is huge.  There are 15 or more completed stories, and some of them aren’t just novel length, but trilogy length.  You’d be paying way more than a month’s subscription if they were available individually on Amazon.  A month’s membership actually saves you money for the sheer quantity you get from the completed story archive.
  • The monthly subscriptions create a contract between our Members and us.  Basically, we work for you to create the highest quality of experience we can.  This means consistent updates, but also beautiful artwork, professional tech support, and the budget for community building and Member features.  Because of the contract between us every month, our Members get to reserve a piece of our daily lives.  If this is an experience you value, then the subscription is probably worth the money.

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