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Raythe Reign Advent! Dec 24 – “What TV shows does Raythe watch?”

What TV shows does Raythe watch? If you’ve learned anything about Raythe by now, it’s that she likes dark supernatural thrillers or mysteries.  So her TV shows are usually along those lines.  Ghost in the Shell, Ghost Hunt, Agents of SHIELD… She also enjoys Vampire Prosecutor! Here ends the Raythe Reign blog advent!  We will be […]

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Raythe Reign Advent! Dec 23 – “Raythe’s favorite music!”

What music does Raythe like? First, it depends on what she’s doing.  If entertaining, she favors classic jazz and swing.  During this holiday, she’s discovered medieval Christmas songs (madrigals, chants, etc – which Kat recognized because she went to music school!) But when writing or relaxing?  Her tastes are all over the spectrum, but she […]

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Raythe Reign Advent: Dec 22 – “Who is Raythe’s favorite Sherlock Holmes?”

Who is Raythe’s favorite Sherlock Holmes actor? While BBC’s Sherlock brought the detective to a fresh new audience, both Kat and Raythe are mystery story nerds and were reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories long before this.  Like many Holmes fans, Raythe’s favorite on-screen Sherlock is Jeremy Brett, followed by Robert Downey Jr.’s movies. (Kat is […]

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