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Master List of Raythe Reign’s Gay Romance Audiobooks

The Fall (Gay Historical Romance / Supernatural Novel) Featuring new narrator Matt Haynes! Gay romance is forbidden in this 1930s gothic romantic suspense story, but a greater darkness than prejudice haunts our lovers’ steps. 5 hours and 39 minutes. When Carter Thomas discovers the elaborate clockwork door in the Dupre Mine, he seeks out Etienne […]

Raythe Reign’s near future: Endings and Continuations

Whew!  Now that Cursed 3 has been launched, and the series complete, we can start telling you about what’s coming up.  We have SO much planned for the next few months that we’re breaking it up into a few installments.  This is the “Endings and Continuations” edition. What’s Ending Soon? Though it feels like Crimson […]

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What Raythe Reign is doing for Valentine’s Day…

Kat sez… I recently read an article in some esteemed internet publication (ahem) about Valentine’s Day.  It was about how more and more people are celebrating it not as a romantic holiday, but with their friends. That’s exactly what we’re doing!  You can see Raythe’s laptop in the foreground, and me typing on mine in the background, […]

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