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What’s Happening At Raythe Reign!

Raythe says… I wanted to tell you guys what’s going on behind the scenes at Raythe Reign, and hear all your questions and comments!  So here we go! (1) New Site We are actually working on a major site refresh and have been for about a year.  I can tell you that the new site […]

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Raythe Reign’s near future: Endings and Continuations

Whew!  Now that Cursed 3 has been launched, and the series complete, we can start telling you about what’s coming up.  We have SO much planned for the next few months that we’re breaking it up into a few installments.  This is the “Endings and Continuations” edition. What’s Ending Soon? Though it feels like Crimson […]

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Raythe Reign Calendar: What’s running in June 2017?

There have been some schedule changes!  If you’ve been following Raythe Reign for a while, you already know that there are a lot of stories to catch up on.  This will help you keep track of the serials that are running this month on our schedule. They’re all in different stages of development.  In general, […]

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