Ask Raythe Anything #5: More Writing Questions!

QUESTION: How do you keep track of all the ongoing storylines and chapter so you don’t get confused when writing multiple stories at once?

ANSWER: I do get confused!  Just recently, I forgot that Christian knew something important about Balthazar in Ever Dark.  A Member was like remember in Chapter X when Y happened? And I’m like head desk! However, I’m thankful that for the most part my brain keeps track of this somehow and I do have series bibles for other stuff.  Problem is that I didn’t do the latter for the old stuff and writing something like Sanctuary 2 with everything in it … eh, I’ve retconned a few things.


QUESTION: Do you have a complete outline of each story finished before starting to write or do you make up the story as you go? If it is the first how are you able to integrate our ideas from the comments so well into the stories?

ANSWER: I do NOT have an outline of a story finished before I start. In fact, I just now a completing a first book of a five book series that Members will get first and it really messed me up to have an outline of the whole book because I wrote to the outline and not to the characters.  Meaning a lot of good stuff got waaaaayy lost. I had to cut it into two books and rewrite as well as add a ton of stuff to make a good story. Never doing that again!


QUESTION: How do you plot out universe creation?

ANSWER: I start with a question: what if …  What if dragon shifters ruled the Earth? What would the world look like? How would people react to that?  Would they lose faith in their religions? Would world governments still exist? What if you were just a human?  And as I answer these questions the world is built.


QUESTION: How indepth are your plans for the universe of the story before you start writing and how much do you come up with as you need for specific plot?

ANSWER: Not very indepth in some ways.  The characters seem fleshed out to me in many cases, but in fact, grow hugely in the writing.  I have a lot more of the world building done now then I did in the past stories. Ever Dark , Elven King’s Blade and Dragon’s Reign, especially, show this.  They make for better, distinct stories for sure. But I find that the very best stuff comes from my left brain as I am simply letting the characters tell me the story.


QUESTION: Do you get burned out on writing so much? And if not, why? How do you keep going? Friends? Comments on your stories? Rollercoaster like Gil on ‘CSI’ =3?

ANSWER: Not really!  I actually get edgy when I’m NOT writing.  It’s like a muscle that as you use it, it grows stronger and wants to be used all the time.  I keep going because I know that the Members are expecting a chapter on a certain date. They’ve given me their hard earned cash and that’s not something I take lightly.  I’ve made a promise to them and I need to honor it. My friends are hugely important to me and several of them work for Raythe Reign so I have a duty to them as well to keep producing.  But mostly, writing lets me live more than one life. I never feel badly about not being able to do X in real life, because I can do it in my stories.


QUESTION: I know and everyone knows you have Fur Babies, have you ever wanted to right a book just about werecat based off of your babies? Just so you know I have 5 and I think I could write one just off of their personalities. Or is that what Cursed is about.

ANSWER: Mew, my American Shorthair cat, has played a role in tons of the stories. Every cat you see is her. Seriously, it’s her. She demands it!  Her personality is such that you wouldn’t like her as a love interest because she’s so mean …


QUESTION: I love writing, but I always finding something that bugs me about what I write. How do you get over that hump? For example: A coyote character meet a rabbit character for the first time. I had the coyote as a Native American student and the rabbit as a small professor of biology. Every time I wrote their meeting I just couldn’t write what I was thinking and like it.

ANSWER: If I’m having difficulty it is because something I’m doing in the story isn’t right. I am trying to force it to go against what it should naturally do. If you’re new at writing, I sincerely and honestly suggest you take some creative writing courses, because writing a story has some “rules” that if you learn them will really help you get beyond what seems impossible today.  I had a writing teacher (several actually) that truly expanded my horizons and had me slapping my forehead and saying, “Oh, of course!” Even to this day, I am learning things about writing that are helping me improve my story telling profusely.


QUESTION: First I was wondering if you have ever thought of writing a heavy angst turned fluff kind of story?

ANSWER: I think I HAVE sort of done that in the past.  I would say the original Cursed is sort of like that … But I think a mixture of the two throughout is the most fun.


QUESTION:You have mentioned before about mpreg. I was wondering if you are considering writing a story like that?

ANSWER: I’ve said this before, too, that no, I will not write an MPREG story. That’s not my kink and therefore its not something I can write convincingly in.


QUESTION: What advice would you give people who want to start writing, or who want to self-publish?

ANSWER: There’s actually a lot to be said here, too much to say really. I would tell them that now is an amazing time to be a writer, because you – just like Stephen King, etc. – are on the very same store front. No longer are there any gatekeepers stopping you from telling the story you want to tell and putting it up there for readers to read.  I would recommend though, like with all things, that you really investigate how to tell a story, how to self-publish and how to market. It’s all out there in Facebook groups, etc. Don’t think someone else is going to give you answers. Look for them for yourself! But seriously, now is an amazing time to be a writer!


Thanks so much, guys, for these incredibly thoughtful questions. If you have any other questions for me, please put them in the comments!


8 Responses to Ask Raythe Anything #5: More Writing Questions!

  1. a_h- May 30, 2018 at 7:39 pm #

    I love all of this! Especially about your Mew xD sounds like she gets what she wants (as it should be)

  2. Raythe May 30, 2018 at 7:46 pm #

    Mew agrees with you! LOL!

    • elementalelf May 30, 2018 at 10:58 pm #

      I believe Mew pics are required:)

      • Raythe May 31, 2018 at 1:10 am #

        Mew pics will be forthcoming.

  3. Marceline N. May 31, 2018 at 5:31 am #

    So I have a question that’s been bugging the ever glubbing fuck outta me: Why can’t I find a single place that has all the amazing official artwork that’s been created for these incredible series’?! I’ve been hunting Ever Dark artwork for an hour and can’t bloody find it all!

    • Raythe May 31, 2018 at 4:27 pm #

      Because …

      Quite a few reasons actually. But that will be changing with the new site.

      But before then you can find most of the artwork for every story in the story itself. The Ever Dark artwork was created after the serial was running for purely advertising purposes. But that is stupid and I need to move it over to you for the site too as I’m doing for Elven King’s Blade. So expect it in the coming weeks.

      • Marceline N. June 1, 2018 at 2:09 am #

        THANK YOU! I knew I wasn’t just losing my freaking mind over this. All the pieces I’ve seen (specifically the ads on Tumblr) are just so gorgeous and really deserve a place on the mantle.

        • a_h- June 1, 2018 at 2:32 am #

          Ditto to that point! I can’t wait to see some of the art that isn’t on the site rn again. It’s all magnificently mantle-worthy.

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