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Raythe Reign Reading Order

Winter Haven Stories The Pact, Book 1 52 chapters. Unexpected things have been happening to Nate Whitney, but the most unexpected of all is meeting the handsome, eccentric, and rich Emrys Frost during a party that Nate is working.  Emrys seems determined to enter Nate’s life and show him things he’s never experienced before… including […]

Serials vs Novels – What’s the difference?

Difference 1: Author Name To avoid format confusion, serials are published under author name Raythe on the site  Novels are published under author name X. Aratare (wraith in Hungarian, lol.)  We do this to differentiate the novels from their origin serials. For example, The Merman, Artifact, and Cursed series started as serials on the Raythe Reign site.  The […]

The Raythe Reign Guide To Amazon Reviews (and no, it’s not only to leave 5 stars on all our books!)

  Reviewing any M/M romance advances the M/M romance genre as a whole.  More reviews for gay romance proves to Amazon that the genre is significant and should be treated just like other genres. Amazon will be less likely to “Adult Dungeon” any book with more reviews.  Reviews have weight on Amazon.  If a book has more than 40 reviews, we think it helps to protect […]

Raythe Reign By The Numbers!

The Raythe Reign Archive When you sign up as a Member, you don’t just get the current stories that you see on the monthly schedule.  The current stories are just a fraction of what we have to offer.  As a Member, you get everything we’ve ever done – completed serials, short stories, manga, and artwork. […]

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