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What’s Happening At Raythe Reign!

Raythe says… I wanted to tell you guys what’s going on behind the scenes at Raythe Reign, and hear all your questions and comments!  So here we go! (1) New Site We are actually working on a major site refresh and have been for about a year.  I can tell you that the new site […]

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Can Anyone Do Better?

Raythe says … Can Anyone Do Better? That was actually the title of a review someone wrote of yet another gay vampire movie I subjected myself to called Vampires: Brighter in Darkness (and if the title doesn’t cause you to go: wha? when they fight the giant scorpions with their hands you’ll really start to […]

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If Raythe Reign could write your ideal story, what would it be?

The Raythe Reign Team gets together and brainstorms when there’s an upcoming hole in the schedule.  It’s always a question – do we continue on in one of the fan-favorite worlds (like Ghost: Hong Kong Triad), or come up with something completely new (such as Valkyrie)? Raythe likes to tell certain kinds of stories, so we […]

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Raythe Reign Research Institute: Are you an M/F reader? Participate in our latest study…

Kat says… I’ve been taking the train a lot, and there are always these posters that say: “Are you a something age something who has something-ed in the last 12 months?  Participate in our latest study.” This gave me the idea for today’s post. We were all at a meeting at 4th of July weekend, talking about advertising to new audiences […]

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