Free Stuff From Raythe Reign (Take us for a test drive!)

There are many ways to try us out! We realize that Raythe Reign Membership is a commitment, and we want to give you every opportunity to “try before you buy” so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Extended Previews of Select Serial Stories

We have made extended previews of our vampire stories, The Abyss and Sanctuary.  Both are complete on the site – no waiting to tear through these multi-volume epics!

Extended Preview: The Abyss


Twenty-seven year old Anarion Gray faces the opportunity of a lifetime: a chance to serve aboard The Abyss with his long-time obsession, Lord Abaddon.
Read the first 33 chapters of The Abyss!

Extended Preview: Sanctuary


To protect his remaining family, human Alex Bryant seek help from the charismatic — but fragile — leader of the underground society of vampires in his new hometown.
Read the first 11 chapters of Sanctuary!

Free 5-Chapter Previews

On our Members’ site, we have made the first 5 chapters of almost every story free. There are over 20 full-length (100,000+ word) stories, both currently running and completed.

The first 5 chapters of each story average around 15,000 words – some are longer, some shorter. So set aside some time because there are 300,000 words worth of Raythe Reign previews waiting for you to discover!

Go to the Members’ site and start reading, or…

browse popular Raythe Reign stories

Membership Sales
We often have special deals and sales – whether it’s on books, Memberships, or other things like ARC opportunities.

If you’ve signed up for any of our lists or purchased a book from us, you’re good! No need to do anything more — you’ll be the first to know when our next deal is released!  If you’re not on any of our lists, why not try an extended preview of Sanctuary?  (Vampires, sweet, sexy vampires…)

More about our Membership

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