Elven’s Blade Creature Feature: Rivenstein!

Raythe says …

Today I want to share with you the second Member-created creature for the gay high fantasy romance, The Elven King’s Blade.  As you might remember, I asked you guys to help me create a monster then our resident artist, Mathia Arkoniel, chose two to illustrate. We previously saw the terrifying Silver Darling.  Today is the Rivenstein!

From Kris’s description:

Frankenstein’s Monster. Only worse.

A Riven elf that’s had human body parts grafted onto it to the point that it’s more dead human flesh animated by necromantic magic than living elven flesh. Created by the big bad of the story and quite literally inspired from reading Mary Shelley’s novel. If there’s any conscious thought left in an entity like that then it’s gone completely insane from pain and horror of its own existence.

An antithesis to Ciaran’s ability and quite possibly the worst thing Aeth has ever heard or seen of Riven magic.

This just makes the banishment of the Riven elves to Earth all that more of a damning decision because it’s clear that at least one of them has gone completely batty and is torturing and killing humans on top of torturing another Riven elf (if it wasn’t already dead) and turning into a necromantic abomination. The thing doesn’t sleep or eat. It doesn’t stop. It has to be completely burned to asked and the bones ground to dust to actually finally kill it because it’s got so much necromancy in it the BONES WILL JUST GET UP.

Bonus points if it’s Ciaran’s ancestor.

Just the psychological horror of having something coming after you without reprieve. The idea that you have to kill it over and over again after realizing you can’t save it. That it was once, or may still even be a thinking, feeling Riven trapped within would be extra brutal for Aeth and Ciaran because those two are really empathetic individuals.

Mathia explained where the parts came from:

One shoulder is from a more muscular human. The other from a skinny elf. The hands are from a male human and the fingers from different people. The chest and neck are the Riven Elf’s whilst his sides are from another human. One thigh and calf (the thicker ones) are from another muscular human. Feet are from different people as is half of the face.

Mathia also suggested how the creature is created:

To keep the creature alive, a crystal is infused with necromantic magic. To make the monster really strong and have exceptional stamina, it’s creator could have grafted a second heart on it’s aortic valve. The crystal that animates the hearts and keeps the creature alive, would then be placed between these two hearts.

So I can almost SMELL this thing (dead, wet leaves, the sweet whiff of rot and something bitter and metallic from the metal) just by looking at it. I’m afraid for when Ciaran and Aethaden meet this!  Tell me what you think!

9 Responses to Elven’s Blade Creature Feature: Rivenstein!

  1. Dilandu July 1, 2018 at 7:05 pm #

    “, To make the monster really strong and have exceptional stamina, it’s creator could have grafted a second heart on it’s aortic valve. ”

    Please, this explanation did not work with such negligently-composed creature. If we assume that two hearts would do it any good, then we are also forced to assume that its biology more or less workable – i.e. it have blood flow, oxygen-based chemical reactions in cells, ect., ect., ect. And in that case, it should have more… composed appearance for the sheer practical purpose. I could hardly imagine necromancer, that managed to make two-hearth system work, and then decided “good enough” and did not notice the damaged skin, the torn leg muscles, ect.

    • Raythe July 1, 2018 at 7:21 pm #

      It’s interesting to me you get hung up on that part considering the whole thing is impossible. It’s magic and this is an interesting idea as to how it works. Remember, not being reality based means all your assumptions in there about biology would be wrong.

      But something to keep in mind, I know you’ve had some “logical” arguments before about creatures, etc., and if they are my ideas you can go ahead and criticize them til the sun comes down, but anyone else’s? No … please accept that they think this is good and that is their opinion and its no better nor worse than yours. We don’t tear other people down, okay? I’m going to let your comment stay, but its a good thing to remember in the RR community that other people’s ideas are not stupid.

      • Dilandu July 1, 2018 at 7:52 pm #

        Raythe, you missed the point, I’m afraid. If it was just stated that “due to magic the creature is stronger and have better stamina”, it would be perfectly ok.

        But it was claimed that “To make the monster really strong and have exceptional stamina, it’s creator could have grafted a second heart on it’s aortic valve”

        – i.e. stated that creature is strong and durable due to the addition of the second heart. I.e. we are waltzing from the realm of pure magic into realm of biology & anatomy. To put it simply, it’s unnecessary detalization, IMHO. We would be perfectly fine to just knew that this creature is strong & durable, without wondering “hey, it has two hearts… so it probably consumed oxygen at very fast rate… what if we use a bit of smoke?”

        And again, the amount of work required to put together such construct is clearly significant. It isn’t just the average “instant-make, just add magic” zombie, it’s a pretty complex combination of different connected parts. To put so much efforts in such nontrivial task and left such sloppy outside appearance for necromancer seems… illogical. It’s like painstakingly create the best race car engine ever, and then decide “good enough” and put it into rusting jalopy. Not impossible – but do you agree that it’s impractical? 🙂

        • GhostRage July 2, 2018 at 2:59 pm #

          Impractical, illogical, strange…., perhaps, but keep in mind that whoever is making these things is already a pretty wrong in the head niccromencer. And who knows, if this being has been watching humans for any length of time said being probably has a very good idea of how human or human raised blades will react and what they may or may not try based on this things apperance. Imagine the stress any blade without elven realm knowledge would feel when this zombie like thing wouldn’t stay dead. Its deadly to those with no knowledge of it unless they get lucky.
          Another thought, for all we know those things were designed specifically to take on Aetheden and his blade both of whom seem to be extra sensitive to how others are feeling. Infact I do believe this was mentioned at some point.

  2. Ipodpixie July 1, 2018 at 9:36 pm #

    Wow creepy! This is really good. It’s like a half dead orc terminator, once it gets on your trail it never gives up. I’m glad it’s fiction so I don’t have to face it!

    Infusing the crystal with the magic is a great idea and I think it’s sown together shambling appearance would add to the terror you would feel upon seeing it. You would be frozen with horror giving it an advantage. It would be on you before you had chance to react.

  3. Keil July 2, 2018 at 9:52 am #

    High (are they considered high if they’re not storm maiden/black knight types?) Riven elves are depicted as being so beautiful that it’s both terribly sad and terrifying that their beauty and power can be so distorted. Can’t wait to see it in the story!

  4. GhostRage July 2, 2018 at 3:50 pm #

    I have my own thoughts on that double heart. I understand to a degree how a living beings heart is powered. Given the amount of power channeled into this unfortunate being is the second heart there not in a typical living being sense but to help balance the power of the crystal which is its source of power?
    Can a double heart better handle the energy output whereas a single heart might give out or get shredded by the strain?
    If the above is true can I potentially destroy the thing quicker and easier by targeting its hearts and potentially disrupting its power source which might cause it to freeze for at least a short time?
    I’m more than a little horrified by what this Nic is doing. And it seems like it’s servants know this. It perhaps helps explain the sheer terror of the female riven Aetheden tried questioning. Does failure equal zombification if the failure doesn’t get you killed or something equally as horrific? She was probably one of the lucky ones as she was blown to dust by the beings power.

    • Kristin July 2, 2018 at 5:24 pm #

      Brilliant point GostRage! In most stories magic is depicted as a mental and physical stressor on the user. Over-exertion has serious detrimental effects up to and including death.

      A monster like this would require massive amounts of magical power, I’d think, to animate something so unnatural to even the magical world. That kind of power would physically wear out the creature’s body. Maybe the second heart helps balance that strain? The combination of magical and biological systems may limit or even negate the detrimental effect of the raw power necessary to animate the Rivenstein! So cool to think about! It’s an absolutely unforgivable thing to do to any living being, but I can’t help but be excited about Kris’ idea and how Raythe and Mathia have run with it. Great job guys! Imagining this thing coming after me and the relentlessness and inescapability gives me shivers!

  5. Kris July 3, 2018 at 1:01 pm #

    Oh snap! This was my post! I didn’t think I’d make it into the story and holy shit it’s as gruesome and horrid as I imagined. @_@

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