The importance of our Members

We don’t pretend that money isn’t important.  We’re an entertainment company, and we need money to stay alive!

Our revenue comes directly from our book buyers and especially monthly Members.  Our Membership allows us to do so many things we would never be able to do otherwise.

Because we have revenue from subscriptions that we can count on, we can continue to put out our strongest offerings with our purest vision.

The Membership preserves “freedom of fiction.”

Amazon’s self-publishing platform seems like the free Wild West of publishing, but it’s not.  It’s really, really not.  Most readers are appalled when they discover how ebook distributors have limited their choices behind the scenes.  For example, Amazon has “adult dungeoned” many fictional works for fantasy content, hiding it from general search results.

We would never be able to release The FellValkyrie, or Winter Haven Country Club on Amazon.  These stories contain incest (father/son and brothercest) among other things!  As for a traditional publisher?  Forget it!  However, many of our readers consider The Fell to be one of the best stories we’ve ever put out — and not just because of the incest.

We are never ashamed of our imaginations.  What we publish is fantasy, it is fiction, and we trust that our adult readers can tell the difference.

A full support staff for a bigger vision.

It’s not just Raythe at Raythe Reign – there is a support staff for art, technical development and problems, and marketing / community outreach.

A strong base of subscribers means that we can not only fix problems as they arise, but develop new art pieces, member features, future material, and get involved with the yaoi, LGBT+, and fandom communities.


Several people have remarked on how we look like a big company.

We’re not — we’re a small company, but we chose to look and act like a big company because of the legitimacy that gives our maligned genre.  If you’re a reader of non-het romance, you already know how differently the stories — and readers — are viewed.

So, yes, along with freedom of imagination, legitimacy is another crusade.  We’ve chosen to go for a “big branding” approach that makes us visible to the public.  We refuse to stay in our shadowy corner of the fiction world.

Why should we?  Sure, our stories have gay relationships, but they’re entertaining across the board, not just for yaoi enthusiasts.

Each ad we run on major sites is not just an advertisement for us.  It is a billboard for M/M fiction — with everyone who sees it, we’re creating awareness that this is a legit genre, not some squirrely underground niche that only “weird people” visit.

We don’t mean to be activists, but we have to fight for legitimacy when large companies such as PayPal, Google, and Amazon try to shove us back in the box.  (We’ve faced “corporate censorship” from all 3.)

The Members are the most important part of Raythe Reign.  Without you, we couldn’t exist, not in the way we want to.

Business is always a partnership between the sellers and the buyers.  We’d be fools not to admit it!  So we are extremely grateful to our Members, who allow us to keep building the total fantasy experience that we want to create.

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