Ever Dark: Christian’s Story

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So we continue on with some of the small back stories for the characters in the gay vampire romance Ever Dark.  This time listen to be dramatically read Christian’s story. It really is paired with Balthazar’s, which should come on Wednesday.


Christian Thorne in Ravenscroft Manor

Two days before going to the Vampire city  …

Christian nibbled the end of his stylus as he stared down at the tablet. It was filled with scanned images from the Harrows’ journals.   Julian was certain the location of this gate to a Vampire city was hidden in the journals. There were random letters and numbers that lined certain of the pages. All of those were entered into a spreadsheet. He’d done nearly every cypher he could on them and nothing.

That’s because Vampires are not real. There is no magical Vampire city for us out there.  Christian shook himself.  But the Harrows found something. And there are clues, but the last part, the exact location of the gate to the city is missing.

He put his stylus down and took a sip of his coffee.  He stared moodily out of the Starbuck’s plate glass window. Night had fallen an hour before, but he could still see the library across the street.  It was an impressive stone building, three stories tall, with the founding date in Roman numerals along the stone arch above the doors. Christian sat up straight.  His mouth fell open.

“That’s it!” he gasped.

He felt as much as saw people look at him quizzically, but he didn’t care he was making a scene.   He grabbed his phone and photographed the front of the library. His hands were shaking. He scrolled through the journal pages until he found the exact same grouping of Roman numerals as were on the library’s arch.  He glanced up and down.

They were the same.

They really were the same.

That meant that the gate was somewhere in the library and he was certain he knew where.  The closed off cavern beneath it! The cavern where people had died, causing it to be shut down to the public years ago. He stuffed everything back in his bag and headed out of the library at a practical run.  He had to get to Julian!

What he didn’t see was that there was an elegant figure hanging back in the shadows, watching him out of appreciative silver eyes.


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2 Responses to Ever Dark: Christian’s Story

  1. Ipodpixie July 29, 2018 at 5:15 pm #

    That is an amazing picture! My favourite Ever Dark portrate so far. He’s yummy to my appreciative eyes!

  2. smint45 July 29, 2018 at 6:30 pm #

    That was fantastic!!! I can’t wait to hear Balthazars part^^

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