Plot, character, story, and sex

In commercial genres, there STILL seems to be this hard dividing line between stories with sex or no sex. Fiction is either “dirty” or “clean,” especially when the romantic leads are both male.

If a story is “dirty,” it sometimes abandon things such as plot, setting, and characters to cram as much explicit sex as possible. If it’s “clean,” scenes often fade to black when the characters start to get physical.

Neither of these approaches fits our philosophy. As readers, all members of the Raythe Reign team want to be entertained on every level of imagination.  That definitely includes sex!

We don’t think that anything that happens in our own imaginations is “dirty,” however kinky it gets.  And so, we are not ashamed to include the sexual side of M/M relationships in stories.

Raythe Reign stories are not porn or erotica.

Those genres are usually meant to include as much sex as possible. We have a fairly low sex-to-story ratio.  Anyone looking to get straight to the action for “one-handed reading” may not have the patience for our 50+ chapter epics.

But when we do have sex scenes, they’re explicit, detailed, in character, and hopefully meaningful to the story. You get the same level of explicitness as erotica with our sensual scenes… just not as many of them.

Mature or adult fanfiction often gets this right. The M/M (slash) fanfiction scene is going strong for many reasons, but we think a major reason for its popularity is because writers don’t abandon everything just for the sake of sex. The best fanfiction we’ve read has a good blend of plot, character, story, and sex.

This is what we aim to do — and the reason our stories can get so long.  But from our readers’ feedback, we’re getting a lot of it right (and we just keep getting better.)

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