Ever Dark: Balthazar’s Story

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So we continue on with some of the small back stories for the characters in the gay vampire romance Ever Dark.  This time listen to be dramatically read Balthazar’s story. This is paired with Christian’s, which was posted earlier.


Two days before going to the Vampire city  …

Vampire Lord Balthazar Ravenscroft watched Christian Thorne through the coffee shop’s windows.  Christian often came there to puzzle out things related to his and Julian Harrow’s quests to prove myths and monsters real.    He wondered what Christian would think if he knew that one of those myths and monsters was standing only ten feet from him.

Would Christian’s scientific curiosity draw him closer?  Or would he recoil at the thought that what he believed was true – that Vampires were not real – was wrong?  

Balthazar had seen many reactions over his 200 years of life.  There was the pastor who had become a gibbering idiot when he’d seen Balthazar’s fangs and glowing silver eyes. There had been the matriarch who had opened her arms to him with sensual eagerness. Their memories of him he had obscured after he’d taken what he’d wanted from them. So, if he desired, he could see what Christian’s reaction would be and then take his memory of it, too.

But he didn’t wish to.  He wanted Christian to remember him. He wanted Christian to have the image of him burned into his mind.  So he stayed in the shadows and wondered.  

Christian suddenly burst up from his seat. His eyes were shining. He had discovered something. Something huge.  As the young man raced from the coffee shop, Balthazar determined not to wonder what had so electrified the beautiful young man.  Instead, he determined to know.



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  1. Karin August 1, 2018 at 5:43 pm #

    I love it. I would like to go to sleep and wake up after you finished the story. Then i would not have to wait…Thank you for your wonderful imagination.

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