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Plagiarism, Once Again… This time for money. (Book Buyers, you deserve better than this.)

Kat, “the business butler,” says… Once again, Raythe Reign has been plagiarized.  This has happened before in past years, but this time… it’s different.  While the other instances have been fanfiction, there is no gray area today.  This time, our work was copy-pasta’d for money. “Saving Sean” by Lynn Hagen See our proof. Update #5: […]

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Lynn Hagen “Saving Sean”: Plagiarism Exhibit

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who is standing up for honesty. Plagiarism Proof There is much more, but here are some examples of plagiarism between Sanctuary and “Saving Sean.” CHAPTER 26 OF SANCTUARY:    Alex’s gaze was fixed on Demetrius as the Master Vampire’s fingers undid each of the button and inch by tantalizing inch […]

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