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Raythe Reign Gift Exchange #3

December 10 From: Mangaworm to Doragonkage Prompt: Scott Westmore/Jordan Frasier.From the Erl-king series & Dylan Sloan/Karidon Raiken, opposites that attract. The Darkening series.   From: River Iris to Iico Prompt: Kyranna and Danya dressing Aidan or Sarah in an angel costume for Halloween/Christmas. Title: I Am The One “Asher turns this way and that in the mirror room. […]

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The Gift Exchange Is Here!

The fan works are trickling in on the hosts’ Tumblr here: (Aaaand it’s Raythe’s birthday!  We had cake, champagne, and fondue.)  Post reactions in the comments – especially if you’re participating, and either you or your prompter doesn’t have a tumblr or blog. Mixed Media The Problem with Deals by BuddhaAli for Nightrage – COSPLAY […]

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