The Art of Raythe Reign: Graphic Novels, Manga, Paintings, & Covers

The art of Raythe Reign is a huge part of what we do.  From the very beginning of Raythe Reign, we have had not just serial stories, but artwork, as Membership content.

Here are some of the highlights:

Original Manga: Date A Vampire.Com

date-a-vampire-coverMathia Arkoniel was very excited to be collaborating with Raythe on this all-original manga for the Membership.

Not based on an existing story (such as The Dark Earth), Date A Vampire.Com is about a vampire who has awakened to the modern world, only to discover that in these times, people don’t fear vampires… they love them!

We started running this story in August 2015, and the response has been quite enthusiastic.  Then again, how could it not?  Mathia’s vampires are HOT!

Want to see more of Lucien, the blond on the cover?

Sign up here.



The Dark Earth Manga

de-manga-cover-onsiteT. Wolv’s beautiful, Japanese-inspired manga adaptation of our high fantasy serial story has been running since the very beginning of Raythe Reign.  The volumes are consistently receiving high reviews on Amazon for the sheer quality and technical expertise of the artist (a trained architect!)

The Dark Earth is running as Membership content, but unlike Date A Vampire.Com, stand-alone volumes are actually ahead of the Membership.

Our online shop has everything related to The Dark Earth Manga, including the “missing” Volume 6 and our “sextra,” Dream.  V6 and Dream both have explicit sex, so we cannot sell them on Amazon or most other 3rd party distributors.

Volume 1 is free from our shop!



The Hunt Manga – Complete!

hunt-manga-coverThis is Mathia Arkoniel’s visual adaptation of The Hunt.  The Hunt is the story of Jordan’s tragic past — his transformation into a werewolf and meeting with Alric Koenig.

It is mythology for The Erl-King & The Fell, two versions of our epic high fantasy serial story.

You can only get The Hunt through our Membership, as it gets graphically violent and sexual at times.

If this intrigues, you…

Join usssss!


Illustrations & Covers

We consider Mathia Arkoniel’s art to be “the face” of Raythe Reign.  In addition to our covers, Mathia does portraits of characters, in-story illustrations, and more.  Just look at the character portraits for one of our newest, darkest serials, Ghost: Hong Kong Triad:

ghk_char_freyr-3 ghk_char_longwei-2 ghk_char_jian-2


Here is an illustration from a completed dragon shifter story, Drakon:


We also get artist Jorge Jacinto to create cityscapes for us, such as this view of Neo-Tokyo from Ghost: Neo-Tokyo:


As Raythe always says, “more Members = more art!” If you want to be part of our community and get your daily fix of M/M stories and artwork, join us!

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