I don’t want anyone to find out that I subscribe to Raythe Reign

We don’t think that liking to read romantic action stories is anything to be ashamed of, but we certainly understand the need to keep your RR subscription private.  While we can’t stop anyone from looking over your shoulder at home, we can guarantee you these things:

  • Charges to your PayPal account or credit card just say Raythe Reign Publishing.  (Not Raythe Reign Hottt Mansexxxx Inc or Raythe Reign Guy Lovin’ Action.)  Only you will know what Raythe Reign is — you can just say it’s an “online urban fantasy publication…” which it is!
  • We will never disclose your personal information — not your name, email, address, or any other personal information we have.  (We don’t store your financial information anywhere.)
  • We will never mail anything to your house unless it’s a physical product that you’ve bought from us through Amazon or the shop.
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