What to expect from a Raythe Reign Story


Everyone who is part of the Raythe Reign team is a reader, and we fully admit that we publish what we love to read — sexy, escapist M/M fiction set in imaginary worlds with magical powers.  We bring our own flights of the imagination to life for ourselves as well as our readers.

Though Raythe Reign stories explore many different paranormal, supernatural, and fantasy settings, you can always count on getting these things in a Raythe Reign serial story:

True love and happy endings for the male leads.

Real life is hard enough! We’re romantics here at Raythe Reign, and our stories always end up with the heroes together… often for eternity.

A twisting, winding good-vs-evil plot.

Some M/M stories have the heroes struggle against each other as their relationship develops.  This is not our thing.  Instead, our two leads strengthen each other and stand together against evil.  They are partners in adventure and love, and whatever happens, they never doubt each other.

Dark, disturbing parts.

Fantasy always has an element of darkness. We delve deep into our villains’ (and sometimes our heroes’) dark sides, and our evil-doers do despicable deeds.  Raythe doesn’t shy away from disturbing content, which is the true reason our stuff is not for kids.  Sometimes, it’s the stuff of nightmares (but don’t worry, our heroes always win.)

Supernatural creatures, magical powers, monsters, and paranormal abilities.

Come on, who doesn’t want to be a badass mage, vampire, crime lord, or supernatural sharp-shooter?  Not only do we get to live our fantasies of true love, but we get to step into the skin of characters who have magical, psionic, or supernatural powers.

Explicit sexual scenes.

As adults, we want to be entertained on every level, and that includes sex! We love sex, and we delight in entertaining you with our loving (and sometimes kinky / magical / shape-shiftery) sexual scenes. But we don’t include adult scenes just to “spice up” our stories — the sex comes as a natural development in the characters’ romantic relationships.

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