Help Me Make Some Dragon Shifters!

Raythe says …

For those of you reading the gay dragon-shifter romance, Dragon’s Reign, there are nine dragon shifters in the world, but I’ve only introduced you to five of them (which are listed below) but that leaves FOUR that are completely unknown. I stated in the comments that I wanted to hear what YOU guys would think these dragons are like and this is your chance.


Dragon King Valerius

  • Color: Black Dragon
  • Size: Titanic
  • Breath: Fire
  • Powers: Earthquake, Mountain Rise, Volcano
  • Territory: United States and Canada


Caden Bryce

  • Color: White Dragon
  • Size: Small
  • Breath: Ice
  • Powers: ?
  • Territory: None


Dragon Queen Mei

  • Color: Red Dragon
  • Size: Medium
  • Breath: Light
  • Powers: Tsunami
  • Territory: China, Japan, South and North Korea


Dragon Queen Esme

  • Color: Blue Dragon
  • Size: Large
  • Breath: Water
  • Powers:  Storm
  • Territory: British Isles, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland


Dragon King Illarion

  • Color: Green Dragon
  • Size: Titanic
  • Breath: Poison
  • Powers: Darkness
  • Territory: Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia

Now I want to hear what YOU want for the four other Dragon Shifters.  So in the comments put down the following (but feel free to add anything else you want in to tell me about the dragon shifter that is important to you):

  1. NAME

I will be reading every comment carefully and I may take one of your suggestions wholesale or combine it with others or use it as a jumping off point for the Dragon Shifters in the serial.  I really can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


64 Responses to Help Me Make Some Dragon Shifters!

  1. Nellie June 10, 2018 at 7:10 pm #

    1) Gesthimani – I’m biased that’s my name. It’s read as written –
    2) Gold
    3) Small or Medium
    4) Female
    5) I would propose a seemingly very thin and weak body with chocolate brown or gold hair… I believe she would seem weak but very cunning and foxy – That’s how she kept her territory
    6) Air
    7) Air Control, as in absorbing the oxygen from closed spaces. And possibly talking to animals?
    8) The Mediterranean (Greece, Italy, Spain, etc?)

    • Luna June 11, 2018 at 4:12 am #

      NAME: EBELE (e-belle: meaning mercy and kindness) (Family likes to call her Belle)

      PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF DRAGON: Sandstone color scales long serpent body with medium wings, she has powerful font and hind legs with razor sharp claws, because she is more of a serpent and tunnels underground to quickly move or hide. she can fly but she is not the fastest unless she catches a jet stream.



      PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF HUMAN FORM: Deep rich African skin, thick white long curly hair, and forest green eyes, a little over 6 feet with a muscular althltic build and long limbs, about a D cup chest (all the more to feed her brood). Even with an athletic build she has wide child bearing hips. She keeps up with the latest fashion in public but In her throne room and with her continuous family(she loves adopting and having children with multiple consorts aka reverse harem) she likes to wear a white gauze dress (one pice of fabric that has half of it cut in half so that when folded over the wearer the it draped open in the front and needs to be closed) with a loose cord gold belt on her hips and nothing else. She has a soft, deep, yet authoritative voice.

      DRAGON BREATH TYPE: Earth/Sand (think dust storms/sand storms)

      SPECIAL POWER THE DRAGON FORM HAS: Protection’ (able to manipulate the elements air, dirt, ozone, lava etc.. around her to form a protective barrier) ‘harden’, it allows her to harden her exoskeleton (skin?) to that of the strongest metal and escape through the bottom if need be, or cause the protective shell to explode, through air pressure, and cause carnage within the blast radius. and ‘Calm’ (able to telepathically emit vibes of calm and warmth to her enemies or her people to calm an explosive) this can also distract her enemies so she can get away or attack.

      TERRITORY: Egypt some of the Middle East and all of Africa

      • Luna June 11, 2018 at 4:22 am #

        She’s also a seer, and saw, when she was a young child, that she would become a dragon shifter. She does not like her powers as they have become amplified since the transformation. She can not call on the power of sight herself per say, but her spirit can, and will if she asks and he’s not being an ass hole.
        She loves having a big family since she wasn’t close to hers before the transformation, hence why she has so many children and consorts around her, she will every once in a while give a child of her own to a family that is trying to conceive but can not. That child and the adopting family comes under the protection and privilege of being in the ‘Dragon Quees’s Brood’

        *i really need to sign in >_<

      • Keil June 11, 2018 at 5:33 pm #

        Love the idea of this strong, mothering woman. Like would she want to mother Caden or add him to her harem? xD

  2. Tantalos June 10, 2018 at 7:18 pm #

    I have several submissions prepared. These are rough but I leave much for development. First, my idea of someone who might give Valerius a true run for his money with regards to Caden’s affections:

    NAME: Thesiren the Coral King

    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF DRAGON: Abelone armored plates, sleek, aquatic adaptations, big feet with webbed toes.



    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF HUMAN FORM: Vain, dashing, playful, brilliant smile, roguish, charming, pirate scoundrel, fun-loving, sly devil, lusty and confident

    DRAGON BREATH TYPE: Sonic screams of all varieties: infrasonic, ultrasonic, white noise.

    SPECIAL POWER THE DRAGON FORM HAS: Sonar, perfect pitch, hear any sound within a line of sight, water breathing, aquatic animal communication.

    TERRITORY: Bermuda, Caribbean, Iceland, Greenland, all Atlantic islands.

    Notes: Thesiren makes a killing charging a toll for crossing the Atlantic. My idea is that his throne is Monaco or Bermuda. He is fun, playful, witty, and as devious as Han Solo and yes, Han Solo was my inspiration for the personality. The look I’m thinking Stephen Amell.

    • Ananas June 10, 2018 at 8:22 pm #

      Oh yiss sign me UP

    • camcc0501 June 11, 2018 at 4:27 am #

      I second that vote. I love a good Pirate.

    • smint45 June 11, 2018 at 2:43 pm #

      I really like this one

    • Keil June 11, 2018 at 5:36 pm #

      I did a pirate too! Gotta love them roguish, swashbuckling badasses! lol. I like the title you gave him, the coral king, as I’m sure his territory includes many coral reefs. And it fits with his very water-like dragon. 🙂

    • Drizat Fan June 13, 2018 at 6:21 pm #

      If we can vote i vote for this guy.

    • Jesenia June 13, 2018 at 7:41 pm #

      This one as well

  3. Tantalos June 10, 2018 at 7:38 pm #

    NAME: Palemourne the Haterender
    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF DRAGON: Yellowish ivory, old bone, exoskeletal, huge external fangs, enormous, vicious claws, serrated tail, long and snakelike, sinuous, viper fangs
    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF HUMAN FORM: Bald, dark, tall and gaunt, boney fingers, sunken eyes, dead black gaze. Old, walks with a staff, regal bearing, lots of gold jewelry and tribal tattoos. Speaks with rich
    SPECIAL POWER THE DRAGON FORM HAS: Aura that leeches strength and vitality.
    TERRITORY: Africa

    Where Illarion is a beast, Palemourne is aloof and pragmatic. Despite his powers over disease and pestilence, his reverence for life is surprising. He is all about the Circle of Life, the strongest, healthiest survive and prosper. His ire is terrifying to behold and even for a smaller dragon, Valerius and Illarion know better than to underestimate him. Rafiki on crack. Robert Gulliome model.

    • Keil June 11, 2018 at 5:18 pm #

      Rafiki on crack!!! Love it! I’d love to see some ‘sompta-sma squach banana!’ lol. Great concept!

      • Jesenia June 13, 2018 at 7:39 pm #

        I like this idea I vote this one

  4. Keith June 10, 2018 at 7:41 pm #

    I’ll give it a try~ 

    1. Dragon Monarch Yanrin (means « sand » in yoruba)
    2. Bronze
    3. Small
    4. Genderfluid
    5. Human appearance: Their appearance can change a lot from day to day, looking sometimes feminine and sometimes masculine — but they always wear rich, colorful clothes on their pitch black skin. They have a rather exuberant personality, but will become serious when the situation requires it
    6. Breathes corrosive gas
    7. Sandstorm
    8. Africa

    • Tantalos June 11, 2018 at 7:13 am #

      We both went for exotic Africans. I like that yours is gender fluid, it lends a lot to the imagination, good concept!

  5. Tami June 10, 2018 at 7:42 pm #

    Name: Dragon King Mercurius
    Color: Silver
    Size: Large
    Powers: Smoke/ Illusion
    Territory: most of Europe

    Name:Dragon King Aeolus
    Color: Ice Blue
    Breathe: Frigid wind
    Powers:Hail/ Ice
    Territory: Antarctica

  6. Tantalos June 10, 2018 at 7:46 pm #

    Crap, I got an inspiration after the fact that Thesiren’s model could be inspired by John Barrowman. How could Caden NOT find such a man tempting? Update my submission to list that in the place of Stephen Amell, please? There is no editing feature for comments that I can find. Thank you!

  7. Xandulia June 10, 2018 at 7:50 pm #

    So I’m not creative enough to invent one that would fit all the categories but it would be cool if a purple dragon was titanic but in human form was a small woman who was quite young looking but massively respected for her strength of will and fairness who considers all angles before making decisions – maybe this could relate to her powers like foresight or something. She doesnt need to be loud or shout to command attention. Ok brain splurge over

  8. Illyrea June 10, 2018 at 8:15 pm #

    Ok, this will be fun! Since I’m European, I would love to create one for the European Union.

    NAME: Lusheeta “Sheeta” (Studio Ghibli tribute xD)

    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF DRAGON: either a Light Blue with an Electric Violet iridescent shine when hit by light, or Light Brown with a White Golden shine that makes it become a Platinum gold when hit by light (this is my favourite eyeshadow colour)

    SIZE OF DRAGON: medium-small

    MALE OR FEMALE: in “Laputa”, Lusheeta is Female, but it would be fun if it was male, so it can be either

    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF HUMAN FORM: Midnight Blue Hair with Ice Blue eyes.
    Wear Victorian clothes if female, Barocco style Clothes if male



    TERRITORY: European Union

    • Illyrea June 10, 2018 at 8:49 pm #

      I should’ve also added how the character is:

      Naive at times, is really resolute, once it has an objective, it will go straigh for it, avoiding hurting others if possible, but not totally if the situation requires it.
      It can be tricked easily on some things (romance, expecially), and is fiercely protective of his/her own ideas.

      In general as a person, he/she is pretty easygoing and not very talkative. Prefers to act than to talk. Gives more importance to what a person does, than to what a person says.

      I think this is all, also I apologize to any mistakes that may be present, english is not my first language

  9. TALENTLYCHALLENGED June 10, 2018 at 8:21 pm #

    1. Volker or Klaus
    2. Scales are a deep grey color. However, when light is shown on them the scales reflect it, giving off a silver hue and the appearence of heated metal.
    3. Large to Titanic
    4. Male
    5. Human appearence looks to be in those late twenties it early thirties. Has the same color of hair (including metal hue when shown on by either sun or fire light). Average build and height, however his muscles are muscles earned from hard work and not from the gym. He has striking blue eyes.
    6. Smog and/mist
    7. If the mist/smog is inhaled he can “command” you to do something simple. (Ex: Sprays enemy dragon with breath, commands it to fall asleep, enemy dragon falls asleep mid-flight. Enemy dragon plummets to death.)
    8. Germania states : Austria, Hungary, Modern Germany, Prussia (before it’s disillusion), ect.

  10. Ipodpixie June 10, 2018 at 8:34 pm #

    Dragon name Eldoron – think Eldorado.
    Seat of power Mexico City.
    Colour Iridescent gold, with some silver scales across the belly and tail.
    Titanic male dragon.
    Breathes mercury vapour or molten mercury.
    Has the power over metals and magnetic forces.
    Long snout with high crests over the eyes, taught powerful body and shorter tail that ends with long, razor sharp spines. The thick tail is used for clubbing and crushing. Scales are infused with the metals of the earth.

    In human for I picture him as being like an Aztec king similar to Montezuma. Sun darkened skin, gleaming shoulder length raven black hair and golden brown eyes that are alight with intelligence, shrewdness and humour. A tall powerful man with broad shoulders, strong back and legs. In the time before the spirits chose him he was a miner who saved his fellow miners during a cave in. The spirits rewarded him for his time underground with the very metals he used to hew from the earth. He is quick to laugh but is nobody’s fool and will not be taken advantage of. He can either be a close friend and ally or a bitter and vengeful enemy.

    • Ipodpixie June 10, 2018 at 8:36 pm #

      Should have said his region is Latin America and Caribbean.

    • Tantalos June 11, 2018 at 6:15 pm #

      I really, really like your concept. You wove the look with the region and culture beautifully. Good job!

    • Jesenia June 13, 2018 at 7:44 pm #

      Oh I like this one

  11. Keith June 10, 2018 at 8:52 pm #

    I had another idea:

    1. Name: Dragon Queen Iriena (or whatever name you like, I’m no good at choosing names)
    2. Color: Brown Dragon
    3. Size: Titanic
    4. Gender: Female
    5. Human appearance: stern woman with dark hair kept in a bun, wears practical but elegant clothes.
    6. Breathes: Hallucinogen gas (and sheer spite lol)
    7. Powers: Ghosts/Spirits, Hallucinations/Illusions
    8. Territory: South America
    Note: she’s very resentful and jealous towards Valerius, as she was hoping to get the US and Canada in her territory. She’s pretty mean to everyone, and is always looking for a way to get more power and more territory.

    • Keith June 10, 2018 at 9:18 pm #

      PS: she’s a good ruler though! She’s harsh, but never unfair to her people. Her people may not love her very much but they do respect her.

  12. smint45 June 10, 2018 at 9:16 pm #

    So I have two ideas:
    the first:

    1. Raj (means earl)
    2. grey stone like scales , looks kind of like a gargoly that sits on an church roof
    3. large
    4. male
    5. Huge man looks kind of like a fighter monk, think a bit like assasins creed, bald, eyes a cold grey the color of stone, very muscular
    6. Ashes/dust
    7. can form things from ashes/dust, can compress tem to wappons/shieldes
    8. Himalaya, Nepal, Tibet, India

    From the personality he is very calm and collected, but if you piss him of he loses all reason

    the second:

    1. Nahele (means forest)
    2. scales like polished dark walnut wood, wings light green looking like new leaves
    3. titanic
    4. male
    5. beautiful native American man, with waist length strait hair the color of his scales, eyes light green the color of his wings, lightly tanned golden complexion, big but lean swimmer type
    6. Hot mist like geyser
    7. Can control all plants
    8. South America

    from the personality he is very cunning and insidious, a very dangerous enemy

    I hope you like my ideas^^ Can’t wait to see what you pick. I liked the other ideas a lot too especially the coral king from Tantalos.

  13. Kitty pride June 10, 2018 at 9:39 pm #

    1. NAME Dragon Queen Zhangsun
    2. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF DRAGON – gold & blue scales snake like dragon that seems to float/fly
    4. FEMALE (very old dragon)
    5. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF HUMAN FORM – beautiful young Asian woman
    6. DRAGON BREATH TYPE – noxious green poisonous gas
    7. SPECIAL POWER THE DRAGON FORM HAS – power of illusion
    8. TERRITORY – Asia

  14. Kitty pride June 10, 2018 at 9:44 pm #

    Dragon Queen Zhangsun has a very warped personality. She is ruthless and calculating. Her appearance in most things is very deceiving.

  15. Ipodpixie June 10, 2018 at 9:55 pm #

    Hi I have another one!

    Dragon Queen Yindi (the sun)
    Colour bright orange
    Breathes blistering hot acid
    Power over the desert sands
    Territory is the Antipodean region and the South Pacific Islands.
    Large female dragon with stout body and long tail.

    In human form she is average height with a soft voluptuous fuller figure. Long orangey copper hair that curls when left free but is usual worn in a long braid. Clear dove grey eyes and peaches and cream complexion. Beloved by her people she is benevolent and wise but her wrath is mighty! Beneath her calm serene exterior beats a warriors heart. Punishment is swift and sure – it’s better to be her friend than her enemy.

  16. Rewy June 10, 2018 at 10:05 pm #

    Any titles you wish to add are all fine, I usually keep the names as simple as I can to give more free-reign. I have a few more (…seven I think) but I’ll leave these here and write more a little later.

    NAME: Kielo (Lily of the Valley in Finnish, national flower)
    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF DRAGON: pearl and light green scales, ridges are darker turqoise, wings mainly white but almost see-through, in colder climates is more pearl and in the warmer areas the scales reflect back the landscape hues – think sort of like a chameleon but not at will or such, the darker the surface the less there is to hide- she thrives over the land of thousand lakes
    SIZE OF DRAGON: small
    MALE OR FEMALE: female
    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF HUMAN FORM: tawny complexion clearly weather-beaten in places, tomboy-ishly kept dark short hair, left-handed and light-built, prefers to avoid direct contact or physical labor other than exercise
    SPECIAL POWER THE DRAGON FORM HAS: air pressure in a large area to create twisters and trombs
    TERRITORY: Finland

    – Personality: A little schadenfreude. Loves mischief and to keep anyone looking to be close to her on their toes at times. Proud to the point she can be very hard to get to talking terms within short time spans. Much more of a listener than the one to share.

    NAME: Nilam
    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF DRAGON: Dark blue scales dappled with lighter blue hues, golden ridges over eyes and spikes, seaweed like mane at the back reaching all the way to the end of the tail
    MALE OR FEMALE: male
    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF HUMAN FORM: pale man with dark brown hair reaching past his shoulders, rarely seen in his human form out of water so details are ambiguous
    DRAGON BREATH TYPE: Hail and water
    SPECIAL POWER THE DRAGON FORM HAS: underwater breath (I guess it could be special, I’ve only read up to chapter 3 ;__; )
    TERRITORY: Baltic Sea

    – Callous, lonely man. Seems always to busy himself with keeping his area clean and quick to judge anyone who goes against what he thinks.

    NAME: Ante
    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF DRAGON: A hulking wyvern with bone spikes covering his body and wings, has large horns on his head.
    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF HUMAN FORM: wide shoulders, constant frown and military buzz-cut, brown small eyes, surprisingly fast under the muscles,
    DRAGON BREATH TYPE: No breath – swings his body to send the spikes flying at his target
    SPECIAL POWER THE DRAGON FORM HAS: regrowth – to re-grow the bone spikes in mid-battle
    TERRITORY: ???

    – Personality: Anger issues and isn’t one to back down from a fight, but admits his defeat without too much bloodshed.

  17. Siobhan June 11, 2018 at 6:46 am #

    NAME: Iraia (the God Wrestler)
    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF DRAGON: Dark brown. Plated armor covering almost whole body which looks like the bark of trees. Has moss and leaves growing on his body. Looks like a living tree and camouflages easily into the native bush(forest).
    SIZE OF DRAGON: Medium.
    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF HUMAN FORM: Tall, muscular, Maori, with long dark hair tied back in a traditional topknot, is covered from head to foot in traditional Maori tattoo’s including full moku.
    SPECIAL POWER THE DRAGON FORM HAS: Controlling growth of plant life and mental communication with animals.
    TERRITORY: Australia, New Zealand, Polynesia, Melanesia, and Micronesia.
    BACKSTORY: Was a Maori chef back in the first years after the Maori came to New Zealand. Ruthlessly slaughtered a whole tribe after the cheifs son attacked his daughter. Became a dragon shifter when he was betrayed and stabbed in the back by his own nephew only to trun around and kill him with his bare hands before passing out from blood loss and waking up a dragon. Is a good ruler but doesn’t tolerate any form of dissobediance or rebellion.

    • Tantalos June 11, 2018 at 6:18 pm #

      I enjoy your concept but the breath weapon strikes me as inconsistent with a plant-based dragon. What if, instead of plasma the breath weapon was pure light, like lasers? Plants thrive on light and this solidifies the dragon as a giver of life to plants and the wild while being a force of destruction.

      • Siobhan June 14, 2018 at 5:13 am #

        One of the already created dragons has light breath and I was unsure if it was acceptable for two dragons to have the same powers so I just sort of threw the plasma in there as I could’nt think of anything else.

  18. susi June 11, 2018 at 7:47 am #

    Color: Black with silver lightnings/gleam when moonlight falls on him and gold lighnings/gleam when sunlight falls on him

    Size: overzised Titanic


    Breath: Water and Fire (only at day), Lighning and Thunder (only at night)

    Powers: can control the weather and balance of all nature inklusive all creatures (can let flowers, trees grow or let earth die)

    Territory: Germany / EU

    He is a very funny dragon. he humors everyone and made jokes around the clock. But when he must be serious than he is and that makes all afraid, because he will only get serious when they really are in huge trouble

    ____ His older, but little brother___

    Color: transparent – can be turn white when he wants

    size: very very small


    Breath: he hasn’t any special breath. He only is emphathic and has a very warm heart to kids. Only to his huge brother he is rebellious

    Territory: German / EU

  19. Ariana June 11, 2018 at 11:30 am #

    Name: Kenjin (wise on in Japanese)
    Has dark green scales that gradually lighten wings are a emerald green with red and white under tones
    Size small
    Breath earth
    Gender female
    Special power in dragon and human for she is a walking chameleon who blends into the background
    Territory Japan
    Human form petite older women with long silver grey hair and light brown skin. Has a grandmotherly feel about her but is mischievous to her people. Respects warriors and poets. Has no tolerance for those who abuse the weak or their authority.

  20. Keith June 11, 2018 at 4:59 pm #

    By the way I was wondering, for Esme’s territory is it really just the countries you listed, or did you mean the entire region around those countries? ‘Cause it seems a bit weird to have Switzerland, and none of its neighboring countries. It’s possible of course, it just seems geographically complicated. Unless of course in this world Switzerland conquered all of Western Europe, and France, Germany, Belgium etc. became part of Switzerland ^^

    • Ipodpixie June 11, 2018 at 5:08 pm #

      Yeh I thought that was a bit weird too!

  21. Keil June 11, 2018 at 5:11 pm #

    “All this for one little pretty?” Rowan muttered as he stared into the rolling sea beyond the plank his crew had set him on. The plank moved up and down with the gentle swaying of the ship. The sun beat down on Rowan’s head, heating the top of his black mop of hair. Amber eyes scanned his surroundings, taking in the angry pirates that stared back at him. He’d drunk and caroused with these men. Taken up swords and fought with them at his back. Their highs had been his, their lows and sadness, their laughs and tears. He’d been a member of this crew since the moment he’d stolen away as a young lad… and now his family had condemned him to death.
    Looking over the heads of his shipmates Rowan grimaced. Tim, the young man he’d been caught with, leaned against the mast where he’d been tied. His back was raw and open where the cat o-nine-tails and ripped it to shreds. His labored breaths were harsh and wet. He hadn’t much longer for this world. Rowan felt a moment of guilt, but it quickly left him. Rowan hadn’t loved him and Tim hadn’t felt more for Rowan than a physical itch. They’d both known that being caught was a possibility when they’d held each other in the night… they just hadn’t expected to be caught so soon. Or the punishment to be so severe. A shuffling at the front of the crowd brought Rowan’s eyes back to the man he had considered his father for the past several years.
    “Walk the plank, Rowan.” The craggy face of Lars was stern, his eyes haunted. He’d considered Rowan a son to him as well. Had he been the one to find Rowan this might have played out differently. But the captain hadn’t found them. Instead the vindictive first mate had… and here they were: Tim dying tied to the mast and Rowan on a plank staring down at the frothy waves beyond the swaying wood.
    “So this is to be it then? The end of us?” Rowan smirked. He understood the business of pirates and thieves. Each man for themselves.
    “It is.” Always a man of few words, Lars drew his pistol and pointed it at Rowan’s chest. “Now walk.”
    Sauntering to the end of the plank, Rowan gave a jaunty salute and jumped off the end into the deep blue water below. He grinned when he heard the boom and felt the heat at his back as he slipped beneath the waves. The fuse he’d lit when he heard the first mate just as he’d rounded the corner had finally burned its way to the caskets of oil and gun powder in the ships belly.
    Swimming deeper, Rowan avoided the burning oil at the top of the water and the bits of ship and broken crewmates that littered the water around him. Sharks would be coming soon, and he needed to put as much distance between himself and his former family as possible. Breaking the water much further away than most men would have been able to swim, Rowan grinned as he listened to the screams of the burning crew members slowly fade to silence. He’d followed Lar’s motto: Each man for themselves. Look out for numero uno first… Would he be proud of him if he’d still lived?
    Rowan turned and began cutting through the waves. His inner compass pointing him in the direction of the small island he knew to be several miles north. Next time he decided to take a pretty he’d make sure he took out all possible obstacles beforehand.
    “So cunning, so motivated… so cutthroat.” A voice hissed. Rowan paused, treading water as the waves bobbed him up and down.
    “And?” He asked. He always knew he’d grow crazy sooner or later. Hearing voices was new but then so was patricide. It was a day of firsts.
    “I’ll make it so no obstacle stands between us and our goal.” The voice coaxed.
    “Sure.” Rowan grinned, white teeth flashing against his dark skin. And then his skin was green like emeralds, his arms lengthening to strong, black clawed talons and his teeth growing and sharpening to given even a great white something to envy. Flapping his mighty wings, Rowan and his new mental companion rose above the waves and into the sky.
    “This will be fun.” Rowan hummed, feeling the strength in this new body.
    “Yes…” The being inside him nudged their head, turning them to the land beyond the frothing sea. “And it will be ours.”

    1. Name: Rowan (no last name as he was an orphan when he stowed away on Lar’s ship and the captain didn’t give him one.)
    2. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF DRAGON: Emerald scales, black claws, sleek and cat like. He has dark green, almost black hair that grows at the tip if his tail and around the edges of his head-fan/ridge and flairs up and down according to mood. The hair covers multiple razor-sharp bone spurs that can easily cut through rock and other dragon hides. (Look up frilled-neck lizard to get an idea of the fan 😊 )
    3. SIZE OF DRAGON (SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, TITANIC): Smallish-medium. Bigger than the white dragon but not by much. This dragon’s strength comes from cunning and underhanded deviancy.
    4. MALE OR FEMALE: Male.
    5. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF HUMAN FORM: Rowan is a swashbuckling pirate. He’s was tall for his time but in modern times his height is quite average. He has thick black hair, deep amber eyes, and a quick wit. Carmel skin and a fun, quick smile. He’s reckless. He throws himself at the world with child-like enthusiasm and somehow he always comes out on top… Or on the bottom if that’s what he’s in the mood for. 😉
    6. DRAGON BREATH TYPE: Lightening.
    7. SPECIAL POWER THE DRAGON FORM HAS: Wind and storms. All the good things a pirate needs to steer his ship and sails across the ocean.
    8. TERRITORY: Most of south America, including Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, and Peru.

    • Keil June 11, 2018 at 6:07 pm #

      “And we’ve made it!” Rowan landed with a gentle thump, shaking out his tail and wings before extending his right wing, making a ramp for the two small being atop his back. “Now get off.”
      “No need –”
      “To be so hasty.” Min and Jin slowly made their way down his wing. After reaching the ground both began to gently straighten the others clothes and hair. Like mirror images of the other, the twins continued to talk down to Rowan even from their much lower position.
      “Such a brutish thing-”
      “Flying. It always messes-”
      “Our hair.” Both twins turned to glare at him with their dark, slanted eyes. Their bright coral kimonos now settled, both twins turned to him and scowled.
      “So creepy.” Rowan shuttered. “So evil.” The children grinned up at Rowan, their smiles demon-like.
      “Fault.” They said.
      “It truly was an unfortunate mistake.” Rowan groaned as he transformed back to his human from. He’d only been in Queen Mei’s territory for a day. A single day! And he’d found something pretty. Two shiny carp swimming in her inner garden. Of course he’d taken them! He was a pirate dammit! And they were shiny and their scales had been the most beautiful mixture of white, black, and coral. They’d been hell to get home but so worth it when he’d installed their tank in his living area… until they’d transformed into the hellions before him. The twin Chinese children were incredibly strict and demanding. Do this, don’t do that, that’s not proper, don’t walk around naked! For 15 years he’d put up with their damned demands! It was no wonder Mei hadn’t come after them! They were more trouble than they were worth! And then she’d banned him from her territory, making it impossible for Rowan to return the brats.
      “We need-”
      “To be going now-”
      “or else-”
      “we’ll be late.” The twins looked up at him expectantly. Rowan shuttered again. Did he mention they were creepy as all get out? Finishing each others sentences, tilting their heads in the exact same way… staring at him with those soulless fish eyes?
      “You know, if you’d just comb your hair overs your eyes and meow like a cat you two would make a killing in horror movies?” Rowan threw over his shoulder as he marched past them. The two followed behind him, cackling to each other. “I’m returning you. I know that Mei is coming to this thing too and you guys can be her problem again. I’m done.”
      Rowan grinned as the children ran up on either side of him, each taking one of his hands. Slowing his stride to match their, Rowan brought his head forward and starred down the crowd that had gathered around the palaces outer wall. Maybe he’d keep the children for a bit longer. He did like his pretties after all.


      Just to prefict, Rowan is not into children. He just like pretty things. He likes to collect, take care of, and hoard them. And yes…. He will find Caden very pretty. 😊

      • Shay June 17, 2018 at 11:56 pm #

        I couldnt help it, I had to come back and read this. Cause there was so much, Rowan makes me laugh. I even snorted.

        I have a Beathan muse in my head (sounds strange, unless you have Roleplayed things like WoD, D&D or other games) telling Rowan can come horde him any time. *facepalming* its this stuff that Raythe does makes me want to RP again… I miss RP by posts.

    • elementalelf June 12, 2018 at 10:43 am #

      Okay, my vote goes for Rowan! Big hearts!

      I’d make one change, though, about why he was forced to walk the plank. Pirates… being a male tradition… didn’t have the same “burn them, evil!” mentality regarding male-male relationships… “situational homosexuality” I believe it’s called. They spent long times at sea, after all. Also, they practiced a form of civil union called matelotage, wherein two males commit to share their resources (sometimes this included intimacy, as well). Where there -might- be an issue is if they found Rowan was the passive partner in buggery… pardon my french. Not sure if their culture would make a distinction, though other cultures did weigh social roles in terms acceptance of which partner did what to whom.

      There’s also the timing–the youngest dragon is a millennium old. Homophobia and violence toward queerness was generally imported with certain religious traditions. Raythe of course has license to change her world as necessary, but here it was the 1500’s when Europeans began extending their empires in the Caribbean… and imported slavery and European religions.

      Just trying to help, not step on anyone’s story toes!

      • Keil June 12, 2018 at 6:03 pm #

        Thank you! I couldn’t remember how old the youngest was and truthfully didn’t look up when exactly pirating started in/around South America. And as far as the homosexuality on the ship I know some were more don’t ask don’t tell but you’re right about how they were better about not killing people right out of the gate. Maybe we can change it to Rowan taking a ‘pretty’ jem for himself? Pirates definitely didn’t care for taking shit from each other. Plus this would make more since with his tendency to take pretty things and how he ended up with Min and Jin. 🙂

    • Elf June 12, 2018 at 10:45 am #

      Darn, I replied to the wrong post! See below. In essence: Yay, Rowan!

  22. Tantalos June 11, 2018 at 6:30 pm #

    Something I should elaborate on concerning my submissions. Raythe said the world was divided evenly between eight dragon shifters but she did not state how this was accomplished. It occurred to me that a way the dragons might have accomplished this without fighting over choice territories was to use time zones. There are 24 time zones, divided between eight dragons means that each dragon gains a pie slice of the world equivalent to three hours. This spans from pole to pole on the globe and served as my map when I made Thesiren the Coral King. He got the pie slice that covered the bulk of the Atlantic Ocean.

  23. Keil June 12, 2018 at 4:56 am #

    Walking up to the bed with it’s sleeping figure Calder took a deep breath and sat down. Lightly touching the hand lying next to him, Calder marveled at the rich texture of scars and callous. Looking up he smiled watching as Bjorn’s pale hair moved with his sleeping breaths. Much like his namesake he slept like a bear in deep hibernation. A beautiful bear… but a bear none-the-less.
    “Bjorn.” Calder called, moving his hand up to shake his shoulder. “Bjorn!”
    “Wha- I got it! Who’s it?” Bjorn shot up in the bed, his hand automatically reaching for his sword. Calder snorted. His friend also woke like a poked bear.
    “It’s time to go.” Calder said before rising off the bed and tucking his robe around him. Bjorn glared at him through his mass of hair. His pale green eyes were slits and his strong jaw clenched.
    “Why?” Bjorn growled, surly as ever.
    “Because I have a mate to woo.” Calder remarked, picking a bit of non-existent lint of his shoulder. Bjorn’s growl turned deeper, darker, and more feral. Calder didn’t let the smile he felt tugging at his lips show.
    The day he was chosen by Asta was the greatest day of his life… it let him save the one he loved. They’d both been young, Bjorn twelve and Calder fifteen, when the soldiers had invaded their village. Their fathers and the other men had been away, fighting in some land across the mountain pass. It was a massacre. Women raped, children butchered. When the women were finally too broken to be of any use to the soldiers they’d turned their lustful eyes on the remaining children. That Calder had survived that long could only be attributed to two things, his small stature and beauty. That beauty didn’t last long as he was passed among the men, beaten and bruised. That’s when the first man had grabbed Bjorn.
    Screaming Calder had jumped on the mans back, tearing at his eyes and biting at every bit of exposed flesh he could reach with the last of his strength. Other soldiers had jumped him, pulling him from the now blind man’s back.
    “I’ll kill you all! I’ll kill you! Leave him alone!” The soldiers had laughed… but not for long. It was as if Oden had heard his war cry and answered his blood-soaked prayers. The soldiers lay in broken pieces around him when Calder came back to his senses… and Asta, his golden Valkyrie, had looked on the carnage with grim satisfaction.
    “Calder!” Calder looked up Bjorn, the past falling away into present day. “You can’t seriously want that- that child as your mate!” As soon as the words left his lips Calder knew Bjorn regretted them. Staring into the handsome face of his childhood friend, Calder felt his heart twinge. The day Asta had chose him had been the greatest day of his life… and the worst. Calder hadn’t grown or aged since the day he was chosen. He was a man forever frozen in the body of a child.
    “I’m sorry, my warrior.” Asta whispered in his head. Calder sighed and answered Asta and Bjorn at the same time.
    “What’s done is done.” Pushing a hank of his own long blond hair behind his ears, Calder turned away from Bjorn’s sputtering and walked out of the room. He hadn’t given up, he merely had a new plan. If he could get even the slightest interest from this ‘mate’ maybe it would finally drag Bjorn out of his stupidity and make him realize how much he loved Calder, despite his child-like form.
    “He will come around.” Asta assured. Her golden presence wrapping around his soul and giving him warmth.
    “He has to.” Calder whispered back as he walked to a window, starring out to the barren white wasteland of his territory. “He has to.”

    1. NAME: Calder (means harsh and cold waters) & Asta (divine beauty)
    2. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF DRAGON: Golden with a long serpentine body. Her legs are small in comparison to her body, making her very fast in the air and water. She has large fin frills on her head and a larger dorsal fin along her back. Her feet are webbed and she has small claws. Her tail has large bone spurs and thanks to her long body, Asta can use it like a club with devastating force.
    3. SIZE OF DRAGON (SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, TITANIC): Large/almost-Titanic
    4. MALE OR FEMALE: Calder is a young boy. Asta is a female dragon.
    5. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF HUMAN FORM: Calder is a young norse boy. He’s so pretty as to be almost feminine with the large pale green eyes and white-blond hair his tribe was known for. His skin is pale and unblemished, his body svelte. Although he was young when he was transformed he’s not so little as to be considered creepy when regarding his love for Bjorn… just a bit awkward.
    6. DRAGON BREATH TYPE: Life. Asta can breathe life into even the most devasting climates and conditions. Flowers, trees, etc will grow when she blows out her golden breath.
    7. SPECIAL POWER THE DRAGON FORM HAS: Extreme strength. Asta is physical power personified… but only in the protection of what she considers hers. And the only thing she really considers hers is Bjorn. Her and Calder of one mind in that regard.
    8. TERRITORY: Antarctica. As one of the most inhospitable territories many of the other dragons overlooked it as useless. With her breath of life, Asta has created a sanctuary for Calder and Bjorn to live together… away from all who might interfere with their courtship.

    9. NAME: Bjorn (means bear)
    10. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF SHIFTER: Large grizzly bear with many scars littering his hide.
    11. MALE OR FEMALE: Male
    12. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF HUMAN FORM: Bjorn has the same coloring as Calder with long white-blond hair that he puts into elaborate braids that speak to his warrior heritage. He was chosen by his shifter in his mid-twenties and so has the strong, large body of his people with rippling muscles, piercing green eyes, and strong chin. He seems to have an eternal 5’o clock shadow although it’s not very ‘shadow-like’ because his hair is so pale.
    13. PERSONALITY: Extremely loyal and bull-headed. He knows he loves his young friend and doesn’t like others to touch him but he’s sure this has to do with their mutual trauma when their village was attacked. There’s no way it could be more, right?
    14. TERRITORY: Bjorn chose to live with Calder in Antarctica when the dragons divided the world. There is no place he wouldn’t follow be smaller friend.

  24. Elf June 12, 2018 at 12:07 pm #

    There must be a rainbow in here! I’d play on Ayida-Weddo, but I prefer the pirates, above, for Caribbean territories:)

    1. Waygl [from the Rainbow Serpent of Dreamtime]

    2. Rainbow scales, of course!

    3. Large

    4. Female

    5. She is aboriginal Australian. Unlike her large dragon form, as a human she’s small but sleek. She’s of indeterminate age: depending on her mood, she may appear sweet and innocent, or motherly and kind… whatever it takes to get what she wants.

    Due to her abilities, she is incredibly manipulative. She doesn’t see “honesty” as a virtue, and she believes that everyone acts out of self-interest alone. She simply cannot believe that Caden could be anything like he seems, therefore he must be a master-manipulator, simply acting innocent. She’s quite familiar with that ruse, after all–everyone underestimates her…. except for Valerius. Because of this, she respects him somewhat, but that wouldn’t stop her from taking everything he has.

    6. Dragon Breath: Her breath is like her scales: a rainbow of color. Using the full rainbow (all seven colors) takes all her energy and she MUST hide to rest afterward or she will fall unconscious and be vulnerable to harm. It can nurture the deadest land, increase the fertility of fields and kine, and even cure disease. Her people worship her as a goddess for this ability (which she enjoys greatly!). Her territory contains swaths of lush, fertile paradise, and her people are less prone to illness than any other population.

    Her lesser breaths do not have a similar impact on the physical world, but they do not incapacitate her either. Instead, they affect the emotions of those she breathes upon. RED makes one insane with rage (Waygl has successfully used this breath on her troops to create berserkers!); ORANGE increases greed (Waygl finds greedy people the easiest to manipulate); YELLOW instills fear/terror (also good for battle!); GREEN causes happiness/joy (All celebrations begin with Waygl’s “green benediction”); BLUE instills feelings of loyalty toward Waygl (and she frequently passes over her territory to breathe blue rays over major population centers); INDIGO causes hopelessness (great against enemies); VIOLET begets lust (there’s festivals for that, too…).

    7. Waygl’s special power is related to her dragon breath abilities: She is a receiving empath but only with the emotions related to her colored dragon breaths (anger/rage, greed, fear, happiness, loyalty/trust, sadness, lust). Because of this limitation, Waygl cannot discern truth from lie in most situations; she assumes everyone is lying, all the time. She can also target individuals and tweak their emotions just by thinking of a certain color (see above). Sadly, this doesn’t work on other dragons, but humans and all other shifters are susceptible.

    8. Australia.

  25. Elysia Vorse June 12, 2018 at 5:35 pm #

    I like the idea of a small aqua scaled female dragon named Nymph with matching eyes who’s territories are lakes, rivers, small bodies of water, etc. So she can be in any of the dragon’s territories without being challenged as long as she’s near one of those water sources. (If she was challenged for being there, like by one of the more aggressive dragons, she could just dissolve into the water like nymphs do and just travel to another lake further away)

    That would also be a way she could be in Valarius’s territory before the other dragons even arrive and are invited in. So she can meet Caeden that way when he is out flying and lands near a lake of something and she can just appear there when she senses him. Since she has no specific territory to rule, she’s more friendly then the others I would imagine, and genuinely just wishes to be Caeden’s friend. 🙂

    (She could also be a potential Mate that none of them knew about as well if she was always disappearing when seen.) That would take some of the heat off Caeden, and they could be in it together. That could be another reason why she wanted to be his friend, to have someone to protect her back, and she would do the same for him.

    If she has Caeden on her side, and perhaps Valerius, she has more protection, and wouldn’t be forced into choosing a dragon she didn’t have genuine feelings for. It would also be interesting to see some of the female dragons attempting to court her. I think she would be more interested in them then the males.

  26. Fiona June 12, 2018 at 7:22 pm #

    Name: Erendral
    Dragon form colour: Purple
    Size: large
    Gender: Male
    Power: Earth quakes
    Dragon breath: Sends sound waves into the ground to cause quakes and cracks.
    Human form: Tall, tanned skin, dark brown eyes and hair. Wears bright clothes.
    Territory: Peru, and other mountain like cites and towns

  27. ArrogantFinch June 13, 2018 at 5:34 am #

    1. NAME – Ruzgar
    2. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF DRAGON – Brown Dragon. I’m more visual, so I sketched my idea:
    3. SIZE OF DRAGON – Medium
    4. MALE OR FEMALE – Male
    5. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF HUMAN FORM – Lean, light brown skin, dark haired (lots of hair… everywhere), tattooed arms.
    6. DRAGON BREATH TYPE – Nitrous Oxide
    8. TERRITORY – Turkey & Mediterranean area (such as Greece)
    9. OTHER: Lost his fourth leg to a dragon during the wars (maybe Valerius took a good chomp). I see him as cowardly and lazy, since his abilities are all about confusing the enemy. It would be awesome if he and Chionne had some sort of past, seeing as his territory is near hers. Perhaps he has a big dragon crush on her. 😛

    *Sorry, if this is a double post, but the first attempt didn’t show on my screen.

    • Shay June 14, 2018 at 1:27 am #

      Wow! You can come sketch mine lol. I cannot draw dragons to save my life.

    • Keil June 14, 2018 at 12:37 pm #

      Beautiful art!!!

    • Keith June 15, 2018 at 11:48 am #

      Wow your dragon is gorgeous! I love your description too!

  28. Gemma June 13, 2018 at 6:34 pm #

    This is quite a similar idea to one already posted, but a different take.

    Name : Alberich
    Physical description: Opalescent, scales reflect the colour of his surroundings , allowing him to blend into his surroundings
    Size: Small
    Male or female: Male
    Human description: very bookish looking, large black framed glasses (doesn’t need them), hair and clothing rumpled, but very handsome.
    Dragon breath type: Breathes a colourless, seemingly pointless gas, but has endless supply
    Dragon special power: Total mind control over all species except the current dragon rulers. The gas he breathes infects the blood and makes all species fall under his control if he wishes, the effect does not wear off, once the gas has been breathed in, the effect is instant and for life.
    Territory: ?
    Other: Due to his power he values control above all else, his looks are a false pretence, making him seem weak. His subjects are loyal because they have to be as his mind control is so absolute. Rumours run rampant about some punishments he has handed down, because he can make people do ANYTHING. Valerius knows his true self and knows that he has the ability to turn each nation on their dragon ruler, and if he ever gets bored with the status quo, he could possibly be the most dangerous outside of Valerius himself.

  29. Drizat Fan June 13, 2018 at 6:35 pm #

    Here’s an idea.

    1. Sumara (yes shes seen the movie but she liked the sound of it)
    2. Purple
    3. Large
    4. Female
    5. Wild black hair, glasses (for the look) and freckles.
    6. Fog
    7. Psionoc attack and illusion
    8. Iceland and northern europe


    1. Theo (short for something but he never says what)
    2. Green, gold and brown (camo-ish mix)
    3. Medium
    4. Male
    5. Tall elegant and elfin with golden brown hair and green eyes
    6. Sweet flowers (creates differt perfumes that have varying effects ie. Poison sleep charm etc)
    7. Plant growth
    8. South america or india (somewhere jungly)
    9. He’s a perfect blend of elegance and calm/relaxed. (Think old man in a fairy tale princes body). He’s aesexual.

  30. Remi June 13, 2018 at 8:37 pm #

    1)NAME: Dragon King Leverett
    2)DRAGON DESCRIPTION: Dark purple scales that glint blue in the light. His claws are long, narrow, and very sharp. His body is sleek, though his chest is big to allow for greater lung capacity which helps him to blow air longer and harder. It can also help him to go to higher altitudes then some others may be able. His wings are long, allowing him to glide easier. He is built more for speed than force.
    3)SIZE: medium
    5)HUMAN DESCRIPTION: He is blonde, blue eyed, tall and lanky. He has a smarmy smile that belies the calculating look in his eyes. He walks with a swagger and loves to charm men and women alike. He speaks French and lays the accent on thick especially when he is out to woo someone. He wears gaudy clothing when in public, and loves to put on a show for the masses. He excels in talking around things. He doesn’t like head on fighting, much preferring to stab someone in the back, or use some other underhanded form of assault to conquer his enemies. But he is careful to make sure that no blame falls at his feet, and he is always courteous and genial in front of people.
    6)DRAGON BREATH: a gas that affects the mind. Those who breathe it in become confused and sort of giddy. This enables him to either run away or kill them.
    7)SPECIAL POWER: He is able to manipulate people, whisper things into their ears and make them think that it is their idea. He usually does this while seducing them so that he can get close to them and no one thinks it suspicious.
    8)TERRITORY: Central Europe, though he holds his castle in France.

    He is very charming and charismatic, but behind that is a manipulative man, happy to use underhanded methods to get what he wants. Very much a not good guy, though it takes a while for people to find out, and those people are usually on his naughty list, or really close and loyal to him.

  31. Anna June 14, 2018 at 1:20 am #

    1 Eyvindur hinn Illviðri Eyjólfsson (hinn illviðri= the storm)
    2 Gray
    3 medium
    4 male
    5 handsome young man (maybe late 20’s), tall and lean with ash blonde hair, blue gray eyes. Takes really good care og his looks, maybe a little bit vain.
    6 air
    7 tornado, hurricane, wind
    8 Iceland, Greenland, faroe island (he is fighting to get more of the nordic countries and the area around)

  32. Shay June 14, 2018 at 1:23 am #

    I had to wait to get off work to do this. Which left me all day to think about this. But here it goes, here is my entry.

    NAME: Beathan (pronounced BEH Un; means child of light) also goes by Bea

    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF DRAGON: Beathan’s scales shimmer from the tip of his nose down to the black furred tail in emerald greens, various flecks of blue, turquoise and purples. The color mostly reminds one of a peacock softly blended to one single scales, and the colors vary from which direction Beathan is viewed. Bea’s eyes are bright and filled with curiosity with a pale turquoise and flecks of gold shining with interests in everything around Bea. Horns adorn Beathan’s head but like his claws they are deeper color green, even the folds of his wigs are a deep forest like color. On Bea’s tail at the end there is longer fur or hair that is soft and silky.

    SIZE OF DRAGON (SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, TITANIC): Beathan is a small dragon.

    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF HUMAN FORM: In his human form he is about 5’10” and lithe, but even so he is evenly muscled. His hair is thick rich white color and his almond shaped eyes are the same turquoise which he lines softly at the tip with black to make the colors stand out more. His small nose sands proud above full pouty lips.

    DRAGON BREATH TYPE: Electricity


    TERRITORY: Indonesia, Phillipines, Thailand, and Veitnam

    PERSONALITY: Bea seems aloof, quit and easily underestimated. This all a façade, he is always watching and observing his surroundings for protentional dangers to himself and his subjects.

    HOBBIES: He enjoys meditation, swimming, practicing marital arts, movies, books, good food and company

    • Shay June 16, 2018 at 7:05 pm #

      I knew I wasnt done lol, gave Beathen a twin.

      NAME: Ciaran (pronounced KEE ur an; means dark, Shadowy) Only allows Beathan to call him Cia. Twin Bother to Beathan

      PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF DRAGON: Ciaran’s dragon from is a dark forest green mixed with colors of the earth. Unlike his twin he is not as brilliantly colors or flashy, he considers his dragon quite dull. His head is horned and instead of a patch of fur or hair at the end of his tail he has dark emerald spikes down his spine.

      MALE OR FEMALE: Male

      PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF HUMAN FORM: In his human form he is the polar opposite of his bother. Standing about 5’10” and evenly built as his bother however, his skin is a smooth tan and his hair is black as a moonless night that flows in black rivers to his bothers own long flowing white hair. His almond shaped eyes are the same turquoise color as his bothers, however his thick dark eyelashes make them stand out. His facial features are the same with a small nose that sands proud above full pouty lips.

      SPECIAL POWER THE DRAGON FORM HAS: Nature life, growth

      TERRITORY: Indonesia, Phillipines, Thailand, and Veitnam

      PERSONALITY: Outwardly he seems hard and cold, even heartless at times. This is hardly they case, he must be to offset his bothers outwardly personality, however he is kind and very caring. A little too much sometimes. He is the yin while his bother is the yang.

      HOBBIES: He enjoys reading and the peacefulness in sitting in the garden. He loves nature, and when he can get his bother to watching his brother dance.

  33. Margaret Bruce June 14, 2018 at 8:00 am #

    Name. Coober

    Colour. Black Opel but can change to. White,Opel multi coloured flash like the Gemstone

    Male. Large

    Human form. Blonde bronzed Surf style.

    Breath. Pulse or Flash. Fire

    Territory. Australia –

    Laid back, loves surfing

  34. Whitestar89 June 15, 2018 at 6:42 am #

    Name: Ramses
    Color: brownish turquoise
    Physical description: tall with a CrossFit build, dark tan skin, hazel bedroom eyes with tousled dark brown curly hair.
    Dragon breath: A beam of pure light like a laser.
    Powers: Earth; He can harden his scales to create the ultimate shield against attack. He can also command the Desert sand to his will.
    Territory: Africa

  35. Mozirea Curry June 16, 2018 at 12:56 pm #

    Name: Anubis

    Color: cream white

    Size: large

    Physical description: dark tan skin, brownish golden eyes, swimmers build, long dark brown hair with cream highlights

    Dragon breath: resurection and death

    Powers: heat, sand and sandstorms and sunlight

    Territory: African, pakastan, and afganastan

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