The Raythe Reign Team

We have a full staff that keeps Raythe Reign running. Here are the major people involved:


The business half

Raythe's assistant and business strategist Kat has a hand in almost everything business-related, including creating ads, writing blog posts, arranging con sponsorships, and strategic and creative development.


Patient solver of tech problems

Our sainted tech support and site developer! When he's not answering tech support questions, he's developing the technology for the next version of Raythe Reign and generally fixing problems before they happen.

Mathia Arkoniel

Painter of impossibly beautiful people.

Mathia Arkoniel is the Raythe Reign house artist who does all our covers, background art, and character portraits, as well as a few of our manga. As one of the core members of Raythe Reign, we consider Mathia's art to be the "face" of Raythe Reign.

    Raythe / X. Aratare

    Head writer & fearless leader

    Founder of Raythe Reign. Publishes under X. Aratare (wraith in Romanian!) for stand-alone novels. She is responsible for every twisty, turny, sexy scene in the Raythe Reign archives... and since 2010, that has been quite a lot of words!

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