About our Membership

Raythe Reign produces romantic, sexy paranormal and urban fantasy M/M fiction.  

The stories are set in “alternate worlds” from high fantasy to futuristic cities with hot heroes who fall in love  and save their world.

When you join as a Member, you get 2 types of content:

Current Serial Stories & Manga

Most of Raythe’s work is – and will always be – in serial format.  Every month, she publishes chapters 3 times per week, rotated evenly across 5-7 continuing stories.  These stories are all the same kind of supernatural and paranormal M/M romance.

While we can’t promise that if you like one story, you’ll like them all, a lot of our Members sign up because they’re hooked on one story… and then read and enjoy the rest while they wait!

And 4 days a week, we post manga pages for our long-running serials. We work with a few house artists who produce beautiful work in both Western and Asian styles.

See the stories and graphic novels currently running this month.

Finished Serial Stories

The serial content is not limited to the stories currently running on the monthly calendar!

The continuing stories are fun, but we have a huge archive of M/M serial stories written since 2010. Almost everything Raythe Reign has published is in our finished story archive.

And you get them all in your first month so you can binge-read until your eyeballs fall out.  Try us out for 9.95:

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Why serials?

We do realize that serials are an unusual format. First of all, most authors would rather die than have their readers see their work as it comes out. But Raythe loves the feedback and lively conversations that go on after each chapter.

— But this is good news for readers who don’t want to wait a year or more for the next story!  Instead, you get to read chapters the instant they come out.

 Other questions?

We have an extensive FAQ for questions such as “Do the updates come on time?” and “Can I cancel anytime?”



Readers as Partners

From the beginning, Raythe Reign members are more than just “people who have to pay to get our content.”  A huge part of the reason for doing a serial site is because readers love to participate.  Most often, this is by leaving feedback on individual chapters.  Members also can make suggestions about upcoming stories and sway the course of a story’s plot development!

More than once, members have saved a story from going off the rails.  Though we’ve certainly gotten a variety of comments, it’s all part of the experience!  We have never regretted letting our readers in as participants, not just spectators.

We don’t believe in the “author on high” model of traditional publishing. Readers are partners. They deserve a say — they have a real stake in the stories.

As a Member, you get the opportunity to post your feedback the instant a chapter is published and discuss it with other Members.  Raythe personally responds to almost everyone!

More about the Raythe Reign community.

18+ Only

You must be over 18 years old to subscribe to Raythe Reign. All our works are 18+ for sex, violence, and other mature themes. While we do not produce “porn,” we do have adult scenes and, occasionally, content that can get very disturbing.  (It’s the stuff of nightmares…)

If you’re not yet 18, come back when you are! We’ve been here since 2010.  We’ll still be here when you are legally allowed to join us.

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What are the stories like?

All of our serial stories are M/M romance in subgenres of:

  • urban fantasy
  • high fantasy
  • paranormal
  • supernatural
  • futuristic
  • space adventure.

Whatever the setting, the core of our stories is always romantic adventure: heroes who fall in love, discover awesome abilities, kick some ass and save the world from evil.

The stories usually range from 150,000 words – (gulp) 350,000 words.  This is because they often have epic multiple plot lines (and multiple couples), mysteries to uncover, and powers to develop and explore.

The Completed Stories archive.

Members don’t just get the current stories – they get every completed story we’ve put out since 2010 – the entire back archive.  That is over 15 stories, most over 100,000 words!  Even our “power readers” have told us that there is more than they can read in a month.

See what’s in the completed archive.

Why a serial site?

First, there’s Raythe. Raythe is not a typical writer.  While most authors would cringe at releasing chapters that haven’t been edited, polished, and perfected, she sees herself as less of an “author” and more of a storyteller.

Raythe thrives on the feedback of the audience, just like a real-time performer.  Getting the Members’ feedback is energizing and inspiring, not a source of anxiety. This is why we encourage Members to comment on each chapter the very second it’s published!

Living Works.

With a serial site, you get living stories.  The stories change and grow in response to the feedback that Members put in.  Just as a performer will draw out a moment that enraptures a live audience, Raythe will also give Members more of what they want when they contribute their responses.

Publishing Without Boundaries


We love the power that online publishing gives us.  Before the internet, writers were restricted to books and covers.  It’s a totally different story now!

  • With the comment system, we can enable Members to have continuing conversations about the stories.
  • We’re also free go outside the boundaries of linear storytelling with side stories, illustrations, and crossovers.
  • And then, there are our “Black Label” stories.  These contain more forbidden content, especially incest.  Stories like “The Fell” and “Winter Haven Country Club,” however artistic and well-written, simply can’t be distributed by Amazon or other major 3rd parties.  They’re truly members-only!

We want to keep giving our Members a more complete fantasy experience.  We want to keep developing our worlds with not just more stories, but sketches of the characters, beautiful paintings, animations, and even (in our dreams) games.

While we could put out books like everyone else, it’s just not as fun! We want to to all we can to fully realize the stories’ potential, and all our Members make that possible.

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