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“Someone’s awake out there besides me” (why Kat likes serial fiction)

Kat says… When I was in middle school, I had a very hard time falling asleep at night.  Of course, no one told me that staying up at night is pretty much inevitable in teens and tweens (and that science proves school should start at least an hour later.) Lying awake, wondering why I wasn’t tired, anxieties […]

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Raythe Reign Research Institute: Are you an M/F reader? Participate in our latest study…

Kat says… I’ve been taking the train a lot, and there are always these posters that say: “Are you a something age something who has something-ed in the last 12 months?  Participate in our latest study.” This gave me the idea for today’s post. We were all at a meeting at 4th of July weekend, talking about advertising to new audiences […]

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