Get Transformation: Book 1 of The Merman Series, Free!

The Merman is our sexy deep-sea M/M romance series. In Transformation, you’ll meet our two hot heroes: human-to-Mer Gabriel and his immortal Mer mate Casillus.

The series is completed at 5 books long, and Book 1 is free (summary below.)


Gabriel Braven is destined for a great love, but he does not believe it.

To help his grandmother, college student Gabriel Braven and his best friend Corey return to the ocean-side beach town where Gabriel’s parents drowned.

Since that day, his fear of the water has only grown, along with the sense that he is destined to be forever alone, never to find the perfect love that only appears in his dreams.

In his grandmother’s attic, Gabriel discovers family documents that contain the hidden past of the Bravens, including dangerous secrets that put his life at risk.

But the sea sends someone amazing to his aid, someone he thought only a legend. Someone with the power to transform Gabriel’s life forever.

PS – We also send you “Kidnapping Casillus!”

sea_cover_short_story_cover-350wAlong with Transformation, you also get this beautiful sextra… that is, EXTRA short story that Raythe created for Merman readers.

The start of his life in Emralis is not what Gabriel had imagined. Instead of spending most of his boundless time with Gabriel, Mer Prince Casillus has been helping to secure the safety of their people, especially involving human-Mer relations.

Though Gabriel understands the importance of the seemingly endless meetings, the strong mental and physical bond he shares with Casillus has gone unfulfilled for too long. He decides to take matters into his own hands and whisks his lover away where the Mer Council can’t find them…

Approximately 7000 words.
PDF format.

Download The Merman Book 1 free from our shop (and also Kidnapping Casillus.)

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