Kei Wakahisa Answers Readers’ Questions!


Freyr Brand, Kei’s love interest.

Raythe says …

I cannot tell you how awesome the response was to our first “Ask A Raythe Reign Character Anything!”  You all put forth really good questions.  Kei is hugely amused and touched. He will try to answer as many of them as possible. Don’t feel bad if he doesn’t answer yours as that question MAY actually be answered in the future in the stories themselves.

RAYTHE (back in her interviewer chair, shuffling question cards): So, Kei-san, we have quite the selection of questions ranging from the hugely intimate, such as your actions towards Freyr, to the esoteric regarding Ghosts. But I did notice some themes here.

KEI (smiling softly): As did I.  The nude picture seems to have inspired some of the questions.

RAYTHE (straight-faced): Art does that.  Now!  One question that has been asked in various ways is why you encouraged Freyr to seek adventures with other men, but less than a week later appear to be staking your claim.

KEI (gaze distant, thoughtful): Freyr has had lovers in the past, but there was never a chance of them being substantial, let alone serious.  I believed that it would be good for us both if we took time to turn our relationship from parent-child to equals.

RAYTHE (disbelieving): So you both managed to do that in a week?

KEI (shrugs): How likely was it that Freyr should meet two men in a week that are actually of substance?  Yet he did, and here we are.

RAYTHE: So you basically sensed a threat to you and Freyr getting together from Jian and Longwei so you tossed your old plan out?

KEI (rueful smile): We all have to be … flexible in our ideas and plans especially when new and unexpected obstacles arise.  

RAYTHE: Fair enough. I don’t suppose you become the head of such a company as Black Ocean without being flexible!  (leans forward, becoming serious) Members have wondered if your interest in Freyr is at all influenced by his ability to control Ghosts.

KEI (shakes his head): I did not know that Freyr could do this until after my feelings developed.  Did the fact that I knew Freyr was special all along influence me?  That is impossible to say, because what makes Freyr special is intrinsic to him. You might as well ask if I would care for someone else entirely as opposed to Freyr!

RAYTHE: What is the first thing you look at when you see Freyr?  Is there something that draws you in?

KEI: His eyes and then his hands. He has such expressive hands. An artist’s hands.

RAYTHE: What’s an absentminded habit Freyr does that you find cute?

KEI (laughs): He always manages to get paint on his nose. It never fails.

RAYTHE (laughs): I can totally see that.  Why hasn’t Freyr painted a portrait of you?

KEI (thoughtful): He asked once, but I asked him to paint the samurai instead.

RAYTHE (curious): But why?  The samurai isn’t you, is it?  You can’t be that old … can you?

KEI (just smiles).

RAYTHE: What is Freyr were to choose someone other than you as a lover?  Like Jian or Longwei?  Would you accept it?

KEI (goes very still): Nothing is ever over.

RAYTHE (blinking): Meaning you wouldn’t accept it?

KEI (says nothing but looks back coolly).

RAYTHE (clears throat): Have you ever had another great love other than Freyr?

KEI: Romantic love?  No.

RAYTHE (surprised): But you were married and –

KEI: Perhaps at the time I believed what I felt for one person or another was love, but in comparison to Freyr … well, there is no comparison.

RAYTHE (going back to firmer ground): What is your favorite activity to do with Freyr?

KEI (leaning back in his chair, clearly thinking): There are so very many!  But I love to watch him paint. There is something both so calming and energizing about being around him when he is in the act of creation!

RAYTHE (shifting in her seat): Let’s change subjects.  Several Members have asked questions about Yasuo and Tristan. One of which (clears throat) is whether you have any interesting in a four-way with Yasuo, Tristan, and Freyr?

KEI (laughs): Such imaginations your Members have!  I love my son and future son-in-law deeply, but there is no romantic relationship between us.

RAYTHE: So no?

KEI (laughs again): I rule little out, but I do not think so.

RAYTHE (nods): You call Tristan your “future son-in-law.” Are we to expect a wedding?

KEI: My son would be a fool if he let Tristan get away, and my son is not a fool.

RAYTHE:  What do you think of Tristan in general?

KEI: I adore him. He is one of those few lights in the darkness of our world. He is perfect for Yasuo.  Where my son can be brooding, Tristan is bright. Where Yasuo is always serious, Tristan reminds him that life can be ridiculous and fun.

RAYTHE: Do you ever intend to introduce Freyr to your son and Tristan?

KEI: Of course!  I expect they will be fast friends.

RAYTHE: One big surprise is that you have a son at all. Based on Yasuo’s age, you were a Survivor when he was conceived and we’ve been told that Survivors cannot have children.

KEI (eyes hooded and fingers tented in front of him): My former wife was what allowed me to have Yasuo. She was special.

RAYTHE (a little nervous): There are rumors she left you because you frightened her.

KEI (eyes narrowing): I’m afraid I do not wish to discuss this further.

RAYTHE (shuffles interview questions):  Right, right.  Understood. This sounds like a touchy subject.  A few light questions here then. (hiding some of the illicit questions with innocuous ones) What color are your underwear?  What do you usually eat for breakfast?  Are you a member of the Mile High Club? Do you have a sweet tooth?  Do you even own a pair of jeans?  And would you ever cut your hair?  And finally … what’s your favorite anime?

KEI (rocking back in his chair utterly amused): I do not wear underwear.  I have eggs for breakfast with a dash of soy.  I have had intercourse in many places including on my plane during flight.  I am not so much a sweets person, but I do have a weakness for citrus KitKats. I do not alas enjoy denim.  And no, I would never cut my hair. I am not as fanatical as Sampson about it, but I think it one of my finest features.  Finally, I am very fond of Ghost Hunt.

RAYTHE (clears throat): And, ah, what is the most awkward sexual position you’ve been asked to engage in?

KEI (chuckles): These Members!  Such minds!  Well, let’s just say that it involved a cave, a lantern and some string and leave it at that.

RAYTHE (mouth open, says nothing).

KEI: Are you all right, Raythe?  

RAYTHE (blinks and finally shakes to clear head): Uhm, yeah, well … writers have wild imaginations, you know.  

KEI (chuckles louder): I see! But I don’t think even you could imagine what actually happened.

RAYTHE: We’ll see about that.  Oh, here’s an interesting one! If you were stranded on a desert island and had no way to escape what five things would you bring with you?

KEI: Assuming things like potable water and food were already there as well as the ability to create a shelter and I could not have Freyr there, I would want all the writings of Miyazawa Kenji, especially the poem ame ni mo makezu, or “Be Not Defeated by the Rain,” my katana, something to record my thoughts, one of Freyr’s paintings and, of course, a picture of him.

RAYTHE: We know that Sorcerers and Ghosts exist, what other supernatural creatures are out there.  And have you faced any of them?

KEI (smiles slowly): Vampires. Dragons.  The world is a very interesting place.

RAYTHE (awed): Can you tell us more about that?

KEI: Another time.

RAYTHE: Members have wondered why you’re so driven?  We learned something about your early life with your uncle … uhm, trying to drown you. That sounds rather …awful, but formative.

KEI (very still): My early life is … very difficult to speak of.  I will just say that my mother was a wonderful influence.

RAYTHE: What is your biggest regret?

KEI (sad smile): I try never to regret. To not attempt to do what one wants is to regret, but that has never been my failing.  Some would say I should not attempt all that I have.

rr_ghkt_char_keiRAYTHE: Some questions about Rin now!

KEI (grins): I always enjoy speaking of her.

(Sudden tapping of claws and Rin, herself, appears!  She immediately goes to Kei’s chair and pushes her head up against his hand for petting. He scratches her behind the ears.)

RIN (out of the translator around her neck): Pet!  Pet!  PET!

RAYTHE: She loves to be petted!

KEI (affectionately): She is a very sociable creature.

(Rin lies down beside Kei, her tail swishing against the floor)

RAYTHE (mesmerized by the tail, but then snaps out of it and asks):  What’s it like generally to live with a leopard?  Does she have a favorite scratching spot?  Does she sleep with you?  Why did you name her Rin? What’s her favorite game and do you play with her often?

KEI (gazing down with love at the leopard that looks up at him with same): To live with her is a pleasure.  She reminds me of nature wild in tooth and claw, but also full of beauty and tenderness.  She does sleep with me upon occasion, but we must keep the bedroom very cool when she does as she is so warm.  Her favorite scratching spot is a post that we installed just for her at Black Ocean’s Neo-Tokyo headquarters.  As to her name, Rin means dignified and she is certainly that.

RAYTHE: She sure is!

(Rin’s tail whaps against the ground)

KEI: She loves to play chase and we do that often. There is nothing quite so invigorating as a full grown leopard chasing you in the morning.

RAYTHE (stares at Rin suspiciously, Rin yawns showing large sharp teeth): I bet. (turning back to Kei) Some very astute and serious questions have been asked about Ghosts, Black Ocean and Survivors in general, but you requested that we don’t get into that.

KEI: That is correct. More will be revealed in time, but it is a subject that is best left unexplored at this time.

RAYTHE: For our last few questions, Members are most interested in your advice.  First, they wonder what five rules that you live by in the work you do and in your personal life.

KEI (taps chin): I do not have five. If I were to sum up view is that to not dream little dreams. Dreams are meant to be big.  Do not limit yourself.

RAYTHE: Finally, last but not least, do you intend to get Freyr a Christmas present?

KEI (eyes hood and a slow sensual smile crosses his lips): Oh, yes, but what it is will be determined by how successful I am in other arenas.

RAYTHE: Sounds interesting!

KEI: We will see.

RAYTHE (stands up and bows to Kei): Thank you so much for answering all these questions.  You’ve agreed to stay around and respond to comments so Members if you want to ask Kei a little more about the above he may very well respond to you!


17 Responses to Kei Wakahisa Answers Readers’ Questions!

  1. nekko December 8, 2015 at 8:42 pm #

    Do you have any other powers that we do not know about yet. Not asking for the power to be named just that there might be others?

    and if you plan to make Freyr yours where is your first time together romantically to be. I. E. where would you like to be alone with Freyr.

  2. admin December 8, 2015 at 9:01 pm #

    Kei says: The limits of any Survivors’ gifts are unknown at this time. Further study is needed. Including on my own. If we were not limited by prejudice I would take Freyr to the Louvre to walk amongst the great masters. But since we cannot go to Paris I would take him to a lovely garden sanctuary I have discovered in Hong Kong

    • Keith December 8, 2015 at 10:36 pm #

      Aww what can’t you come to Paris? It’s just a few hours away from Hong-Kong by plane, please come! You can crash at my place! … though I imagine you have enough money to just buy a luxurious hotel…
      Is it because Survivors are not welcome in most places, including Paris? I was under the impression that no one would ever dare to arrest YOU…

      But seriously, come at my place, I’ll prepare a comfortable bed for Freyr and you <3
      *put cameras everywhere in the room* :3

      Anyway, thanks for answering all those questions!!!!

      • Raythe December 9, 2015 at 12:58 am #

        Kei says: Unfortunately, the same fate would await Freyr in France as it would in America. He would be imprisoned at best. If anyone discovered his true power … he might be killed. But thank you for the offer of a place to stay

  3. ariunusai December 8, 2015 at 10:13 pm #

    What emotions ran through you when you first discovered you had a son? And how do you feel when Freyr walks ito a room?

    • Raythe December 9, 2015 at 1:00 am #

      Kei says: When I first found out I had a son I could not move for a whole hour. I don’t think I blinked! So much shock. But then I couldn’t stop moving. I had to get to him. Nothing was going to stop me from getting to him.

      As to Freyr … sometimes it feels I cannot breathe when I see him yet I do not want for air.

  4. Zakiya December 9, 2015 at 12:24 am #

    Sweet~ the first few questions about Freyr were mine. yesss (pumps fist in the air) Well you pretty much answered all my other questions minus a black ocean/survivor question but I’ll be patient for that so thank you Kei. Citrus KitKats hmm? I see. Also you just haven’t found the right pair of jeans yet, no matter how old you are /squints at you/ you should wear a pair to surprise Freyr. Even if it’s just for a day he’d get a kick out of that I’m sure.Or maybe when you let him paint an actual portrait… Oh another question that just came to mind, now that Yasuo is in your life do you two train together?

    • admin December 9, 2015 at 1:03 am #

      Kei says: Yasuo and I DO train together. Often! He keeps me on his toes and I am able to show him a few things.

  5. Methusleah1 December 9, 2015 at 1:06 am #

    If you could pick one thing from old Japan that you would like to see in Neo-Tokyo and one thing from old Japan that you hope will never be present again in Neo-Tokyo, what would they be?

    Is Black Ocean making any efforts to fight for the rights of Survivors in countries where they are shunned? Do you have any plans to improve the lives of survivors who are less fortunate than Tristan and Freyr?

    • admin December 9, 2015 at 1:35 am #

      Kei says: One thing I would like to return is all the history. There is nothing ancient but the rock upon which Neo-Tokyo stands. What I do not want to return is the myopic vision of life my people had before the disaster.

      • Methusleah1 December 9, 2015 at 8:59 am #

        Thank you so much for answering my question. I very much hope that one day Neo-Tokyo will be a place with a beautiful history with a rich culture, and that Survivors gain true freedom and acceptance. My other questions were due to the good work you have already done and your unique position in the creation of ghosts and Survivors. I think you are just in the best place to help them, but it was not my intention to hound or offend you.

  6. Vidya December 9, 2015 at 2:14 am #

    Kei! First I want to say you’re one of my favorite characters – er, people. Anyway… Obviously you care very deeply for Freyr, but if he were to demand (as a condition of being with you) that you change your plans for Black Ocean or even go in a different direction entirely, would you do so? Would you even share your long term plans with him in the first place, or would you prefer that he not be very involved with any of that, even after he grows up a bit?

    • admin December 9, 2015 at 2:47 am #

      Kei says: I would do whatever I could please Freyr, but I must also do what is RIGHT for him to keep him safe. He may not like it, but it must be done. I will share with him as much as I can.

      • Vidya December 9, 2015 at 3:07 am #

        I see. Thank you for answering my question! I’ve thought of another one, if you don’t mind: What do you enjoy doing when you have a quiet night to yourself? Do you find peace in alone/relaxation time, or would you rather be working or doing things with other people (like training with your son).

        • admin December 9, 2015 at 3:42 am #

          Kei says: I like to sit in my bedroom with all the lights off and look out at the city at night. I will have music playing. Traditional Japanese songs sometimes, more modern world music other times. I just let my mind empty and be in the moment. You can do anything in such a state.

  7. Lynnity December 9, 2015 at 5:13 am #

    Loved this so much!! Thanks!

    I was so sad about Kei suggesting Freyr needed to explore with others first. Even sadder when Freyr went along with it, even if it makes some sense… This interview has made me more hopeful that things are changing more quickly. But it sounds like things have changed for Kei in one week but I’m not sure about Freyr… I think the only way for their father/son dynamic to shift into lovers will be for Freyr to openly pursue Kei without his fatherly permission but I don’t see that beginning to happen yet… Ugh… This is torture for me. Almost everyone else going from strangers to lovers within 24 hours has spoiled me!!

    • admin December 10, 2015 at 4:33 pm #

      You all teased me about that endlessly. Lol! Be careful what you wish for …

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