Black Label Stories & Sextras

Raythe Reign started because there was simply no other way to publish the stories that Raythe wanted to write. Her stories often have elements of the forbidden… for example, The Erl-King is RR’s founding story, and it’s a fantasy tale containing father/son elven romantic incest!

ek_alric3Science fiction and fantasy have always been more exploratory about sex and gender — but even still, no one would ever publish The Fell. Even though it is complete and utter fantasy, it contains incest and won’t ever pass Amazon’s filters.

Publishing through our own website turned out to be a great decision.  Not only could we create the content we wanted, but also the way we wanted, with serial installments, reader participation, the ability to put out side stories, and also illustrations and graphic novels.

Years later, we are still taking full advantage of that flexibility.  We can do things such as our “Black Label” stories and our famous “sextras” — both you will definitely not find on Amazon or anywhere else.

“Black Label” Stories

We, the creative team, create internal labels for our Membership story tracks.  This helps us balance the schedule.  We want to keep this balance because we have so many members with so many different tastes.

For example, there’s the “Fairy Tale Track,” which focuses more on romance and draws from fairy tales.  Sometimes this is a straight-up retelling (such as Cursed, our M/M retelling of Beauty & The Beast), or just borrowing from mythology (such as our take on fallen angels in The Darkening.)

We also have Vampires, Detective / Action, and Crime Lords.

And then there’s Black Label!  Black Label tales are stories like The Erl-King that have that “forbidden” element, usually incest or kink.  So far on our Black Label imprint, we have:


Drakon gets Black Label with a hot scene involving partially-transformed Fallon!

The Erl-King / The Fell (father/son incest, werewolf sex)

The Hunt (Jordan’s backstory… so, werewolf sex / rape)

Valkyrie (brothercest)

Birth Rite (horror / hypno-porn)

Winter Haven Country Club (they’re incubi and need sex to survive!  So: twincest, BDSM, voyeurism… everything and probably the kitchen sink in a future chapter!)

Raythe Reign “Sextras”

Related to the Black Label stories are Sextras.

We’re adults!  We like sexy entertainment, and so do our Members.  December is RR’s birthday month, and we like to give a gift to our Members.  So, in early fall of 2012, we were brainstorming and came up with the idea of having Mathia create beautiful, explicit paintings of RR couples.

And how!  This first sextra got great response, and over time, we’ve done them for a few other RR works.  Sextras are erotica, done for the purpose of showing the sexier side of RR couples.

“Dream” – drawn by T. Wolv, extra short for The Dark Earth manga series

“Date Night” – drawn by Mathia, extra full color comic for Ghost: Neo Tokyo

“Kidnapping Casillus” – sexy coda to our Merman series in the shop.

“The Plan” – Shy Dane seduces his hot bodyguard lover in The Artifact

If it weren’t for our Members, none of this hot, dark, kinky stuff would see publication.  The Members make it possible for us to cater to the discerning reader who likes a fair helping of adult material combined with exciting plot-driven M/M romance.

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