Interested in ARC Copies?

Because we’re publishing more books on Amazon, such as the Merman and Cursed series, we’re starting an official in-house ARC program.  ARC = Advance Review Copy, meaning you get the book free in exchange for posting your honest reaction on Amazon or Goodreads.

ARCs are available for Members, ex-Members, and readers alike.  We always encourage reviews and comments – whether it’s on our blog, our serial chapters, or our books.  This is because we always crave the feedback, but also because reviews serve the reader community!

Your review helps readers with the same general tastes know if a book’s worth investing time, money, and (most importantly) emotions in.

To be an ARC reader, all you need to do is email Kat, the Raythe Reign assistant, at  She will contact you about upcoming or current ARC opportunities.


If you’re new to Raythe Reign…

Please make sure you like what we publish, in general.

We put out escapist, romantic M/M shifter, fantasy, scifi, adventure, and urban fantasy stories.  Obviously if you don’t like M/M, or you only want to read contemporary, you won’t like any of our books!

What to expect:

  • magic, ghosts, rich cultured vampires, tough-but-tender heroes, dragon shifters, and monstrous villains…
  • immortal characters with kick-ass powers
  • strong relationships without that much inter-relationship angst (the heroes’ love makes them stronger, not weaker)
  • explicit sex

We wear our escapist badge with pride.  Our goal is to wield beloved tropes in a fresh way so people can experience them all over again inside our stories.

If this sounds like your kind of thing, then email for the latest ARC info!


Do I have to give the book a guaranteed good review?

No!  We aren’t buying your good opinion in exchange for a book.  We are giving you the book in exchange for your time investment and want your true reaction.

What should I write in the review?

We’re not going to tell you that!  But if you’re looking for general advice, I’d say write about a thing or two that stood out about the book.  These specifics are often the most helpful to other readers.

If I’m a Member, can I still get an ARC copy to review?

Yes!  If you’re a Member already, just email with the book(s) you would like.  We would love for you to participate.  As a Member, you know us already and have had a chance to read the original serial stories, so your opinions are taken very seriously by the Raythe Reign Team!

Do I have to say that I got an ARC copy?

If we give you an ARC copy, then yes, you should say something like, “I received an ARC copy in exchange for my honest review.”

If I don’t like the book, do I still have to review it?

No, of course not!  Reviews are the most helpful for people who have the same taste as you.  Who read the same genres and like the same character types, tropes, and storylines.

For example, if you hate shifters and you attempt to read a shifter book from us — complete with all those shifter tropes you probably can’t stand — your review probably won’t be that helpful to other readers.  But if you LOVE shifter books and were disappointed with aspects of our shifter stories, then this would be a helpful critical review, and you should post it.

How long do I have to leave my review?

Within 2 weeks of receiving the book is best.

Where should I leave my review?

In order of preference:

  1. Amazon US (if you’re not in the US, then whichever Amazon you have)
  2. Blog
  3. Goodreads
  4. Other sites like B&N, Ibooks, Kobo, etc.

I want to review your book on my blog.  Can I get a cover or more art?

Absolutely – email Kat ( with what you need.

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