Chris Patton Interview!

Thanks to your input, we had some great questions to ask the talented voice actor Chris Patton, who is performing The Artifact for the upcoming audio book.

(1) What made you decide to become a voice actor?

I don’t think I actually ever decided to become a voice actor, per se. I began acting professionally, on the stage, at age nine. And of course I’d been a “legen in my living room” since about four. But it was in my late-twenties when I went to my first Voice Over audition for a studio in Houston, Texas that dubs Anime. That’s what started me on my Voice Over trajectory, you might say.


(2) What is the difference between being a voice actor for an anime as opposed to an audio artist for a book?
I think the primary difference is that when dubbing Anime, you paint with bigger vocal strokes. Your performance will tend to be more broad. It’s rare that the same holds true for an Audiobook. Also, when voicing Anime, you’re usually voicing only one character per show. In an Audiobook, you are the voice of not only The Narrator, but also whichever character the Author had decided to have speak in their story.
(3)  Did the fact that The Artifact has a m/m romance angle have any role, plus or minus, in why you auditioned for the book?  We wanted to be clear in the audition materials that it was m/m, in case some voice actors wouldn’t be comfortable with that aspect of the book.
The only thing I look for when seeking titles to audition for is that their content look interesting. I have done quite a bit of m/m as of recent, and I am gay, but I’ve also voiced every kind of heterosexual man, woman, boy, girl, teen, senior citizen. I guess what I mean is the sexual behavior of the characters doesn’t determine why I’m interested in a book so much as my interest in the content of the story and the characters. I guess being gay makes me a little less inhibited about voicing some of the “dicier” scenes.
(4) Related to that, is it strange (or embarrassing or even fun!) to read the romantic scenes in The Artifact?
Listen, if I can narrate a torrture porn novel, or some of Clive Barker(who I love, by the way)’s Books of Blood, I can handle a little gay sex. I’ve also narrated some graphic straight sex scenes. It’s not titilating for me, nor is it embarrassing. It’s just another part of the story, and you have to play it for all the realism you can. Just like any other scene in a book/ play/ film/ etc.


(5) In The Artifact, who is your favorite character to play and why?

So far, it’s Sean. Despite him being perfectly built and um, uncommonly endowed, I guess I can relate to his inner monologue.

(6)  What do you hope the listeners to your work will get out of it the most?

I hope they’ll buy the illusion, if I’m being honest. I hope my performance is strong enough to let them suspend their disbelief, so that they may get lost in the world of the story. That’s my job as an actor.


We are excited for his rendition of The Artifact, as well as our other upcoming releases.

– Raythe Reign Team

4 Responses to Chris Patton Interview!

  1. Bethany November 1, 2013 at 8:00 pm #

    ah I am sooooo excited for this! I haven’t been able to read all of The Artifact yet (cause of stupid reality =.=) lol. But I love audio books! And I love all the stories I have been able to read so far from Raythe Reign! So I know this is going to be awesome!!

    • admin November 2, 2013 at 1:30 am #

      I’m listening to the audiobook for the final time to look for issues right now. It’s really good. Chris did a brilliant job. Just a few more tweaks and I hope it will be done.

      We’re selling it through Amazon, Audible and iTunes. So it’ll be easy to download it. It takes awhile for it to be put live on those sites. But we’ll keep people updated!

  2. Yudashin November 2, 2013 at 6:26 am #

    I can’t wait to buy it! I’ve bought many Japanese BL drama cd’s that are fun to listen to as I read along in the manga. The voice actors bring realism to the characters. This is what I hope to feel with this audiobook. Audiobooks are not the same as the drama cd, because it’s just narration, right?

    • admin November 2, 2013 at 9:28 pm #

      I haven’t experienced the Japanese BL CDs so I can’t directly compare them, but I did have Chris “act” out all the voices. They are all different and distinct. He has a versatile storyteller style. So its not straight narration. It’s almost like you are overhearing these scenes. He keeps the description lively as well.

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