Is a Raythe Reign Membership worth the money even for a “power reader?”


This question is such a big one for potential Members that we gave it its own page!

We realize that for so many people, a Membership is not a casual purchase.  Many people have a hard time justifying paying around $10 per month when it’s in competition with a lot of other entertainment, such as Crunchyroll, Netflix, all the free books on Amazon, slash fanfiction, pizza, beer, drinks, etc.

The monthly cost is slightly more than Netflix, but most people aren’t interested in 95% of what Netflix has to offer. It’s the cable TV problem — 300 channels and still nothing to watch.  With a RR subscription, you KNOW what you’re getting: sexy M/M action/adventure in urban fantasy settings.

Our back archive is huge, with 14 or more completed trilogy and duology length stories.  You’d be paying way more than a month’s subscription if they were available individually on Amazon.

The monthly subscriptions create a contract between our Members and us.  Basically, we work for you to create the highest quality of experience we can. 

This means consistent updates, but also beautiful artwork, professional tech support, and the budget for community building and Member features. 

By far, the biggest concern for “power readers” is about quantity…

Raythe Reign publishes 50,000 words per month of updates.  You don’t get a full book every month, and a book costs less than Membership.

Let’s start by looking at the monthly updates.

We update at least 14 chapters per month, with an average of 3500 words per chapter.  This is around 50,000 new words of updates per month.  M/M tends to be on the expensive side because it’s specialty content, and you see many authors charging $5 – $8 for works around that length.

But the updates are only the tip of the iceberg.

The updates come on top of the existing stories.

A story that’s currently updating may have 20 or more chapters from the beginning — such as The Fell, which is already on chapter 65 with no end in sight.

 And then there’s our completed archive.  Scan down the list, and you will see 14 trilogy and duology length completed serial stories, plus some novellas and shorts.  Most of these weigh in over 200,000 words.

Our “power readers” have said that there’s more than even they can read in a single month.  And purchased individually, even at the ultra-cheap price of $3 / book, you’d end up paying close to $100 for them all.

For two months of Membership, you get 30+ novel-length volumes of romantic paranormal M/M for less than $20.Joining us actually saves you money, especially if you join for 3, 6, or 12 months at a time (you get price breaks.)

ek_alric3The Artwork!

As readers, we tend to under-sell the artwork, but it is a huge part of Raythe Reign.  Our “house artist,” Mathia Arkoniel, adds rich depth to the worlds of RR with her sensual, beautiful, and sometimes explicit artwork.

Mathia provides almost all the covers, character portraits, and in-story illustrations for our serial stories, as well as our stand-alone books.

We don’t think of ourselves as publishing books as much as providing experiences, and we do what’s within our capabilities (which grow as the Membership grows) to make things as real and rich as possible in our Members’ imaginations.

To that end, we also have graphic novels / manga (depending on style) running regularly for our Membership calendar, including T. Wolv’s Japanese-inspired manga of The Dark Earth, and Mathia’s all-original Date A!

More about our Membership.

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